Solomon // seven months.

April 14, 2016

Big boy.... You are getting so big! You can play sitting up without any problems now. You know what toys you love and enjoy. And when you are in my lap you don't feel like my baby anymore. I feel a pre-toddler sitting in my lap or laying on my chest. Everyone says to soak in the baby because it won't last long and they weren't lying. It flew by and I miss your little baby body sometimes. Thankfully, all your funny faces and sweet smiles make up for the newborn baby that left me. But seriously, you can slow it down a bit! No crawling or standing aloud here, mister!!!

It has been such a hard week with you this week. I've had so many moments where I could scream at your sweet little face because you were losing your mind. I've thanked God countless times for making you an easy baby and not this needy and moody all the time. I know those little teeth hurt you and I wish I could take that pain away, but all I can do is smile and play and love you! 

Easter is coming up and I'm so excited to experience my favorite holiday with you! Last year you were just a little peanut in my belly and I remember thinking about what you would wear and how much love you would add to this sweet weekend. I still can't believe God gave you to us sometimes! I'm so thankful and I can't imagine not being your momma. Even when you are a pain in the butt... ;)

You are finally starting to cry for me. I know I shouldn't, but it makes me a little bit happy.... it is so rewarding to be wanted and needed by your sweet self. I put so much love in everything I do for you so it is so wonderful too feel that love returned. Even when you are sitting in the floor playing, you prefer to have me close by. You love to show me your toys and keep one hand on my leg or my arm just to make sure I'm around. Personally, I'd rather have a messy kitchen for a few days so I can create these memories with you, but I know there are things I need to get done most of the time. You are just a lot more fun than cleaning.

Your gums are still toothless but I can feel a lot of bumps underneath the bottom and the top now. I really hope they don't decide to all come in at once... that would be terrible. You are a strong boy though, I know you can handle it and I can't wait to see your new smile when they finally do arrive. For right now I will soak in that sweet gummy smile for as long as I can, I know I will miss it!!

As I imagined, bananas are your favorite!! I remember when you were in my belly and how excited you would get when I had anything banana, so it only makes sense. I'm glad you are a good eater, even if you won't take a bottle. Last night Gigi was watching you so I could go out to dinner with some friends while your daddy was out of town... I gave her a serving of vegetable and fruit for you to eat and then two ounces of milk for a bottle. I was hoping you would be interested since you normally like to have some milk to wash down your food after you eat. As we figured you were showing signs of wanting some milk and when she tried to give you a bottle you were not happy. She said you even pushed it away and screamed Momma one time. Again, I know it shouldn't make me happy but it does make me smile to know you need and want me! Sweet boy, I need and want you back!!

Solomon, you are such a mess... a big wonderful mess! You hate being put in your highchair at home, but once you are in it you get so excited to eat! You love peas, I mean who loves peas, especially babies??? When you nurse you pull your hair but only with your right hand when you are fighting sleep. Then sometimes you'll give me high fives, if you aren't tired. You are such a GOOD BABY but you are also a terrible sleeper, I didn't realize it was possible to be both until you came along. There are times when you are playing on the living room floor and you pause from what you are doing and look at me and smile so big, then you'll go back to your toys. I like to think you just want to see my face and feel thankful and happy with me around. You can play for so long now, just sitting or rolling around and spending time by yourself while I clean, cook or write these little letters to you. Sometimes when you see another toy you want you'll lift your eyebrows with excitement before going for it, it is so stinkin adorable. It's also pretty adorable how you keep your toes scrunched like I do... Gigi pointed that out since she always loved that about me, it's nice to see bits and pieces of myself in you. Goodness, I love you and I am so thankful for you. Even if I am more tired than I thought I'd be six months ago!

You are getting so big so fast!!! So many new things have happened this month. You are officially crawling and you aren't afraid of anything. I'm currently sitting on the hotel floor with you typing this so you won't feel the urge to crawl off the bed. Yesterday, your dad tested you to see if you would actually do it.... you did, he caught you of course but you were not afraid at all. You crawl over my legs right to the edge, you are hardly ever still now days. Thank God you like your pack and play! You are our little wild man... 

I can't believe it but you finally have your first tooth!!! After months of thinking you were teething it is a relief to finally see a little white tooth poking through. The bottom left is your first and I felt it for the first time on Wednesday, April 6th. You were chewing on my finger and it hurt so much that I screamed, then I realized why it hurt so badly. Thankfully you haven't had too much pain. We have given you motrin twice when you were screaming and crying but the rest of the time you have handled it like a champ! 

You are also loving your sippy cup!!! This makes me so happy since this means daddy and I can have some date nights or even a date day! (WOOOAAAAH!) Last night you were reaching for your cup since it still had some milk in it and you finished the last little bit and then reached for my tank top strap and started pulling on it. I thought it was so cute that you connected the two things... I'm done with this milk, give me more! haha, you are a smart boy! 

Now that you are napping on the hotel bed in Charleston I have a few minutes to just relax and get ready to spend the day out in the sunshine with you! I'm so excited to walk down to the battery and find some shade to sit under and enjoy the afternoon... You are the sweetest boy alive! 

stats // not sure since we don't have a scale here in Charleston but I will check once we get home!
eating // he loves everything, I waited two weeks to give him any sweet fruit so that way he would enjoy the veggies first but I'm glad he is still enjoying both. 
So far he has had: 
Avocado, Butternut Squash, Peas, Carrots, Banana, Blueberries, Beets & Sweet Potato
sleeping // he is waking up around 8AM now and his naps are finally becoming consistent, so much that he will go to sleep anywhere and stay asleep like he might be dead. It's honestly kind of funny! The first nap is around 10-11 and the second is around 2-3, with both naps being 1-2 hours. I just wish we could kick the third nap around 7-8 because it is a short 30 min nap and makes him not sleep for the night until 10-11.
Night time sleep is still terrible.... waking every 2-4 hours but we are co-sleeping most of the night so it's not that bad. He starts in his crib and will sleep there anywhere from 40 minutes to 3 hours but once he is awake he won't go back down in the crib, so we just put him in the bed and he sleeps for another 2-4 hour chunk. I honestly sleep better once he is in the bed next to me anyways, so it's ok.
wearing // officially moved up to 6-9 month clothing. I think I squeezed his chunky legs into 6 month pants for way too long, I just couldn't believe he was ready for 9 months already!
Still rocking the cloth diapers at home and moved up to size 4 Seventh Generation diapers at night and while traveling. 
favorite things // he is crazy about daddy! These blocks have been the best thing for those sore teething gums. My mom got one of those door frame jumpers from a co-worker that didn't need it anymore and it has been awesome, he loves it and it is helpful in hotels. Loves to FaceTime with anyone and gets so excited to see someone on the phone, I can hardly talk on speaker without FaceTime because he can't stand it, it's pretty funny!

1st Month // 2nd Month
3rd Month // 4th Month

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