this guy.

Over the weekend we celebrated my favorite guy. He turned 32 and the camera didn't come out once. That is really not like me at all, I love pictures... but it was so nice to just enjoy the time with him and family and friends and not worry about posing for a picture or enjoy the fun from behind the lens. I think the traveling for the past month made me appreciate the little things he brings to my life so much more. He is a good one, a perfect match for me, and I'm thankful for him every single day. Here are a few of the things that I love so much about him.

he makes me laugh till I can't breathe and I'm crying tears of joy in the bed at night, which is also one of the main reasons I miss him a lot when he is traveling for work // watching him with his nephews now that he knows he will have a son very soon is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen, he is going to be an amazing daddy // noticing how his passion for our church and the teaching we receive there has grown so much and how freely he shares it with others, it is a true blessing to have him lead our family // the way he always makes me feel safe and loved, even in the little things, like simply rubbing my leg while we are talking on the couch after a busy day at work

Peter, thank you for loving me and for choosing me!
I'm so blessed and happy to choose you over and over again, every single day.
Here's to many more birthdays with you!!

Pregnancy Post // month six.

Seriously crazy that we are starting month seven already!!
Our little man will be here in no time and I can't wait,
we are so excited and enjoying this time so much!

Weeks 21 - 24

Some questions we've been asked

Why do you want a natural birth // this has been a pretty common question I have been asked recently after people find out that I am planning on not having an epidural. I guess the biggest reason for me is my belief that God made our bodies to be able to endure the pain of child birth and women have been doing this for a very long time. The amount of endorphin's and adrenaline that women feel during and after a natural birth is supposed to be one of the most amazing feelings and I would love to experience that. Like I have mentioned before, I would love to have a water birth, and that is not something that can be done if you have an epidural.
However, I have one goal in mind, at the end of this pregnancy I pray that our family of three will go home together. That is the most important thing to me, so if that means I need an epidural or an emergency c-section for any reason then that will be fine. The health of Solomon and my safety is all I care about at the end of the day. I will trust my midwives and doula throughout this process.
I also want to point out that birth is an amazing thing and I know things will end up the way God planned, but the way we can plan for what we want is such a privilege. I know that a natural, epidural free, birth is not for everyone and that is perfectly fine. I do not pass judgement on anyone else's decision, this is just the decision that I have made for my birth.  

Where did the name Solomon come from // Peter's middle name is the arabic version of Solomon and he has said for a very long time that he wanted to name our first son Solomon, because of his middle name. I've always loved the name and I can't imagine our first boy not being named Solomon after all the conversations we have had about it. I can't wait to meet him.
We have also been asked if we will call him Solomon or give him a nickname. We might call him "Saul" around the house but for every day purposes and for school in the future he will go by Solomon.

pregnancy littles.

I haven't made a list of littles in a while and I have missed them. I love doing this every now and then when I feel the need to share the little things in life that are making me smile. This pregnancy is definitley a big thing that is making my heart so happy it could burst but I want to remember all the little things that happened too....

a co-worker that has started calling me preggers almost everytime he sees me and asks how the babe is cooking, it always makes me laugh // reading the pregnancy books with Peter in bed before we go to sleep // friends and family touching my growing belly, some women hate this, but I love it // the way Solomon kicks like crazy when he hears his daddy's voice during our FaceTime chats while he is traveling for work // looking at all the tiny pieces of clothing that we have so far, but this little thing from my mom is my favorite right now!

can't wait to see my little peanut in this!

spring love.

Spring is one of the most magical months and I love so many things about it!
Mood boards are also pretty wonderful so I thought I would take part with 
The Circle this month and share 15 things I love about the awesome months of Spring....
even if I can't take part in all of them (cough #2 cough). 

peonies // margaritas // thank you cards (for the pending baby showers!) //
a new springy print // cute little bird houses //
sunglasses // adorable veggie rattles (for baby boy, of course) // string lights
bright tote // grapes (my biggest obsession right now!) // nail polish

What are your favorite springy things!?! 
share them and link up with The Circle


total honesty.

You know that Vick's commercial about the mom that was sick and needed a sick day. Her little girl was all dressed up with her stuffed animal and looked so confused? Well, last week I had one of those days. I didn't have the flu or felt terribly sick but I didn't feel 100%. I didn't even feel 80%. I was tired. My head was hurting. I didn't sleep well the night before and a little monster in my belly woke me up at 7AM kicking away. 

It made me think about those days in the future when I can't just roll over and snooze or call in sick to work. I have to be on it. All the time. No sick days. So, I took a sick day. That's what PTO is for anyways, right? It was so nice to sleep in till 10:45 and eat snacks on the couch while watching Gilmore Girls. Even do a little cleaning and organizing throughout the day with a late afternoon nap. It was needed. 

Total honesty, one of the things that scares me about being a mother is not having off days. I need those days as a human being sometimes. Days to just close the blinds, sleep in a little, and rest. But on the other hand, I can't wait to have a little person who needs me and wants me all the time. That will be amazing. 

Sitting here typing these words I feel his little kicks and I take that as a confirmation that he already needs me. I am his complete source of comfort and I know that won't fade for a long time. Or at least I hope it doesn't. Even if that means no sick days. He is worth it. 100% worth it!

when you lose your bible.

A couple weeks ago I was frantically trying to find my bible before church. It had been a few weeks since we were in town to actually GO to church so I couldn't remember the last time I had it. Then it hit me, I can't remember the last time I opened my bible. What a terrible feeling for someone that used to open that bible every single day. Someone who craved it, not just doing it to check something off the list of things to do. 

The last few months have been busy. It is a busy season of change... with the summer coming up and this little man growing in my belly. My mind has been boggled with plans for the weeks ahead and slightly obsessed with the new life that will be joining us in September. Of course I have been thanking God every day for all that we have. I've been talking to Him. relying on Him, singing to Him in the car, but have I been reading His word? Nope. 

I went to the "lost and found" area at church and was so thankful to find my journal and my bible waiting on me. I was so upset the whole time I didn't know where it was because I love journaling through my bible and making notes. The thought of losing that was breaking my heart. Then I felt convicted because this really did mean I didn't have my bible for three whole weeks. How could something so precious to my heart be missing from my life for that long. It only pointed out the fact that it really wasn't so precious at all. I would like to say that conviction moved me and I read my bible every day that week, but I didn't. I still made excuses and filled my days and nights with so many things to do and my bible stayed on the kitchen island most of the week.

At church we are going through the book of James. It is a short but tough book in the bible and we are truly digging into it. I've enjoyed it a lot. A few Sundays ago we talked about judgement and how we are not called to judge other believers because that is not our place. That is God's place. We all judge, we all compare, but it is a lot easier to stop pointing fingers when He turns that finger back on yourself. He was pointing at me. He was poking that hurt spot that I haven't fixed yet. The part of me that makes excuses and doesn't take the time to read His word. I'm thankful for that.

I'm thankful for His love. I'm thankful for His grace. And I'm so thankful that it will never run out, even when I lose my bible, I can never lose Him.

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