Goals // 4.15

March Update
1// Start setting aside time for my bible reading. - Time is still sneaking away but I am doing a bible study with the girls from my community group and that has been wonderful! I do however need to make more time for bible reading.

2// Get back to a regular blogging schedule. - I definitely wasn't wanting to go back to five days a week but the 2-3 days a week have been perfect for my schedule now. 

3// Have the best time ever with Cassie & Matt when they visit!! - I shared some of the fun details about our trip HERE, yesterday. 

4// Make something for Easter decorations. - My new spring wreath on the door was the perfect touch of Easter on the house that can stay up for several months. I also have some fun decoration ideas in my head for Easter lunch with the family!!

5// Welcome my second trimester (TODAY!!!)! - I really can't believe I'm already in the second trimester! Before I know it I will be holding this sweet baby in my arms!!

April Goals
1// Clean out the junk room to get ready for the nursery!
2// Host Easter lunch at our house.
3// Give Katie and baby Wyatt a shower!
4// Finish the Ezer Study.
5// Meet our new baby nephew!
6// Help Peter in the garden.

Pregnancy Post // month four.

& just like that, we are finished with month four!
Here are all the updates from weeks 13-16....

TYPO // I was NOT tired and groggy the whole time. HA!

Month four was wonderful. Women were NOT lying when they say that the second trimester is the BEST! I'm loving it so much. Each day I'm feeling more round and I'm loving this little bump that I'm growing for this little one that I love so much already.

some questions we've been asked recently.....

how many kids do you want // even from when we were dating we always said we both wanted a lot of kids. I've been a fan of five for as long as I can remember, but ever since we were engaged and planning for marriage, we have both said that three might be the magic number. That is the minimum we want, then we will discuss the possibility of more. I grew up with one brother, Peter grew up with a brother and two sisters - so I would love a big family because I didn't have that and he would love a big family because that's all he knows. So, Lord willing, we would love to have at least 3 and be a family of five!

what is your plans for the nursery // well... surprise, we are finding out the sex now. I was more than comfortable with the idea of waiting until a Saturday morning a few weeks ago. I rolled over in bed and put my hand on my tummy and said outloud "I have to know what you are!" and with that the decision was made. I just can't wait!!! Peter of course gave me his "I told you so speech" but he was happy about the decision.
With knowing what the sex is I'm looking forward to adding little touches of boy or girl in the room but the majority of everything will be gender neutral because we want to use the nursery for all of our kids. I would love to have a pale grey color on the walls and add in a lot of white and natural wood accents. I have a lot in mind and I will share more with a post specifically about the design ideas very soon!

do you have names picked out // yes, we do! I'm going to keep things quiet here on the blog until we know the sex for sure but we are so excited about the names we have chosen. The boy name has been known for a very long time and it has always been REALLY hard to agree on girl names, so I was very happy when Peter mentioned a girl name that I also loved. Now, we just need to find out what this little angel is.... and agree on a girl middle name if this little one is a girl!

Mountains, Falls and Friends.

Having friends visit for the past few days was so wonderful! Cassie and I have been so excited to have some time to hang out in person (more than just our wedding weekends) and I'm so glad that her sweet husband made it happen for her birthday gift! It is such a cool thing to meet someone and instantly click but also have fun all weekend with our husbands. I guess when you are busy making memories you forget to pull out the camera as much as you'd like, but the memories we did create make me so happy!

We started the day on Thursday with breakfast at Tandem and then went up to Caesars Head State Park and the fog was so beautiful! The higher we went up the mountain, the thicker the fog became. We really didn't have much of a view but it was a lot of fun to find the little cave above and walk around for a bit. 

Then we drove to Looking Glass Falls for a beautiful waterfall that we knew we'd be able to see with the fog. I really can't believe I haven't been here before because it is so beautiful. 

The rest of the day was spent in Asheville for lunch and Brevard for a brewery and live music, but more on that a little later this week! Of course we had to take our guests to see downtown Greenville and I'm so thankful that the rain held off for most of Friday so we could enjoy it. Besides a little bit of mist off and on, we were good to go for a lot of walking downtown. 

There was a lot of eating and laughing during the three days we had to spend together. It was so wonderful to have our sweet friends in town and show them around all of our favorite places, and even find some new places with them. I can't wait for the next time we are all together, whenever that may be! 

be our guest.

I was inspired by New York City based real estate platform, Compass, recently about their project, Starter Stories!  If you are in the market for a NYC Apartment, I would suggest starting with them! They can connect you to the perfect place and the right neighborhood that fits your personality. It can definitely make home searching much easier and fun.

I am so excited about this chance to share our home a little more on my blog. I started to think about what area I wanted to share next and of course I was hoping to share our downstairs ½ bath and back hallway renovation but that is taking much longer than I hoped. It is about 60% finished right now but we haven't had the extra time to complete it. However, the one room that I have been able to complete is our guest bedroom!

We officially have our first house guests visiting us right now and I'm so excited to share the little space they can call home for the next few days. We love having the extra space for a guest room and we are so thankful for the chance to finally use it.

One of my favorite parts about this room is the colors. This bed was in my old room before I got married and I loved making it bright and colorful. A little flash back post to when I completed the headboard for my bright green room. When we came to see this house for the first time and I saw the color on these walls I knew that my bedding would be perfect!! It really is surreal how perfect they match. It helped make this house seem like home since everything just clicked. 

I love walking by this room and seeing the bright colors and the welcoming vibe that we have in this room. Now that we've had our first house guests, we are ready for more!! Come on family and friends, we welcome you!

Jocie Pots // a giveaway

Today is a special day, today is my best friend's birthday! To celebrate her birthday I wanted to showcase her wonderful talent with pottery and do a fun giveaway. Jocie will be giving away a set of 4 small lace plates in either cream or pink, you pick!! I love these plates for special desserts or even to layer with regular plates for a salad. They are delicate, beautiful and the perfect touch to any table.

Over the weekend I spent some time at Jocie's "palace" and snapped some pictures of her in action. You see, The Palace is a very special place for her and you can read more about it on her website. You can also take a look at her etsy shop for the latest creations that she has made. 

sweet little Kozmo, the shop dog!


Please make sure you check all the details below for the giveaway and enter as many times as you wish! Also, this giveaway is for US residents only. I will announce the winner a week from today on this post, and also email the winner directly, Good Luck!! & happy birthday to Jocie!!!

Friday Five.

Well, after a few weeks off from my Friday Five thanks to the CRAZY & busy times lately, I'm very glad to be back in a routine here! I've missed making time for this blog but that is been impossible recently. Making time takes time, ya know? So now that things are settled a bit I can take my moments to breath and type. It's a wonderful thing! Hope you all had an awesome week, here are a few of the things that made me smile.....

lunch dates in downtown greenville with gorgeous weather
and a sweet friends a lot this week! 

meeting a new, sweet baby, and buying over 20 cloth diapers
from her mommy that didn't need them!!!

all the sweet friends that have donated their maternity clothes,
it has really meant so much to me.
All the bags and tubs full make my heart so happy!

Jesus, decaf coffee & girl time! 

The spring weather and my pretty new DIY wreath to celebrate!
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