traveling with a baby littles.

Our traveling routine is definitely different than it used to be. I've always been a big planner and that planning included scheduling every second of a trip with an itinerary, and also creating a wardrobe list for packing, based on the activities that filled our days and nights. Now we are having to take two checked bags, not for my clothes and shoes, but the space needed for diapers and wipes and toys for Solomon to have in the hotel room during the day. HA! Yes, things have changed but they are still so fun and I never want to forget the little moments of traveling with my family of three. It is definitely not boring......

arriving in Chicago and searching for a good brunch spot, Peter was using his phone for google maps to take us to the hotel... I was using my phone to try and find a nice rated restaurant on Yelp... Solomon was filling his diaper and screaming in the back which only made us yell over his screams and the multiple phone directions talking at the same time! It was a little stressful but we made it to a delicious spot just in time for coffee, amazing food and a diaper change; which made all three of us very happy // needing an extra room key on the two days I left the building alone with Solomon, it's hard to remember everything when you have a little person and a big diaper bag // while we were driving in Chicago I realized that Solomon's car seat was not snapped into the base when I reached back to give him a toy. The seat shifted slightly and I said to Peter, "Babe, I don't think he's in here!" he responded with "What?!? I hear him!!" I died laughing and explained what I meant, not that I was accusing him of leaving Solomon on the sidewalk // going through security in Chiago to fly home and the guy working by the scanner screaming the following to the crowd (while looking at me).... No liquids in your bags - I shook my head no, no formula for babies - I shook my head no again, no food of any kind for babies - I simply said nope. He then said "what, are you starving that kid?!? I replied back and said, nope, he gets it straight from the source and pointed at my chest. He replied with, well... Ok then. // the way that Peter uses every opportunity to teach Solomon something, his own special kind of love language, which I'm so thankful for. I love watching them together!

weekly three.

This week has been a different kind of week for sure... we traveled to Chicago with Peter for his work trip and it has been interesting. Thankfully the weather hasn't been too cold for the most part but Solomon caught daddy's cold and was sick most of our time away. He is still having a slight stuffy nose and a few coughs but he is so much better. This week was also my birthday week and it was so nice to spend it in a new city with family. We are so lucky to have the chance to travel with Peter and I'm glad we ended the week on a high note since things turned around for the better once Solomon felt more like himself! We are heading home today and we have a busy weekend with a nephew's birthday and the Super Bowl. Hope you all have a great weekend!!! Oh, and GO PANTHERS!

The beautiful walk on Monday! What a perfect way to start a new week in a new city, we loved the 50 degree weather and vitamin D! 

Taking a shower with my sick little man in hopes the steam and skin to skin would make him feel better. He loved it and was so happy and smiley after, and honestly I loved it too! 

Extra hands to hold our baby boy so I could get a birthday picture with my favorite guy! So thankful for him and everything he does for our family and all the little ways he makes me feel loved!! 
& also, those funnel fries were out of this world!!!!!! 

turning twenty-nine.

thanks to kristin engelking for this image and allowing me to share it.

I've decided that the quote above is going to be inspiration for my last year in my twenties. I've always loved birthdays and I love getting older. Each year seems to be better than the last and I can't imagine life getting any sweeter, but I know that God is faithful, and with Him everything can be made sweet. 

Our church is going through a series about narcissism right now and it is stomping all over my feet in the best way possible. Really making me think about the meaning of this world. Realizing that I'm not a big deal, my family isn't everything and my happiness should completely be found in our Savior. That quote makes me think about everything differently. Not only do I want to love my family to make this world a better place, but I want to show them the meaning of love so they can share it. Share Christ in all that they do.

I pray that this year is a transforming year for my heart. I want to build Peter up so he can lead our family well. I want to love Solomon and teach him how to grow into a Godly man, even at this young age. I want to love others with God's perfect love.... strangers, family, friends and our church. This year is about loving not only my family but all those around me with His love so I can share Him more. That will make the world a better place for sure, more of Him. Always more of our sweet Jesus. 

Sights + Seats // Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery

One of the best things about being a new mom is all the friends that are new moms as well. Meeting new people because I'm now in this phase of life. Scheduling "play dates". Going on walks with strollers and friends. Crazy things that I never thought could be so nice and appreciated during a long week and that's just what I enjoyed last Friday. There has been a little group for boy mommas created within my friends since we are all blessed with little men of our own & Friday was our first time hanging out. Just four of us but it was nice. I was also excited to check out the Swamp Rabbit Cafe and the Swamp Rabbit Trail since I haven't had the chance to yet.

A little snack and coffee from the cafe! This cheddar and kale scone was so good, and they had Counter Culture coffee which is always a favorite of mine.

While we were walking I realized that Solomon was getting hungry. I stopped to pick him up and nurse him and I guess the other guys realized they were hungry, also. So here we are, standing on the SRT nursing our babies. It was funny and I loved the double takes we got from the many bikers that passed us. I also love that Kiefer's big brown eyes are peeking up in the picture above. So sweet!!

sweet face, little booger and all! ;)

I know that we will be making our way back to the Swamp Rabbit Trail again soon, and I'm excited to check it out one weekend with Peter and Solomon. It is a perfect spot for a little family date day!

weekly three.

It has been a busy week in the best way! Time with friends, family, bible studies and a husband home all week long. This weekend is a busy one also, full of the same things.... friends, family and working on our bible study. That sweet husband is also going to Chicago on Sunday but we get to go with him this time!! I'm so excited to take Solomon with us for his first trip to the windy city. We have some warm winter wear for our little guy and I can't wait. 

Sweet cuddles with this sweet boy. He's even giving kisses when asked for them, not always, but when he does I wanna burst. 

Paaaaaaasta! With black olives and meatballs. Mmm!!!

The girls are finally laying eggs again! About time, it has been way too long without fresh eggs, and I don't even like eggs that much. 

a day in our life // 001

I've always loved reading "Day Routine" posts for other bloggers and I also thought this would be a sweet way to track the average day in our life. I think it would be fun to do one of these once a season so I can look back on an average day and remember what used to fill it from morning to night. My new favorite quote about parenthood is "the days are long but the weeks are fast". It is 100% true. It makes my heart hurt a little bit to think about how fast time has gone by. Just thinking that Solomon is four months old, and changing more every day, makes me want to write these little things down. All the little details that don't seem like much now but will when I look back one day. So, here are all the little details for a random Monday, because Mondays are one of my favorite days of the week, lately! 

Monday // 01.25.16

Mondays are easily one of my favorite days of the week. It is a nice slow start after a busy weekend and I look forward to having some one on one time with Solomon. I never know what time our mornings will start but right now we are usually out of the bed around 9:30, if not before then.

7:25 - wake up
Little man was not a fan of sleeping in (or much during last night, to be honest) so we started our day a little earlier than normal. I woke up to Peter taking a shower which normally doesn't wake us up but today was a different story. I asked Peter to make me some coffee before he headed downstairs to eat his breakfast. After laying around and cuddling with Solomon for a bit, I got up and washed my face, then headed downstairs with little man.

7:50 - breakfast
After changing a dirty diaper I sit down with my bowl of cereal and cup of coffee while Solomon plays on the floor. Rolling over and staring at daddy, his favorite things. Peter leaves for work and we hang out downstairs and change another dirty diaper until he screams and cries for a morning nap.

8:30 - first nap
We head upstairs to his room where I turn on the sound machine and music. I sit in his rocking chair to nurse him and let him fight sleep a little. He finally gives in around 8:45. I put him in his crib and head downstairs to wash diapers.

9:00 - relax
I normally use the first morning nap to clean up a bit but I did a lot of cleaning yesterday so I sat down on the couch to relax some and watch Kelly and Michael and do some blogging.

9:48 - awake
Solomon starts blabbing and asking for momma with his loud squeals in his crib so I head up to get him. We come back downstairs and I start the hot wash on his diapers then he plays in his bouncing seat for a few minutes. As normal, he wants a few sips of milk to make him happy again. We snuggle on the couch while he drinks some milk and blabs to me.

10:21 - shower
Once we are done playing on the couch we head upstairs so I can take a shower and get dressed while he plays on my bed. I know I don't have much longer to be able to do this since he is flipping and rolling around more. I make him a safe spot to play with pillows around him and some toys and thankfully he likes to watch me dry my hair and do my makeup so it's not that hard.

10:48 - hang out
Back downstairs to change a wet diaper and let him play in the floor with some toys while I eat a banana and drink some water. My hands are a bit shaky which normally happens when I forget to drink my morning glass of water. While eating my banana I start feeding Solomon for his big lunch at 11:00 and try to keep him awake. This is the hardest part of the day because he wants to go to sleep while he nurses but I can't let him. He usually doesn't like it. Finally around 11:30 he is finished eating and awake so we play in the floor and practice sitting up. He's getting really strong and can almost hold himself up!

11:40 - second nap
Now that he has played and been awake for almost two hours we head upstairs so he can take his second nap. Or so I thought.... Peter came home from lunch at noon and found me with a screaming baby upstairs. He reminded me that he is not a clock and I can't force his naps. We all come downstairs and Solomon plays in his bouncing seat while Peter and I eat lunch together.

12:35 - hang diapers
Since he was still not sleepy, he watched me hang clean diapers to dry in the laundry room since this is one of his favorite things. He lays in his rock and play squealing and talking until it is finally nap time. I change his diaper before heading upstairs and he is asleep in less than 10 minutes which is really good for my little sleep fighter.

1:00 - get things done
This is my time to run around like crazy and get things done. I need to workout, pump and start my bible study since we finally got our books from UPS today. Group is Tuesday night so I have to find time today and tomorrow to complete the homework for this week.

1:30 - crud
Solomon wakes up after only 30 min. Grrrr, so I press pause on my workout and go get him from his crib and put him in his rock and play. I make crazy faces and noises during the last 8 minutes of my workout so he will stay happy watching me.

1:40 - play and learn
I sit in the floor and play with Solomon and look through his activities for the day on my Baby Sparks app, which I love and he seems to love also!

2:00 - study
While Solomon plays in his bouncing seat while I start my study in How People Change

2:03 - no study
Ha, no way I can work on the study with moody pants not wanting to play in his toy. A short naptime makes things hard for momma, that's for sure. Instead I put him in his sling and walked around the house to calm him down. Works every time! I also decided to make some coffee since I didn't get a full cup this morning and I need it, especially after a long night and the workout!

2:25 - give in
Baby boy is still very fussy so I do what always works, give him some milk! No need to have a sad and grumpy boy when nursing can make him happy again. He falls asleep and I know he needs a good nap so I let him sleep in the rock and play next to the couch so I can finally get this study done.

2:50 - really study
This study is so good and I feel refreshed and happy after a tall glass of water and some bible and prayer time. 

4:00 - relax, part two
I get up from the couch and go check on the cloth diaper stuffers in the dryer and get a fresh glass of water and a spoon of peanut butter before I sit back down to watch The Kitchen (my new favorite show to record and watch when I have a chance!) and of course Solomon wakes up starving.

4:27 - feed 
Feed my crying baby and let him slowly wake up to his wonderful happy self and have some sweet conversations while we finish The Kitchen before his bath time!

4:50 - bath time
His favorite part of the day.... most babies love a bath before bed time but Solomon gets too excited to go to sleep after a bath. After we are finished in the bath I get to pick out a cute outfit for him, my favorite part of the day!

5:06 - picture time
Since he turned 19 weeks old today and wearing a cute outfit before going to dinner at Gigi's house, I thought it would be fun to take some pictures and share them on Facebook! After pictures I try and organize his room a bit while he lies on the floor rolling around. Before I get dressed for dinner I jump in the shower for a quick rinse since I worked out earlier. 

6:15 - dinner
Peter gets home and we head to my mom's for dinner. A favorite thing to do every Monday night! We eat dinner and hang out, then mom and I watch Downton while Peter works on his bible study, Solomon eats once and when he starts his screaming from being tired we decide it's time to leave. Monday nights are wonderful since my mom is dying for some Solomon time, so Peter and I get to be a little baby-less for a bit.

9:20 - head home
Peter works his daddy magic and puts him in his car seat and swings him to sleep within seconds. I married an amazing man!

9:30 - tea time
Once we are home, I head upstairs to put on my pjs and wash my face while Peter starts the water for out hot tea while Solomon finishes his nap in his car seat.

9:54 - diapers
While my tea is steeping I grab the diapers that are dry from this morning to stuff and prepare for tomorrow. Solomon wakes up and wants to sit in my lap and watch me work on them! We watch the last episode of Making a Murderer (Ohhh my!!!) and then we head to bed 

11:00 - bedtime

We are a family of night owls, especially Solomon!! It's ok, it works and we enjoy spending the evening as a family! I nurse and rock him in his room for a long time, around 45 minutes, and then I put him in his crib for the night. Around 40 minutes later he wakes up screaming just as I doze off, I'm too tired to rock him back to sleep so I put him in our bed where he easily falls back to sleep. We both aren't ready to end this wonderful co-sleeping arrangement. His snuggles are too sweet!

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