In The Word // August Study Plan

Last week I spoke about plans and after a lot more planning, talking, organizing, & praying with Cassie we came up with this exciting study!!!

Design by Cassie...but not me, the other Cassie ;) 

I sent Cassie a text a couple weeks ago that said, "How do you feel about doing a read the bible in a year study together? Just to keep each other accountable???".... her response, "I would love that!!". And that is how this little study was born. 

We are so excited to do this together and share it with all of you! We will post the plan for the month ahead on the last Tuesday of every month. We will also highlight the study from the past month and share what we learned, study notes that helped us and anything else that the Lord has shared with us through this study. Each month will have each day's reading listed and also have a memory verse for the month.

I'm so excited to learn about His word and make it a priority every day. We hope that you will join us and also keep us accountable! We are all in this together, right? So let's learn together and grow closer through Him. Don't have a blog of your own...? That's fine too, still do this study with us and you can always share what you have learned by leaving comments below each month. This is definitely not a "Bloggers Unite" kind of thing, it is a "Sisters (and brothers too, you can join us!) Unite" kind of thing. Our goal is to stay In The Word so that we can have a light for our path ahead. {Psalm 119:105} Grab your bible and open it up, dive in and turn that light on with us. 

Let's do this!! Join us for a Chronological Study and soak in His word with us! 
For those of you who are bloggers, you can link your recap from this study here at the end of every month, or you can link anything that you have learned like all of our previous weeks with the In The Word Link-up. Just link up and share your heart, that's our motto! 

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When I used to envision marriage back in the day, I imagined double dates every weekend, parties all the time, weekend trips, and Sunday strolls downtown, all that fun stuff. All of the fun stuff happens but definitely not every weekend! Life is busy and full for us as a married couple but it is also busy and full for all of our friends so finding a night to squeeze in a double date is a big deal. Something worth getting a little dressed up for, spraying some new perfume, adding a little more eyeliner, curling those hairs and taking excited car pictures on the way downtown. Yes, double dates are for all of those things. And trying new restaurants downtown, that is a must for a long overdue double. So, on Saturday night, the husband and I were excited to have a double with Katie and Cody at Universal Joint and it did not disappoint!

Tasty food and great atmosphere! I'm looking forward to more date nights on a cool Fall night in the next few months!!

We had such a wonderful night with these two, even if we only have a super grainy photo thanks to the dark phone photo to show for it!


I had a completely different plan for today’s blog post but once I saw this link up with Amber & Juliette I knew I had to hop on it. Health… such a crazy thing to try and accomplish, isn't it?

I always try and honor the Lord with my words here so I thought it would be best to start off with a verse that changed my life. I remember sitting in a room full of women at my church listening about our bodies. How God made us in His image. How He created us to be beautiful and desired, how we need to honor Him with that beauty. How my health is for His kingdom, not for my selfish need to be skinny or pretty. It was like all of the dots lined up for me in that moment. My body is His first, not mine or my husband’s, but His. What I choose to do with it reflects who I am through Him. That is a big deal.

So what do I do with that?
Do I try my best to stay active and eat well? Yes. Do I try my best to eat organic and take my vitamins? Yes. Do I want to take care of my body so I can have healthy children with my husband one day? Yes.

I want all of those things, and all of those desires are placed in my heart by the One who made me. I pray that I honor Him with every decision I make. I am His, and He is mine.

But being healthy isn't just about my physical appearance. It is also about my heart. A healthy heart gives and takes just like our bodies do, having good days and bad days, but in the end it is also His. All His. Anything that we take in our heart can be fixed by His goodness and grace. I find that so reassuring!

So yes, I try my best to always think about my health, body and heart, but not because of me. Because of my Savior. I want to be able to give Him my best because He gave up everything for me. He puts this breath in my lungs and pushes my body and soul. That is everything to me because He is everything to me.

Mr. Thomas & Me

I have loved reading all of the posts about health from this link up. It is inspiring to read the words from all these women and know that we can be kind to ourselves.

Stripes and Spots.

I've always wanted to be bold enough to rock the mixed patterns and prints trend but I usually chicken out, but for some reason I had a brave moment this week and actually wore this entire outfit to work. A rainy Monday morning needed some sass, so I went with it. I've worn all of these pieecs before but never have I thrown them all together into one outfit. Okay, let's be honest... I've worn this exact outfit many times, just not with these shoes. But life is short, wear the shoes. That is going to be my new moto. Also wear green nail polish because it is pretty. And like I said, life is short!  

shirt: Old Navy, pants: Express, shoes: Bakers
earrings: Old Navy, necklace: Hamrick's,
bracelets: Banana Republic & mom's hand-me-down

for the weekly trend, prints and patterns.
Thanks ladies!!

Corner Inspiration.

After a hours of searching Pinterest and coming up with some ideas I finally know what I want my quiet time corner to look like. I even have some plans that I thought of on my own and didn't see on the big world of Pinterest, so that's fun! Over this weekend I am going to work my little booty off to get some things finished around the house and I can't wait to share them all with you next week. Thankfully, I'm just in time to complete those goals I made for the month of July!

Here are some of the images that sparked my imagination for that space that I love so much....

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

In The Word // Proverbs 19:21

For the past several weeks I've been feeling a little dry on my In The Word writing. Dry in a sense that I haven’t been watering my heart with His word like I should. It is a blessing to have this time every week to write about His goodness and His love because if I were completely honest, the only time that I have been digging deeper during my weeks is in preparation for the weekly post. So yes, it is a blessing… but I should be digging deeper every day.
I’m going to go ahead and speak for Cassie and say that she has also been struggling recently. We have some exciting things planned for August which makes my heart feel so happy. I know that the water is coming. I can feel the dry and achy parts of my heart that thirst for His word and I can’t wait to feed that part of my self. I can’t wait to give that part over to Him.
The anticipation is everything. 
The excitement to spend more time at His feet. 
The hope to bring Him more glory every day.
But, I can't help but think that these plans we are working on aren't our plans at all. They are His! He has moved our hearts and pulled us to this place together so we can create something new and wonderful. So we can worship Him more. That is such a beautiful feeling!! We know that His plans will prevail, we are just thankful to be a part of His plans. Plans to make His name known.
As we are working on the exciting changes coming soon I ask that you pray for us. Pray that we will keep His word our first priority. Pray that we draw closer to Him during this time. Pray that we open our hearts to hear His will during this time. Pray that we honor His plans.
Share with us what He is doing in your heart!
We love to hear from you!!
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