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A couple of weeks ago, I shared my top five fall beauty favorites, and I really loved writing that post. Thankfully, it also seemed that a lot of you loved reading it. So, I thought it would be fun to create a little series where I share Five of my favorite things on Fridays. I know this probably won't happen every Friday but if I have something to share, it will be a great way to do it. Keeping up with the beauty favorites, I wanted to share my top five face products that I use practically every day.

This stuff is my saving grace for my face. It is creamy and smooth but you can hardly see you have it on your face, besides how naturally awesome your face looks after using it. It literally stays all day. Even after 9 hour days at work (and the dreadful, let me hold my face up with my hand move, most of the day) I always look the same at 6PM as I did at 9AM and that is a big deal.
I will say, I have heard mixed reviews and have been told by a few people that it made them break out like crazy. BUT, I think it is worth a shot since it isn't expensive.

Falsies Mascara // Maybelline
After trying many different kinds of mascara I always go back to this one. I then usually want to kick myself from ever straying away because it is so awesome. It makes my lashes look super long, it doesn't flake, and it truly holds the curl all day. I can instantly tell a difference when I have this mascara on. Some people have even asked if I use false lashes when I am wearing it.
Guess it loves up to it's name!

I use the transparent version of this powder and it does exactly what it says... you stay matte all day! I dust this all over my face after my foundation and concealer before applying the rest of my makeup and then I touch my t-zone with a little extra once I'm finished with my face. I really keeps everything in place without looking like a thick powder. Love the transparent formula for this product!

Brow Tint Pen // Milani
This magic pen has changed my life. Seriously... I used to HATE doing my eyebrows but this makes that task so easy, and dare I say, fun! I keep the pen in a jar with all of my brushes with the tip pointed down so it hasn't dried out once. I've been using the pen for several months and it hasn't even started to dry out. That is a steal for something that is less than $10!
I also use the pen for a super thin liner really close to my lashes to make them look more full if I'm going for a natural, weekend makeup look.

Colour Crush Eye Shadow // The Body Shop
And for my last item, the only thing that I use almost every day that is not a drugstore brand.
I love The Body Shop makeup products just as much as their skincare/bath & body products because they are such great quality for a great price. All of the Colour Crush eye shadows are awesome but my favorite is the Champagne and Gold shade. It gives you just enough shimmer but no glitter that falls on your cheeks, which can be hard to find.
Also, if you have green eyes, I suggest trying the Grape Expectations. It instantly makes my green eyes pop and that's never a bad thing.

What are your favorite face products!?!

Matching leaves and pumpkins.

I'm not much of an orange gal. If I'm supporting the Clemson Tigers, I normally go for the purple accents instead of the orange. Purple I can do... orange, not so much. So when I saw that the trend this week for the Spotlight Weekly Linkup with Living in Color Style & Stylin in St. Louis was Orange & Black, I wasn't sure what to do. I realized after a little searching that I really like burnt orange. Which is mainly red with a hint of orange. That is much more comfortable for me to wear. This shirt has been in my closet for years and I love to pull it out around this time of year. The delicate scallop design and the thin fabric is perfect for the fall with a cozy cardigan. It's also fun to match the leaves and pumpkins! And can I also point out how gorgeous my mums are right now, I can't believe they are still alive and that I am actually remembering to water them! High Fives for me!!

cardigan: Old Navy (& on sale!!), shirt: Old Navy (old),
pants: Express (also an awesome SALE!), shoes: Shoe Carnival (discontinued)
earrings: Cocobella Boutique, bracelet: Valentines Day gift from Peter
lips:MAC, See Sheer , nails: Milani, Ruby Stone

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Thanks Ladies :)

Goals // 11.14

October was such a GOOD month! It was busy but relaxing in the best way. I love these fall months so much. I'm trying to get our schedules ready for the crazy holiday season that will be attacking us until mid January, and setting these new goals is one of the many ways I can keep my cool. First, let's take a look back at last months goals, shall we?

October Goals
1// Have our photos taken for our One Year Anniversary - okay, I really want to do this every year! It was so much fun and I can't wait to share the photos with all of you.
2// Finish the women's bible study at churchthe information and thought that was put into the bible study was unbelievable!! I loved it so much.
3// Help plan my grandmother's 80th Birthday Party - her party will be happening next weekend so all the details and plans have been set! We are excited to celebrate her with a lot of family and friends!!
4// Renovate the 1/2 bath and back hallway - well, it is not finished. BUT it is in the works, which is good enough for me! Sneak peek for our ideas HERE.
5// Start my Christmas shopping - I've done a little bit, here and there, but I'm excited to do more in November.
6// Carve a pumpkin with Peter - didn't happen.... but we did buy pumpkins and put them on our front porch and in our house, which means something, right?

November Goals
1// Catch up on the #InTheWordin1Year study - I am so behind but this month will be a new story. I will make time and I will catch up!!
2// Floss every day - I've heard if you can do something every day for 21 days in a row then you can form a habit. This is most definitely a habit that I need to create.
3// Make something homemade for Thanksgiving dinner - I think I'm going to put my foot down and say that I'm making the Mac n' Cheese this year!!! Family, you heard it here first.
4// Finish my Christmas shopping - yup!!! it's gonna happen!
5// Complete the 1/2 bath & back hall renovation - things are moving and happening... eventually by the end of November it will be finished. I hope.

What are some of your November goals???
Any exciting holiday plans?

In The Word // November Study Plan

I honestly feel like I am a broken record.
Broken being the key word. 

Part of me feels like I did my whole, "woe is me, I'm so behind in this study" post too quickly last month because I am even more behind now. And to be even more honest with you, if it weren't for this blog and my sweet friend opposite of me on the calendar above, I would have quit last month. But I am constantly reminded that this isn't about me. This is about Him. If I am behind, then I am behind, and He is still by my side. 

I recently did a women's bible study at my church which taught specifically about being a biblically oriented woman. Which was amazing, all of it was incredible. We talked a lot about the many different ways to study the bible and the chronological study was mentioned. My head instantly dipped down in defeat. I knew it was coming. Then the speaker said something along the lines of "the chronological study is HARD. It is rough and tough and most people get behind. BUT, it only takes picking up the bible again and starting where you left off." 

So that is exactly what I am doing. Picking up my bible and starting again. It isn't easy, it is a lot of work, but it is for His glory. 

Back Hall (& bathroom) Re-do // Part Two

We are in the first stages of our planning process for our back hallway & half bath renovation. I get so excited when I think about the changes that will take place. This will completely change feel and style of our home once it is completed. Everything about it right now screams 70's because that was when our house was built, and we don't think there has been any significant updates since then. There's only so much a gallon of paint could do, am I right? This has been the #1 item on my To Do List since we moved in because this is the area that everyone uses when they visit. My wishlist items are below....

I can't wait to see how things turn out and share the process here! 

Any advice, ideas or suggestions??
I'd love to hear them :)

old reliable.

I was so excited when I received these boots many, many Christmas gifts ago. It was one of those times when I was shopping with my mom and fell in love with these and she offered to buy them and then wrap them up for Christmas. I was surprised to find such awesome boots from K-Mart and I haven't had such luck since but these things have seriously lasted forever. Even before Peter. Almost 6+ years... that is a long time for cheap boots, right? I love them and I may shed a tear when I have to part with them, but for now they are my old reliable boots. 

sweater: Kenneth Cole (similar), jeans: Old Navy
jewelry: Forever 21, boots: old from K-Mart (similar & these are on sale!)

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