weekly three.

April 13, 2018

Happy Friday the 13th!! ;) Hope your day isn't too crazy... I'm sure mine will be. HA! I have so many things on my to do list today and we have to finish getting packed and ready for vacation. We are so excited to leave bright and early tomorrow morning for a family vacation in Cancun. I haven't been to Cancun in a very long time and I'm so excited to experience it with my hubby and our two boys. This will be Asher's first vacation, so I'm praying big time for that long flight with him. Solomon is clearly excited since he's been asking me every single day for weeks, "we go to the beach now?". I plan to do some fun beachy posts while I'm there during naptime, so we'll see if that happens. Hope you have a beautiful weekend!!!

Thanks to fighting that dreaded thrush, I switched up my diet big time. The past eight days, I’ve  pretty much only had, veggies and meat with a tiny bit of whole grains. No sugar or sweets at all, not even fruit. It’s been hard but I feel really great, besides the whole thrush thing still hanging on, unfortunately. I’ve also lost 12 pounds in a week, which is crazy! My new favorite lunch is a cucumber salad that my in-laws make, it is so delicious and healthy!

The weather was so wonderful all week and we enjoyed so many walks down our street. The flowers are blooming and Solomon’s skin is already getting so brown!! I knew I would be jealous of my kids skin....

Last night we had a fun family date night and this momma so needed it. I’ve been a little down with all the pain and annoying thrush problems, so when Peter mentioned going out for some live music and food, I definitely said yes!! I had a few bites of yummy food truck food, along with my super yummy and healthy brussle sprout salad, and a few sips of beer, too. It was a good night!! 

little letters.

April 10, 2018

dear allergies,
you can back off now.

dear thrush,
Seriously. Can. Not. Explain. Just how much I hate you. So happy that you are almost over.

dear chipotle,
I really wish you had a drive thru. This mom would really take advantage of that perk!

dear baby bump,
I miss you a lot. The aches and pains of pregnancy, not so much. But to feel beautiful and secure with growing curves, that I miss very much.

dear suitcases,
seriously can not wait to pack you full of fun summer clothes for vacation.

dear size nine month clothes,
I can't believe I just had to sort you and get you ready for Asher already.

dear size twelve month clothes,
I also can’t believe you actually fit Asher!

dear Psalms,
I'm really enjoying my quiet time with you most mornings.

dear rocking chair,
I’m so glad I finally moved you from Solomon’s room to Asher’s room. It was time, and so needed!

dear tree over our deck,
You are so pretty and I love when you bloom each year!

weekly three.

April 7, 2018

Well, it's Saturday, not Friday.... and I'm posting my weekly three. Which shows you just how my week has been going. Sadly, I realized this week that Asher and I  both had a case of thrush. I've always heard about it but since I didn't have any breast feeding problems with Solomon, I was hopeful it would be the same this time around. And because of all his weight gain, and his happy personality, I didn't think we had it. But, we do. We are doing all we can to get over this hump. Asher already feels much better but I'm still struggling. I'm hoping to see a difference in the next 3-5 days, then we are off to Cancun this coming weekend. So, I really want to feel better!!! Prayers for our health and quick recovery, please!!

Having family in town this week for Spring Break has been so nice. Asher has gotten a lot of cuddles and love from his auntie Mimi! I love this sweet picture. 

& cuddles with Teta on her deck!

Rainy Saturdays with peonies and oils diffusing are making me smile today!

spring is here.

April 4, 2018

One of the biggest parts of Spring for our family is our new chickens. We get to go pick them up, pick out which kind we want, watch them grow up so incredibly fast (it still kind of freaks me out how quickly they grow) and then we put them out in the yard. We gave them little spurts of time outside over the weekend and now they are officially in the coop full time. I can't wait to get some fresh eggs!!! Hopefully they will produce soon and we can start making some delicious breakfast with them. They really do taste so much better. 

Asher ready for a nap & Solomon wanting to explore!

This picture, so clearly shows his life right now. Always going and ready to see something with his "blaster" in hand. He calls this his Hans Solo blaster, or his small lightsaber. I keep waiting for him to become bored with Star Wars, but it hasn't happened yet. I'm so ready for more days like this. Spending a lot of time outside and watching Solomon explore while I carry Asher on my hip. I've never been an outside kind of person, I normally prefer the AC and the couch, but I'm going to enjoy it this year. Sitting on the deck, playing with bubbles, going for walks, and welcoming the new freckles on my nose and shoulders. Spring, we am so ready for you!!!

Easter, 2018.

April 2, 2018

Starting Easter weekend with a delicious brunch, and an egg hunt in our back yard with my side of the family makes me so happy. I make my quiche and hashbrown casserole, everyone else brings the other important sides, and we have a fun morning. All the kids are getting so big. It was really fun to watch Solomon understand the egg hunt for the first time. He was still pretty confused last year, but he loved it this year. The weather was so nice all weekend, so it was great to spend a lot of time outside. Even if I'm paying for it now with my allergies. It was totally worth it!

Peter brought out the chicks after the fun egg hunting, and the kids were so excited!! 

I love Solomon in the photo below, because he's totally telling Joanna how to touch the chicken. I guess he's an expert now....?

cute baby Asher!!! I love his little face & I also love how much Shawn loves babies!!

Cute girls sitting in a tree!

The sun was so bright but I don't care, I love this one!! 

And Asher loves his Gigi and Mama so much, that cute smile kills me!!

Easter Sunday was a little hectic to begin with since I woke up with a crazy migraine. I was supposed to go teach sunday school with Peter for the first time since having Asher, but it wasn't happening. I ended up laying on the couch with a blanket over my head for about 30 minutes while some advil kicked in and made the pain go away. Once I was feeling back to normal I started to prep some food and get everything ready for my favorite holiday. I was so thankful things turned around. 

Solomon was impossible with photos all weekend, unless it was a candid shot. I fear he's getting at that toddler stage where he doesn't want to say cheese to the camera. He can be so stubborn, but I do love how "real life" these pictures are. He's a mess. But he's cute, lucky him. Asher was so cute all day, loving all the attention and cuddles from everyone. Even if his outfit was almost too small. So crazy, I bought it two weeks ago and it was very loose, and I could close the bowtie that came with it. I really  thought it would fit for Easter but he has gotten so big so quickly! These boys, it is so sweet to have two boys in our arms this year. 

Sweet brothers!
& sweet cousins!! 

forcing the boys to take pictures on the deck instead of hunt all those Easter eggs.... I was proud of them for trying their best. haha, they are all so cute!! I also love how all the kids had coordinated outfits without planning it out. I love all of them so much!

Gigi and Teta love for Asher!

& their freeeeeee! haha

baby girl!!!

I love this woman a whole lot!

& a photo with my husband and no babies, what?!?

Darth Vader eggs thanks to Auntie Mimi!! 

Those curls, kill me every single day!

& sweet kisses for mommy!

So much to be thankful for. Family, babies, delicious food and celebrating our risen savior. 
Easter weekend is my favorite, hands down!!!
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