pregnancy post // month nine.

December 14, 2017

Weeks 33-36
month nine pictures are somewhat better, but we are almost finished and so ready to hold a baby boy in our arms so.... a little grace when it comes to documentation! ;) 

33 weeks: 
  • My left side is pretty much in pain all the time since Asher is mostly pushing on that side. Having a sick toddler to carry around isn't helping either. 
  • My bladder feels like it's the size of a marble!
  • Had our appointment with the Midwife and baby boy is still head down and heart rate was 145. We scheduled our next 2 week appointment and then the everything after that will go to once a week! We also get an extra ultrasound at the next appointment since we are doing the birthing center. 
  • My sweet friends spoiled me with a dinner out and some gifts for Asher. It was fun to have some girl time and celebrate him a little bit!

34 weeks:
  • So. Uncomfortable.
  • Full on waddle is happening now and I look like a big penguin. 
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving and tried to enjoy food as much as I could with little room left. 

35 weeks:
  • No big change, just ready to meet this little guy!
  • Decorating the house (with my mom's help) and trying to take in all the wonderful Christmas memories! Christmas will mean so much more to me now when I look back on pictures with Solomon and my round belly. 
  • Still sick with a cold and Solomon's cold returned, it was a rough week of little sleep and runny noses for both of us. 

36 weeks:
  • We enjoyed Peter's work Christmas party and a nice date night out since Gigi got Solomon to sleep at night! It was a fun night with a mocktail and friends. 
  • Got so much work done in Asher's room, I'm so excited for him to be here soon!!!
  • Drinking a LOT of red raspberry tea and eating my dates in hopes that it will help him come on out. 
  • The pain under my right ribs has subsided since his foot has moved down a lot! I definitely feel like he has dropped this week. 

snowy weekend.

December 13, 2017

We had a perfect little Christmasy snowy weekend and I absolutely loved it! Typically here in the south, we don't get to have a December that feels like Christmas thanks to the weather. T-shirts and holiday parties just don't go together, so I was very happy to be bundled up and watching the snow fall while doing all the Christmas things. 

Watching Solomon's excitement with the snow was pretty adorable too! He loved it so much! He exclaimed SNOW last night when he felt how cold it was outside while getting in the car. Peter laughed and told him it was cold but there was no more snow. I'm hoping we have one more snowfall this winter so he can enjoy it again!!

kisses from momma!!
My mom showed up just in time to take some family photos of us, which I was so thankful for! I also love these cute pictures of Solomon and Gigi. She's so crazy about him!

I love all these pictures of Peter and Solomon playing together!! I don't know if it is the changes coming with baby Asher or Solomon's age right now, or maybe a little bit of both, but he is obsessed with his daddy right now. Which I absolutely love!!! He wants to do everything just like Peter and watches him constantly. It's the sweetest thing and I love watching them love each other. 

When we woke up on Saturday morning to even more snow falling, we knew we had to take Solomon out again to have some fun. We tried to bundle him up a little bit better so he could really enjoy playing. We couldn't find any matching gloves (as you can see in the picture above with one bare hand in his jacket pocket, ha!) so we used daddy's gloves and secured them with mommy's rubber bands. Whatever works, right?? He was happy and it was fun to enjoy the snow a little bit more and then get warm inside with some hot chocolate! 

Our little Eskimo with his yummy and kissable cheeks!!

hymns & hops.

December 12, 2017

We have been wanting to make it to 13 Stripes Brewery for Hymns & Hops for a while now but each month goes by and we haven't made the time. When my mom told me that the December H&H was going to be their one year Christmas celebration, I knew we had to go. It was such a fun night singing songs of worship and fun Christmas songs as well. I can't wait to go again in the spring once the weather is a little bit warmer and Asher will be a couple months old. It will be a fun family event for sure! 

It was nice to have a true December weekend with snow and winter clothes!
This hat on Solomon was so cute, I loved it!!

weekly three.

December 8, 2017

This week has been a busy one, with finishing up Christmas decorations, and still (yes, STILL) fighting a cold in our house. Thankfully Solomon has been sleeping well (praise JESUS!!!) so that has helped a ton with my energy level. We've been working on several projects in the house so we will be ready for Christmas and a new baby. It has been so much fun to celebrate both exciting parts of our year coming together. Having a baby during this time of year definitely has it's perks!! I don't think I'll be able to celebrate Christmas without all the sweet memories of my arms holding my first born and my round belly holding my second born.  It's definitely been a sweet time!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Watching this big boy play while wearing his big boy bag today at the Midwife Center. I love taking him to my appointments and thinking about how he was born downstairs, and hopefully his brother will be born in the same place very soon!

Enjoyed a big pot of chili last night to celebrate the cold weather!! I wonder if we will see any snow tomorrow morning?!?

Feeling the urge to pack Asher's bag for the Birth Center and I thought it was pretty hilarious to compare his to Solomon's bag. I had at least triple everything, so funny!! 


December 6, 2017

A little glimpse of Asher's room. I'm so happy with how it's all coming together!

A big part of pregnancy is preparation. The room, all the clothes, what car seat should we depend on, which diapers should we use, picking out a name, what will my birthplan be? So many questions and things to plan ahead for. I love this part of pregnancy since I'm a huge planner and checklist type of person. Thankfully a lot of the questions weren't a problem this time around thanks to it being our second baby. But I have been a little shocked with how different this time around has been.

This pregnancy has been very different than my first. I don't know if it's having a toddler running around, or if it's my body already experiencing this before, but the aches and pains are real. For months, I have felt like I did a couple of weeks before Solomon was born. I can't imagine making it to my due date based on how I feel right now but, we'll have to wait and see when Asher is ready to meet us. One thing that I have been struggling with is preparing for labor. This was a big shock for me. 

As most of you know, my birth story with Solomon (Part 1 Part 2), was such an amazing experience and I've been dreaming about having another baby and going through birth again since that day. One of the reasons I loved birth so much was how close I felt to God. As a believer, I wanted to put all my hope on Him as I pushed through the changes and my body worked to bring my baby into my arms. I also believed that women's bodies were made to do this incredible task, and as long as everything went as planned, I could do it with His help. I wrote more about how God's peace was surrounding me through the process of giving birth to Solomon here

So I was feeling pretty bummed about how my heart was feeling. I think that is why I have been having such a hard time lately, the peace I felt with Solomon had faded some. We have had a hard 5-6 weeks with a cold passing around our house. Add in the way my body is becoming even more uncomfortable, which I didn't think was possible, and you have a very down and worn out momma. We went almost a month without going to church because one of us was sick and we didn't want to spread the germs. A couple of weeks ago we finally made it to church since the runny noses subsided for a couple of days. I was so thrilled! Worshiping at church is one of my favorite things, and I love to prepare for birth by listening to my playlist, which also includes a lot of the songs that we sing at church. As we were singing one of my favorite songs, Great & Mighty King, I could hardly hold back the tears. I've said for a while now that this song is so great for a birth playlist and I could feel God's peace wrapping me up like warm blanket as I sang the words..... 

Your glory fills this place,
we shout unending praise, 
forever hallelujah 
forever hallelujah 

With singing those words I could picture it. Walking around our living room and feeling those contractions that will bring Asher to us. Standing in the shower of the Birthing Center with hot water pouring over my tight stomach. Swaying back and forth on a birthing ball while praying and worshiping the King who gave me this second miracle. All while feeling His glory around me. His glory will fill every place, as long as I let it. 

I now can't wait to experience birth for the second time. I'm ready! I'm excited to rely fully on His presence and glory to bring Asher to us so we can meet him face to face. He is going to be perfect & I thank our loving Father for giving us a second son to add to our family. 
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