weekly three.

This week has been a weird one. I woke up thinking it was Thursday, even though we're leaving Augusta today, and I knew we were leaving on a Friday. Mommy brain!! Anyways, since I haven't missed a weekly three post all year, I thought I'd go ahead and post it this afternoon since I've never missed a Friday this whole year! Hope you have a good weekend, we have a busy fun one ahead for us!!

Boots and leaves and walks with Bella!

The way Solomon reaches for me and gets excited when he sees me out in the sling now!

Finding a park for some fun before the ride home! Hoping for another good sleepy ride....

Augusta again.

We are heading back home today after a few days in Augusta with Peter. I was second guessing the whole "traveling with daddy" thing after experiencing the first night of traveling with a toddler. It is crazy how our baby is gone... I mean, he's still our baby in so many ways, (and he will always be my baby, of course!) but he is such a little toddler now. I was super happy that he slept the entire two hour drive here, but once we made it, he was a ball of energy that could not be tamed. That made going out to dinner with friends (at a restaurant that didn't have a highchair!!!) super hard and stressful. BUT, we all got a good night of sleep laying sideways on the hotel bed so Solomon could sleep next to the headboard and not fall off. HA! Traveling is definitely different these days, but it does have the hilarious moments mixed with the frustrating ones. Parenthood, am I right? 

On Wednesday when we got to Augusta we walked down the Riverwalk by our hotel to get some wiggles out, and I loved taking these adorable pictures of my big boy! 

& even after a two hour car ride nap, he needed over an hour more after running around outside!
I am happy to say that day two was much better!! I guess we won't be taking long car ride trips for just a day or two anymore... full weeks only, please! 

fall for greenville.

I was so happy that we got to spend some time downtown on Saturday and enjoy Fall for Greenville! It's always busy but I feel like we found the sweet spot from 3-6ish in the afternoon. Once the sun started to go down it became so packed and the lines for food were crazy. I was so thankful for the luck we had with the crowd. Solomon loved watching all the fun surrounding him in his stroller but loved running around the park even more, the perfect way to burn some energy, so he would finally take a late nap at five. It was a great little family date, turned into hubby & wife date, once he knocked out in the stroller. I love those dates the most! 

Probably the best part of the day, the Tupelo Honey tent had an amazing biscuit with pulled pork and pimento cheese. Three of the most southern yummyness! 

We ended the night with a beer and some great live music, thanks to Adia Victoria. Oddly enough, the streets were packed with people waiting for food, but the stages weren't very crowded. I usually get more excited for the live music anyways, so I was a happy lady. Perfect weather, yummy eats and some good sounds with my guys.... a perfect family date for sure!

weekly three.

It has been such a fun week full of activities and beautiful weather! I'm excited to spend the weekend with more fun things to do and even more fall temps, we are going to soak them all up!!

the leaves are turning!!!!!!!!!

Watching Solomon at the library yesterday was so sweet! He shared toys and even gave hugs to his new friends....

Exploring downtown with daddy!

little letters.

dear october,
you are my favorite, hands down.

dear love taza,
thanks for the fun blog post idea. I needed something new and lighthearted to do in this space that I seem to forget about sometimes.

dear Mom to Mom bible study,
you are such a highlight in my week, and I have loved meeting some new moms, already!

dear leftovers,
you make me happy, especially when I switch you up into a completely different second day meal.

dear fall weather,
waking up to a 50-something temp makes me almost cry happy tears.

dear Sky Top Orchard,
unfortunately, it doesn't look like we are going to see you this year. I've never been and I was really hoping we could squeeze you in, but it's not looking that way.

dear Fall for Greenville,
I am excited to enjoy you this weekend, maybe even on Thursday night!

dear yeti cup,
thank you for helping me drink cold water all day long. You really are a lifesaver.

dear breastfeeding journey,
I am so, so happy that you are nowhere close to being finished. Almost thirteen months in, and we are still going strong, and I love it.

dear gap,
you are starting to take over my closet, but I don't mind one bit!

dear weekend,
reeeaaaaally looking forward to seeing you, we have so many fun things to do.

happies, 2016 // part 4.

I'm behind but I'm not giving up......
49 - 64

49 // fruit in my new Jocie Pot
50 // my first lularoe purchase
51 // feet in the sand with my baby on my hip
52 // date night in Charleston
53 // cutest beach bum I've ever seen
54 // sightseeing downtown Charleston with family
55 // bff status
56 // three years of dating my hubby
57 // sweet boy jumping on momma's back
58 // my timeout at night
59 // a much needed girls night
60 // halloween bones
61 // enchilada night at home
62 // first bowl of soup for the fall
63 // brewery family date night
64 // his love of books and dogs

.....also 2015 & 2014
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