Solomon // one year.

September 15, 2016

We celebrated your birthday yesterday, sweet boy!!!! I can't believe it. The past month has been a ball of emotions for me, and my momma heart has been torn in two a few times, but you always piece it back together with your ever growing personality that I'm loving more and more! I'm definitely not stopping these monthly posts anytime soon, just going to tweak them a bit. Sorry, I'm not sorry! ;) 

You are trying to walk so badly!! It's so obvious that you want to do it but you aren't doing a ton, just 5-6 steps at a time and even waking from toy to toy on your own. It's so amazing to watch you think about doing it and then see that big smile on your face when I cheer for you. You are such a sweet boy. A mess with quite a temper, but the sweetest little man at the same time. You have also slept so well the past two nights. Chunks of 6 hours with no waking up for milk, it's incredible! It's happened a time or two before but never two nights in a row. I'm crossing my fingers for a third!! 

Writing two days in a row BUT you officially walked today! Went from sitting on your bottom, to standing and walking 6-7 steps without any assistance!!! So exciting and I'm so proud of you. I can see that you are so determined and willing to work hard for something you want. I love that about your personality already, and I'm excited to see what you do in your life with that persistence! 
Oh, and by the way, you slept terrible last night. Of course I forgive you. 

September has arrived. Your birth month. How is it even possible?!? I have been looking at all the photos from your past year and I could die over how much you have changed and grown. Your such a mess and life would be so boring without you! Luckily, for me, you have started to be very loving and cuddly lately! You normally aren't that way but I like to think it's a little gift from you to help me out with this whole growing up thing. We are in GA with some of your cousins right now and you love it. Playing with them, laughing at them, learning from them. It is such a huge blessing to have family and I'm so glad we all have babies to grow up together. You are so lucky!!! Your Auntie Joy and I have been working so hard to put together all the decorations for your big party, I can't wait to celebrate you!!! 

One week left! Just one week before you are my one year old boy! I have faught the tears so many times in the past week because I can't believe the first year of your life has gone by so quickly. "The days are long, but the weeks are fast!" 
It's true.... Way too fast!!! I can't help but pray for your life constantly. Praying for your stubborn attitude that you got from me. Praying for guidance in parenting you, as we realize what is a big deal, and what isn't. Praying for your life to be so full of Christ that you lean on Him in every situation. He is so good!!! He gave you to us, which has been the biggest blessing in our life, and it is hard for me to not make you the center of everything. I have to remind myself daily that this life isn't about you, or me, but all about Him. He gave me you, but you were given to me, so that I could give you back to Him. That is what I pray for constantly.... That you will love Him so fiercely and boldly that others will want to know Him because of you. 

In less than four hours you will be one. I can't believe it.... How is it possible that a year has come so quickly? You seem SO BIG lately and my heart could burst from sadness, happiness, excitement and contentment all at the same time. Your adorable personality is getting cuter by the day and you constantly make me laugh. I honestly think that's the only way I can get through tomorrow without be a crying mess. You make each day so full of happiness. I mean, I want to smack my head against the brick fireplace multiple times a day, because you are so incredibly stubborn, but you are the cutest thing I've ever made.... so I forgive you. I made you. The love that your daddy and I have for each other made your little life and we thank God everyday for you. He is so loving and sweet to give you to us, and I never want to forget this first year with you. It has been a crazy ride through parenthood but I'm so glad we got to do it with you. You are my boy, and I love you so much it hurts.

stats // 22.4 pounds & 31 inches
eating // anything and everything... asparagus is a new favorite and he loves anything with tomato sauce. Also a big fan of fish but no chicken, he normally won't eat chicken at all.
sleeping // we are officially down to one nap a day most days, which is tricky for my to-do-list! Still starting the night in his crib and coming to our bed after his first wake up around 2AM.
wearing // all 12 months and I'm getting excited about all the 18 month fall/winter things I have gotten lately! 
favorite things // looking at his squirrel out his bedroom window, reading books constantly, playing in his teepee that Gigi bought him, dancing anytime a song is on, officially walking and barely crawling since the day before his birthday! 

1st Month // 2nd Month
3rd Month // 4th Month

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