old reliable.

I was so excited when I received these boots many, many Christmas gifts ago. It was one of those times when I was shopping with my mom and fell in love with these and she offered to buy them and then wrap them up for Christmas. I was surprised to find such awesome boots from K-Mart and I haven't had such luck since but these things have seriously lasted forever. Even before Peter. Almost 6+ years... that is a long time for cheap boots, right? I love them and I may shed a tear when I have to part with them, but for now they are my old reliable boots. 

sweater: Kenneth Cole (similar), jeans: Old Navy
jewelry: Forever 21, boots: old from K-Mart (similar & these are on sale!)

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Taking Stock // 004

Making // pasta, my favorite warm and cozy meal! Loving the organic brown rice pasta from Trader Joes right now, too.
Cooking // a lot of hard boiled eggs for salads. No idea why I didn't start doing that a long time ago with the chick's eggs??
Drinking // ice water like ca-razy. With limes, of course.
Reading // through Numbers. Still behind in the #InTheWordin1Year study but I'm pushing through.
Wanting // more time in the gym but excuses are so easy to find.
Looking // at pinterst way too much for inspiration with our back hallway/bathroom renovation!
Wasting // coffee. Why must it turn cold so quickly?!? 
Crocheting // still struggling to finish the stockings. I'm tempted to buy some pretty ones this year instead. I could always make a blanket out of the stuff I've crocheted so far...?
Wishing // Peter's work travels wouldn't start again. Bummer.
Enjoying // The Black List! We finally started watching the first season on Netflix, so no spoilers!!!! 
Liking // the cold chill in the morning and nights recently.
Wondering // how long it will take for my hair to grow?!? I got a little scissor happy several weeks ago and had two inches cut off. I regret it almost every day. Grow hair, grow! 
Loving // all the gorgeous leaves everywhere. The yellow ones up above are my favorite!
Hoping // for THIS under the Christmas tree. {hint, hint - Peter!!}
Marveling // at the amazing couples that the Lord has put in our life with our community group. So wonderful and I so thankful for it!
Needing // so many naps lately.
Smelling // a lot of fall candles. Best time of year for that exact reason.
Wearing // my cozy robe a lot lately, still haven't turned on the heat in our house. We are holding off as long as possible!
Following // so many bloggers that are pregnant. Definitely not helping me out over here!
Noticing // how amazing the Revlon Colorstay line is. EVERYTHING in it is superb!
Knowing // that the typical stress for a newly married couple is coming. With this being our second year of Thanksgiving and Christmas together, trying to make room for everyone in both families is no joke. Stressful.
Thinking // that I can't make crockpot mexican soup every night, but wishing I could. 
Bookmarking // all of the amazing holiday store magazines... Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel & West Elm, oh my!
Opening // my new planner so I can start planning things in 2015! Don't forget to use the discount code for your own, the code will be good until the end of this year!
Giggling // at the rare moments in the past several weeks that I have scared Peter. I've been trying for over a year to scare him in our home when he least expects it with no success. He scares me all the time, even when he doesn't mean to. HA! So our score is around 39-2 right now. I'm working on it.
Feeling // grateful.

Game Night Snack.

One of my favorite snacks is homemade Guacamole!! Over the past few years I have learned the best recipe (from my Mom!) and I have been asked several times to share it here. It is definitely not rocket science, it's easy! But it is yummy!! And anything that is yummy & easy is a good thing in my book! We love to have something to snack on in the Eliya home when we are watching something on TV, especially those Thursday night football games. Some tortilla chips and guac is a go to for us. 

Yummy & Easy Guacamole // makes one large bowl of guac
 3-4 avocados
few pinches of salt
half a lime
3 tablespoons of salsa
fork for mashing

1// slice the avocados and carve insides into a bowl, discard the skins and pit
2// add a few pinches of salt, may need more to taste when finished
3// add 3 spoon fulls of your favorite salsa
4// squeeze half a lime
5// mash everything together with a fork and mix well
6// test with a chip and add more of whatever you think you need
7// enjoy and pray your team wins... especially if you are a Jets fan like us

What's your favorite Guacamole recipe, any secret weapons?!?
I'd love to hear!!

Behind the Scenes.

First things first – Thanks to my sweet friend, Cassie, for nominating me for this behind the scenes tour! I love the friendship that we have created over the past couple of years. It's so great to have someone who understands this crazy blog land so we can bounce ideas off of each other. I'm so glad that we met each other and have become such wonderful friends!!
Read Cassie's Post Here!

^^ this is where all of my blogging goes down! 
In the comfy corner of our couch with my fuzzy blanket :)

What am I working on...?

Right now I am preparing for the holiday season ahead of me. I love this season because I can share so many fun DIY projects and recipes with all of you. We love to entertain in our home, so I always get super excited around this time of year with parties and events, and I love to share those here! I'm also looking forward to testing the waters in the fashion posts this winter. Since I have not been posting fashion themed posts that long, I'm excited to show off all of my favorite winter accessories in the coming months. 

How does my work differ from others from its genre...?

I like to think that I have a fusion of many different kind of themes here to keep you guessing, but at the heart of everything I write, I hope that you see His presence there. Even if I don't talk about the Lord in every single post, I know that the push in my heart to keep typing comes from Him. I truly believe that this little world I have created is a gift from the Father and I can only pray that I glorify Him in everything I say and do here. He is the main focus for me, in everything I do. 

Why do I write/create what I do...?

When I first started blogging in 2010 (seriously, it has been that long?!?), I honestly did it because everyone was doing it. I loved to read other blogs and I thought it would be a great way to document my life and an excuse to write something to look back on one day. Now that I have been doing it for five years I have realized what a huge passion this really is for me. I love sharing all of the many gifts that the Lord has given me and I still look forward to looking back on all of these stories one day. Most of all I like to push myself to be a glass half full kind of person. I know that we all have problems and bad days, trust me- I do have them, but I always strive to make this place happy. I named my blog Living on Cloud Nine for a reason, I want to find joy in all that I have around me. In the people, the food, the travels and all those little things too, like recipes, fashion and making our house a home. 

How does your writing/creative process work...?

I am a big fan of organization and I love to be prepared weeks in advance. I use a monthly calendar to schedule posts and then I dig deeper each week to set what I will be writing and make sure everything is executed well. I also love to read many blogs to inspire and trigger new ideas for future posts. I try my best to do most of my writing on the weekends so I can schedule everything for the week ahead and enjoy my week nights with Peter at home. 

^^ Heart & Arrow makes my new favorite blogging tool.

So that is a little behind the scenes of my Cloud Nine!
I have loved this series so much and I really enjoy reading and learning about other blogs, as well.

Where to go next....?

You may remember Amber from a few weeks ago when I was on vacation in Boston. She did a Fashion guest post here and I loved it! I knew I wanted to know more about her blogging style and hear more about her plans with a new blog. I'm excited to see the changes ahead for her!

Kiki has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers and I'm a big fan of her blog project, The Circle. She always has gorgeous photos and wonderful writing! I can't wait to learn more about her process with blogging and how she makes such authentic material and creates great ideas.

Thanks to the ladies that are taking part in their own Behind the Scenes post a week from today! Make sure you all put them on your calendar to check them out :) 
& of course, thanks again to Cassie for the nomination! 

Five Favorites // Fall Beauty

Over the past couple of weeks with the cooler weather arriving, I've realized I have several items that I'm constantly reaching for. I thought today would be a great time to share my top five favorite items for this fall with all of you! 

this stuff is magic. I actually forgot it at home while we were in Boston and I didn't realize
how big of a difference it made with my skin until I didn't have it.
After just a few days without this night cream, my skin started to feel tight (in all the wrong ways!)
and I started to break out like crazy. My skin was back to normal, creamy and smooth, after just a few days once we returned home and I was able to enjoy it again every night.

I've already shared some love about this lip balm on Instagram months ago but it's still my go to
when my lips feel dry. I love to generously cover my lips with this before I go to sleep at night and
when I wake up in the morning my lips still feel soft and buttery. Plus, it smells so good!
I'm going to grab this version next time I'm at Sephora for my purse since the tin isn't purse friendly.
I found out the hard way when I threw it in my bag one day and had a big mess when I tried to open the top and all of the balm had slid to one side and covered the lid.

Wild Argan Oil Body Butter // The Body Shop
One more Body Shop love of mine that I use all the time. I love all of their body butters because they are so, well... buttery and perfect, but this scent is my favorite.
I also love to put a thick coating on my feet when I get home from work and then put on some thick socks. It's like a perfect little treat after wearing high heels all day long. I know once the winter months hit, I will be using this on my hands daily!

Colorstay Gel Envy // Revlon
This nail polish is the one brand that I am constantly reaching for. My nails last a full week anytime I use this brand. When I use others (even essie) I have chips within days. And the best part, I don't actually NEED a top coat with this formula, but when I do add a top coat, I know that it will last even longer! Plus, the colors they have available are so beautiful. The Checkmate color is on my fingers right now and I'm loving it!

Ocean Salt // LUSH
We actually purchased this awesome product while we were on our honeymoon in California over a year ago. I did a little (okay, a BIG) happy dance when we came up to the LUSH store in Carmel, since I had never been shopping there but always dreamed of going. 
I bought some hair products and Peter bought this. I honestly didn't use it until just a few months ago and I instantly fell in love. The way this scrub can deep clean your face is amazing. 
It starts off feeling super scrubby, but not rough at all, then you have that squeaky clean feeling and once you start rinsing it off your skin instantly has this super milky, creamy feeling. Anytime I start to feel a breakout I instantly use this stuff and the problem area is gone by morning. I will definitely be ordering a replacement online when we run out!

So that's my top five fall favorites in the beauty department!! 
What are some of your favorites??
I'd love to hear! 

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rain hat.

I haven't been able to find the perfect fall floppy hat yet, but this hat is also one of my favorites! It's an old reliable of mine that I tend to forget about. I prefer to wear a hat to protect my hair from rainy days instead of a rain jacket sometimes, so I try and remember to pull this one out when we are having nasty weather. The weather has been cool and drizzly this week so I've been thankful for the garage at home and the garage at work. I'm glad that I don't have to venture out into the mist or rain drops every day but this little hat is nice to keep my hair in place and my ears warm.

hat: old jcrew shirt: Old Navy, leggings: Target,
necklace: Forever 21, bracelets: old Forever 21, rain boots: Hunter

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