7 Things You [Maybe] Didn't Know About Me // One Lovely Blog Award

I was nominated by my sweet friend, Cassie from Sage the Blog for the
One lovely blog award! Thanks for the love!!!
Here are seven things about me that you might not know....

1//  I really love celebrity gossip, and I really wish I didn't. 
E!News is one of my favorite shows.

2//  I get really hyper before going to sleep for some strange reason?
Peter really doesn't understand it.

3// I'm not a huge fan of breakfast, I hardly ever want it.

4// I love to entertain because service is one of my top two love languages.

5// but my first love language is gifts, not expensive gifts - 
just little cards or even a cup of tea without asking for it.

6// speaking of cards, I could spend hours in a card shop looking through every single card.

7// I completely ignored my husband when I met him for the first time, it wasn't until our second meeting that he caught my attention.

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Crafting and Wrapping.

You may recall some fun Fall Crafts from back in September at my Mom's house, so we clearly wanted to work on some Christmas crafts together! Whitney had her heart set on some square wreaths for her windows (which turned out SOOO cute!!) and my Mom worked on a beautiful reindeer art piece that isn't quite finished yet. I couldn't figure out what kind of craft I wanted to do so I decided to start on my Christmas wrapping, instead! Wrapping gifts is one of my favorite things to do and since I fell in love with several paper choices a couple weeks ago in Atlanta, I was dying to get started! 

Some snacks, crafts and a lot of laughs! 
A very fun night with two of my favorite people :)
I'm so glad we will make this a yearly tradition!

Do you have any Christmas traditions that you look forward to? 

Weekend Essentials.

During my weekends I have several things that I love to happen! 
I like to think that they are my Weekend Essentials & make my weekend complete...

1// dinner with Peter.
It doesn't happen every week but most Fridays are his deal. He works half days on Friday so he has time to go to the store, pick up some food and prepare dinner. It is one of my favorite things since being married. Coming home after a long week and soaking in some quality time with Peter around our kitchen table. I do all the cleaning afterward to say thank you, of course! (ps, five dollar chickens at Earthfare on Fridays!) 

2// saturday morning coffee and breakfast.
I'm not a morning person so the fact that Peter wakes up early is a huge benefit for me! He let's me sleep in till around 9:30 and when the coffee is hot and ready I make my way downstairs. It really is the only way I can make myself get out of bed. It also doesn't hurt that Peter likes to cook some yummy breakfast for us!

3// laundry.
Ugh... it has to happen, right? I try my best to keep the laundry done during the week but most of the time I end up doing it on the weekends.

4// church.
My favorite part of the weekend! We love our church so much and I look forward to Sunday mornings. We also teach a class of three year olds every other Sunday, which is a ton of fun! We are learning about Abraham right now and completing a study through Genesis.

5// preparation.
At the end of every weekend I love to look through my planner for the week and make sure I have everything in the front of my mind for Monday. Appointments, meetings, dinner plans... this always helps me welcome Monday with a happier heart.

6// paint my nails.
It sounds silly but one of my favorite parts about the weekend is sitting down and painting my nails. I usually make a hot cup of tea, figure out which color will be best for the week ahead and enjoy a little "me" time.

Link up your very own Essential List with The Circle!
I loved reading all the fun lists so far... 

In Its Time

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Epiphanys Corner // a giveaway

I am so in love with this piece of artwork for Christmas! When I saw it on etsy for the first time I knew I wanted to offer it as a giveaway. I love clean and simple pieces that make a point. Oh, come let us adore Him is one of my favorites songs during Christmas so it only made sense to have this in our home. I'm not quite sure where I will use it since I have a strict, no decorations before Thanksgiving rule, but this spot is a nice option. Krystal from Epiphany's Corner was such a dream to work with and I love all of her designs. I will definitely buy something else soon!!

So, here are the fun details! Make sure you enter the giveaway below, there are a lot of options so you can collect as many points as possible. I will directly contact the winner a week from today, and they will also be announced below. Good luck!!! 

Girls Night and Dancing.

No, we did not go to a club to dance. We did something so much better.... happy hour (five dolla drinks, holla!) at High Cotton in downtown Greenville which included the best shrimp and grits in all the land. Then we walked to the Peace Center for some dessert and a little bubbly before watching the amazing dancers from So You Think You Can Dance. We seriously felt like 16 year old girls in High School again. It was so much fun!

It was so nice meeting a new friend, 
and stealing this picture she took with her phone!
Thanks, Lexie!!

The dances were even better live and you could tell they had perfected every single move during the tour. It was so neat to see my season favorites (Jessica & Zack) perform right in front of my eyes! Our seats were great (10th ROW!) and we screamed like little girls at all the amazing moves. It was really awesome to see my favorite performances from the year live also. (This one & this one, since I know you are interested... oh, and this one made me cry, it was so beautiful!) It was a great night and now I'm even more excited about season 12!

spilling my brain.

this photo has nothing to do with this post.
I just really like it.... :)

....on to the random things that are filling my head, lately.

1 // i can't wait to wrap Christmas gifts
I was a little worried that my heart was dreading the Christmas decorating and preparations this year but something has switched in the past week. I'm ready. Like, trying my hardest to hold back until after Thanksgiving since that is a BIG rule in the Eliya house. So, the weekend after thanksgiving.... oh, you better believe Christmas is happening in our house. The mantle, the staircase, the front door, the tree and all the gifts underneath it. It's happening! Oh, and I'm soooo happy with how our Christmas card turned out! Can't wait to send them out soon.

2 // not really feeling the style posts, recently
It's a lot of work!! I love fashion and I have so much fun putting together outfits but I've realized recently that is not where my passion lies with this blog. I want this space to show me, not what I wear. I want my words to do the explaining. I want to share my life and write about it. So, I'm not saying that there won't ever be any style related posts but they will be taking a back seat. Over the next few months I plan to dig deeper and start fresh with a new outlook in January. I'm looking forward to it!

3 // getting back in the gym yesterday was great
My legs hurt. My arms hurt. My abs hurt. All of it hurts, which makes me so happy!!!! It feels good to get back in the swing of things after a couple of weeks off. Of course, I wish I didn't take those weeks off, but it happened. I didn't plan on it... life just gets in the way sometimes, and that's okay. I'm back at it, so it's all good!

4 // the year 2015 is coming and I'm so excited
I can't believe it will be 2015. My ten year High School Reunion will happen next year. WHAT?!? That is crazy. I'm so excited to see what the new year ahead will hold. I have a feeling that 2015 is going to be the best yet!

5 // this cold weather makes me very happy
I've heard some complaining about it but I would take a cold day over a hot & humid summer day, hands down! Give me boots, scarves, jackets and any other kind of layers and I'm a happy girl.

{Photo above is property of Living on Cloud Nine blog, 
& artistic property of Red Apple Tree Photography}
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