Ready Freddy!

August 27, 2011

Oh dear.... Lord knows that I love Fall.  It's definitely my favorite season and the fashion is a HUGE reason for that.  I'm beyond ready for some crisp air and beautiful leaves floating around in the breeze.

Let's just be honest. 
This heat need to end.  ASAP.

One of the Fashion Items I'm so darn excited about is the beautiful blouse.  Heavenly soft fabric, lady like lines and an adorable "Peter Pan" collar.  Pure love. 

Peter Pan

                   topshoptopshopoasisMarc by marc jacobsoasis

I mean, seriously... how fabulous are these!?!  So classy for work... dinner... dates... girls night... perfectly perfect for anything.  I will definitely purchase a few of these.

From Forever21 of course. ;)
Hope everyone has a lovely Saturday night!

Where's the paper...?

August 25, 2011

Work has been STRESSFUL for the past week or so... thankfully we finally hired a new person so it will be so much better soon but it won't be ideal until late September, maybe October.  So, it's stressful!  However, here are some of the things that kept me laughing this week.  

(Before I start let me say that I work with 10 men.  TEN... and 3 women.) 

Scenario 1 
Man #1: "Hey, Cassie... do you know where the computer paper is?"  
Cassie: "Yes, let me show you... (walking over to cabinet that I have labeled "Paper") 
All the paper will be in this cabinet"
Man #1: "OH!  Guess I should have looked there." 
Cassie: "No problem, just yell if you need anything else."
(Side note:  This cabinet is RIGHT above the printer that needed paper.) 

Scenario 2
Man #2: "Hey, could you check to see if these documents are already imaged?" 
Cassie: "Sure, add them to the pile..." (with a smile and pointing to the several piles that are 
over flowing my "IN BOX").
Man #2: Thanks! 

Scenario 3
Man #3: "Could you check on this request for me?"
Cassie: "Sure, I can show you where you can find this information or I could do it
first thing tomorrow morning for you... would that be fine?"
Man #3: "Oh, are you busy right now?"
Cassie: "Well, I have to leave in a few minutes for a hair appointment."
(Side note: I skipped lunch so I could leave early at 4:30.)
Man #3: "OH, you could at least lie and say you had a dentist appointment."
(he was totally kidding)
Cassie: "haha, sorry... I already have my appointment approved."
Man #3: "Yeaaa, that's fine... tomorrow morning is fine, no big deal."
Cassie: "Thanks, have a good night."
(Turning to walk out of his office) 
Man #3: "Good luck with the cavity..." 

Scenario 4
Man #4: "Cassie... where is the computer paper?" 
Cassie: "The paper is right here...."
(going to the cabinet, once again, that's labeled "paper")
Man #4: "Ahhh, duh!" 
Cassie: "haha, no problem!" 

Scenario 5
Man #5: While walking into the office and 
realizing his door is closed,
"Why is my door closed?  Is someone in there?"
Cassie: "Yes, they are having a meeting.... you are a little bit late."
Man #5: "OH! Man... I totally forgot, how late am I?"
Cassie: "It started 15 minutes ago..."
Man #5: "Okay, do you have access to my calendar?"
Cassie: while trying not to laugh... 
"Yes... I do, I will remind you next time."
Man #5: "Thanks!" 

Scenario 6
Man #6: "Hey, Cas... where's the paper?"
Cassie: Seriously laughing at this point... 
"hmmm.... let's see, maybe it's in the cabinet right there that says "Paper"??
Man #6: "Wow... I am turning into my father!  
He always asks my Mom where everything is when it's right in front of his face.... 
"Hun, where's the Splenda??  OH, here it is right in front of my face!!"
Cassie: "haha, no problem... that's what I'm here for!!"

Yes... I do love my job.  I find satisfaction with making others life a little easier, and if that's by pointing out where the paper is THREE times for THREE different men that can't read then that's okay with me! ;) 

It's also nice to have a certain man (My wonderful boss) show his thankfulness with a nice note and breakfast biscuit!  It really does make all the difference when you are appreciated!!! 

Tomorrow is Friday... that also makes me VERY happy! 

Movin' on up!!!

August 17, 2011

So for the past few weeks we have been moving up to the 6th floor at work.  Talk about a chore!!!  Geez, if I have to pack... or unpack one more box I might loose it!  Not to mention the fact that our lovely customers still expect us to do our “actual” job… it has been fun.  
(That being said with heavy sarcasm)

However, I am very excited about my new spot!!  I have the front desk when you walk into our new department so I will be the first smiling face everyone sees… haha! :)  Very happy about that!  Here’s a little glimpse of where I will be weekdays from 8-5. 

Of course right now it's not completely finished; I will make it my
own special space and share a new picture soon...

If the packing, lifting and climbing stairs (only falling once which is pretty good for me) wasn’t enough of a workout I’ve also been doing some Yoga!  I absolutely LOVE it!  I’ve tried the whole “exercise on a mat on the floor” thing before but never enjoyed it because of my back problems.  For those of you who don’t know I have TWO herniated disc in my back… the bottom 2.  So, I could do a lot of the movements in Yoga and Pilates but I would have some horrible pain AFTER I finished. 

Since trying again recently I’ve talked to all the instructors about where the pain is and how to prevent it & also make that area stronger.  One of the sweet ladies said “Listen to your body” which is exactly what I’ve been doing.  So, I am proud to say that I'm absolutely in LOVE some Yoga now!  It’s so amazing how it targets every part of your body, such a great workout!  I’ve noticed a few changes since going more frequently and I like it.  High-Five!

Can’t wait to work tomorrow in my brand new area!! Hope you all had a Wonderful Wednesday!  Nighty-Night!!!


August 14, 2011

1. The action of making ready or being made ready for use.
2. Something done to get ready for an event or undertaking.

I was spending some time with God last night before bed and this word kept going through my head.  PREPARATION.  Then of course I decided to look up the true definition of the word.  I couldn't stop smiling and I felt the goose bumps on my arms when I read it.  Making Ready for an Event or Undertaking

WOW... that's EXACTLY what I feel God doing in my life right now.  I have this burning inside that I have never felt before and I know that feeling is God preparing my heart for everything He has planned.  With out my faith rooting deeper I know I wouldn't have made it through this past month.  

Change is hard... change in a job, change in love, change in plans.  I had to deal with all THREE and I am so content in the fact that God has a plan which is so much sweeter than my own plan could have ever been.  

Job 11:13 says:
"If only you would prepare your heart and lift your hands to Him in prayer!

He is preparing my heart for whatever He needs to do with it.  My heart is not my own... it's all His.  I love that!  It makes me so happy to feel so incredibly safe!  That's something that I've never been able to say and be 100% truthful. 

Preparation.  It feels GOOD and I like it. 
Hope you all have a beautiful Sunday! :)

Little girl fun!

August 2, 2011

First of all, I'm starting to think that I need to see a movie every weekend.  Yea... it's kind of expensive but it's so much fun!  Mom and I went to see Crazy Stupid Love on Friday night and it was SERIOUSLY good!  So good that I think I'm going to see it AGAIN this weekend with friends.  I totally LOVED it!  It wasn't the sushi high that I had from dinner either... it really was good!  Go see if you haven't yet. 

Saturday afternoon I had the BEST time at Katie Ayer's first shower!  Unforgivably I was thinking 1PM the entire day and showed up at 1:15.... the shower started at 12!  AH!  I feel so horrible!!!!!  We show up and everyone says "Where have you been!?!" and I just shrug it off because I was thinking the whole time I was only 15 minutes late!  To make things even worse, I didn't find out that the shower started at 12 until Katie told me LAST NIGHT.  Oh goodness, what a horrible Bridesmaid!  Of course she was incredibly sweet and just laughed at me but I still feel so bad!  

Saturday night I had a total blast helping Mom babysit two little angels that I have mentioned here before... they are growing up so fast and I don't have the chance to see them as much as I wish I could so I made time for some little girl lovin'... cause that's important!  At one point Brooke, the oldest was watching a movie with my Mom sitting beside her and I was giving Mackenzie her bottle.  All the sudden Brooke says "I want Cassie to sit beside me".  I have to admit, I was proud!! haha!  Here are a few pictures that I took while we were watching Blue's Clues before bedtime. 

Silly Girl

The tickle monster is getting her... 

So adorable... love her to pieces.

I also have to mention that I got Brooke to go to sleep.  This is very important since most babysitters, including my Mom can never do this.  High Five for Cassie!!!! :) 

The rest of the weekend was spent being lazy and boring but you need that sometimes!  It definitely was enjoyable after several weekends of non-stop fun.
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