weekly three.

January 27, 2017

I woke up thinking it was Thursday, but it's not! It's been one of those week, fast and easy and I'm excited for the weekend. I have a to do list to get done and a lot of time with my family, my favorite kinds of weekend. Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!!

Playtime with your best friend, a fun new normal around here!

Lazy morning tickles and kisses with my sweet boy!!! I swear he is sweeter and funnier everyday. 

Half days for daddy is one of my favorite things!!!

Solomon // sixteen months.

January 23, 2017

I'm behind on this 16 month post because of the nasty Hand Foot & Mouth disease that took over our house. I'm so happy that things are back to normal and Solomon is feeling better. It really came out of nowhere. These pictures above were actually taken on the day it all started... He was a happy boy all day, took a great nap, and then around dinner time he had a temp of 103. I'm so thankful that his case wasn't as bad as some, we really only had one bad night, and after a couple of days everything was back to normal. Very thankful for that. Solomon's personality is continuing to make me laugh and also test my patience daily. It's crazy how much he makes me smile every day.

  • saying night night instead of bye bye now before bed! His blowing kisses are getting really good, too! 
  • can identify a kitty and duck now, still working on the sounds they make.
  • started timeout and he understands what we mean when we warn him that he will be in timeout if he does something wrong. 80% of the time he decides to behave and not test us. 
  • loves praying before eating and before bed, he even reminds us by clasping his hands together and smiling at us. The sweetest thing!!! Also says amen when we are done.
  • spent a lot of time with cousins at Christmas and the New year without any problems. I'm so thankful that his attitude and sharing is better now. I was worried he was going to be a bit of a bully for a couple of months!
  • thanks to the Amazon commercial with the hippo song, Solomon is obsessed. Anytime we turn it on he stops whatever he is doing to dance and clap... I die every time. It has also stopped several car meltdowns. 
  • he loves jumping off of things with both feet. Peter jokes and says that he's going to be on that ninja warrior show one day. He jumps off of a box in the living room that's two feet tall and lands on his feet almost every time. Such a monkey!!

weekly three.

January 20, 2017

The first week where my only post is a weekly three... ooops. I know it will happen again, but hopefully it won't be due to a very sick baby. Let me tell you, there is nothing harder on a momma's heart than seeing your child sick. I now know what it means when parents say they would gladly take their place if they could. I'm very happy that it is now Friday, and even happier that Solomon is back to his happy self. Now to clean and disinfect the house... ha! Happy weekend to you!! 

Enjoying some sunshine this week with the chickens in the backyard!

The way his free hand always curls into a fist while he's eating or coloring... it's so cute.

The sweet little way Solomon plays alone with his toys while I enjoy my coffee!

weekly three.

January 13, 2017

After weeks of busy events and traveling and having family stay with us, things are back to normal, and I can't believe it's already Friday! I woke up today thinking it was Wednesday. I'm planning to spend most of this weekend cleaning and organizing this crazy house. As most first few days in January, we have been talking about the plans and goals for our family. Vacations, tweaking our budget, little changes and all those sorts of things. Decluttering and simplifying our home is a big one for me! I want to be able to feel together and less stressed in 2017. Making more time for quiet times with the Lord and the family he has given me, not constantly buying new things and stuffing junk away in a cabinet in case I might need it. Simplify, that's my goal for this year! 

Painting with my sweet nephew after breakfast!

Trying out a new lunch spot with a friend and talking about grownup things, like family, school options for our boys, and their sleeping habits. 

Quiet fridays with early naps and burtsbees pjs!

snow fun.

January 11, 2017

We had a LOT of snow for Greenville standards while we were away in Charleston, and I was so happy to still see a full backyard of white snow when we got home! Solomon was also very excited, he even cried when I made him go inside. His poor hands were hurting but he didn't care... his smile was priceless!!

This picture is so grainy, but I died laughing when I saw it on the camera. 
His expression and pose, kills me! 

His new snow boots from Gap came just in time!!! 

first weekend trip.

January 10, 2017

(trying out the timer on my new camera... ha!)

The first weekend of 2017 was spent in one of my favorite places!! It was a great way to start a new year, for sure. Charleston is always magical and I love creating memories with our family there. This trip was extra exciting since we got to hang out with some dear friends that we don't see nearly enough. Cassie & Matt are always so much fun, I really wish we lived closer.

We started the trip on Friday, just the three of us, then we spent most of Saturday with Cassie and Matt. We got to Charleston on Friday afternoon, just in time for a coffee and some yummy food! We let Solomon stretch his legs and get some jitters out while we walked around in the beautiful weather.

Of course we had to end the night with a trip to Jeni's!!

After meeting up with Cassie and Matt for some yummy breakfast, we decided to give the Charleston Children's Museum a try since it was so cold and rainy! The weather change from Friday to Saturday was crazy. Matt was also sweet enough to take some adorable pictures of Solomon exploring.

I was excited to get some pictures of Solomon having fun with Matt & Cassie also! 

The rest of Saturday was spent exploring around the city with friends and enjoying some food. I was excited to show them Glazed and share some doughnuts. Cassie chose the bacon maple & I got the chocolate peanut butter. 

Solomon was clearly fond of Matt, I love this adorable shot he caught of him. Such a ham!! 

family time.

January 9, 2017

The week of Christmas was one of the best weeks for us since Peter was home from work all week. Stay-cations are amazing with a baby! Every morning I got to sleep in while Peter took Solomon downstairs to make coffee and hang out with him. I definitely got a little spoiled, and so did Solomon. The first time Peter left after spending so much time at home with us was quite a mess! You would have thought Peter was leaving forever. Poor guy, he loves his daddy so much, and so do I! Now that the holidays are officially over and things are falling back into place after the busy weekends and family in town, I look back at that week of Christmas and I want to do it over again! It was so nice to not have a schedule and enjoy family time, park dates and show Peter little bits of our stay at home life together while he's normally away at work. Having him around really does make things sweeter! 

At one point at the park, while Solomon was running around like a wild child, Peter looked up and realized the tree had mistletoe hanging in it. Of course that called for some kissy pictures! 

snacks and an open field to run around, living the life!

More park dates and lazy weeks with daddy around are a must, please! 

weekly three.

January 6, 2017

I made it a whole year of my weekly three and only missed two.... both of those being holiday weekends, so I guess that's pretty good! I'm proud of myself. I'm also looking forward to a new year full of weekly three posts. Looking back at them really makes me smile! This weekend will be fun for us, our first trip to Charleston of 2017!!! I wonder how many we can make happen this year...?!? Driving into downtown made me all kinds of giddy!!!!! I love this place! Hope you have a great weekend.

Taking a picture of our new door and then noticing that little cutie smiling out the window! Cutest nephews alive!!!

Pizza lunch from Grimaldi's! Yum!!!

Walking around in slightly warmer weather looking for some snacks!!!

2016 in a Bubble.

January 3, 2017

the last family photo in 2016!

I love New Years... I honestly love new anything. Changing plans and new ideas but new years are really special. Looking ahead at all of the fun things that will happen in the next twelve months and also looking back at the past year. It has been a full year of fun adventures with my sweet family. Playing, learning, traveling, eating & a lot of firsts for our little man. 

We are ready for you, 2017!!!
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