weekly three.

It has been a wonderful week vacationing in Asheville with our little family and my mom! We decided to make the trip all for the Jump Little Children reunion tour, so I thought it would be fun to extend it a few days and enjoy some extra time away. All the breweries in Asheville definitely had a part in that decision.... it's such a fun city. So quirky, cute & yummy! Hope you all have had a beautiful week!!

I can't explain how happy it makes me to see JLC not once but twice... love them!

Making the most of some rainy weather and enjoying the afternoon at New Belgium. Such a beautiful brewery! I love how they took the time to think about every detail in the design and history of Asheville for this brewery. 

Beautiful weather this morning made our walk around the North Carolina Arboretum so lovely! 

Easter 2017.

It was such a beautiful weekend full of family fun and meditating on the perfect love of Christ! He is the reason why Easter is my favorite holiday.... the egg hunts are fun and the cute bunny ears on babies are precious, but His love is my favorite. The biggest love that took our sin away when He died our death, so that we could be with Him forever. That really helps me put everything into perspective. We also had baptisms at our church over the weekend which is always so special. There was this one little boy, maybe around 9-10 years old, and he came out of that water with the biggest smile on his face. I had tears streaming down mine. I always pray for Solomon's heart and for him to give his life over to Christ at a young age, so I couldn't help but imagine my baby boy taking that big step one day. So special, and so perfect for the Easter weekend.

We started the weekend with a Saturday morning brunch with my side of the family and a big egg hunt in the back yard for the kids. Solomon really didn't know what was going on... he just walked around and threw eggs in the yard. Of course our red chicken saw the kids in the backyard and had to jump the netting to join in the fun. I think it's so funny how much she loves to be with people.

Then on Easter Sunday we had the big family lunch with Peter's side. I called dibs when we got married and I love hosting it. Since the egg hunt went so well on Saturday, we decided to do it again with all the boys after lunch. It was the perfect little break before dessert and the weather was so nice.

looking at all his Easter basket goodies on the back deck!

I helped Solomon with his egg hunting on Sunday and I think he really enjoyed looking for them and picking them up. It was so cute to see him run over to each one!

All the grandmas out in the yard with the boys, I love this picture! 
It was such a wonderful weekend that made me so thankful for our family and all the sweet babies on both sides. God is so faithful!

weekly three.

I may not be doing monthly posts about our little guy anymore, but it is important to note that he is nineteen months old today! Crazy. I can't believe it sometimes, but then he does something that makes me die laughing and I realize how big he is. My little toddler baby. It's also crazy how each season of motherhood is my new favorite with him, it really just keeps getting better. Our week was a productive one and I'm ready for the very busy Easter weekend ahead of us! The weather is going to continue to stay beautiful all weekend long and I'm excited to spend time with my sweet family. Hope you all have a beautiful weekend. He is risen; He is risen, indeed!!!

Looking for eggs in the front yard so we can practice for this weekend!

sushi lunch date with all you can eat sushi is always a good idea!

I've noticed recently that Solomon sleeps EXACTLY like I do. On his belly, one leg curled up and most of the time his hands are tucked under his chest. It kind of kills me and makes my heart ache to see random similarities like this. 

taking stock 013

Spring time is just begging for a Taking Stock post & since it's been a while since my last one, I thought it would be fun. I do love these little posts so much....

Our first harvested asparagus from the garden!!! 
They are good fresh, but I'm excited to roast them tonight for dinner. 

Making // the dining room table look pretty for Easter!!! 
Cooking // brunch on saturday and lunch on sunday for celebrations with family!
Drinking // grapefruit la croix, but I'm only allowing myself to have one a day.
Reading // nothing much, no time besides the quick devotional I have while rocking my baby to sleep.
Wanting // a vacation to the beach?!? Who am I?
Looking // forward to our little trip to Asheville next week, though!
Wishing // I didn't love naps so much. It really makes my To Do list less important.
Enjoying // time on the deck lately, I want to spruce it up & Anna from in honor of design is giving me so many ideas with her beautiful deck!
Liking // how much Solomon has been eating recently, It's kind of amazing!!
Wondering // about our first Air BnB experience coming up, I hope it goes well.
Loving // time at the gym!!! I'm so happy that my mom asked me to do the March challenge with her, it has been such a great and needed change!
Hoping // the weather turns around for next week. Rainy vacations aren't as fun as pretty and sunny ones!
Marveling // at how quickly this year has gone by already. 
Needing // to sort through my closet and start packing..... I love packing, but I really hate unpacking.
Smelling // the yummy young living oils in our house. I'm excited to learn more about them and use them for cleaning products also.
Wearing // size 6 jeans again. High five to that gym membership!
Knowing // that Solomon's sleep routine is such a HUGE blessing lately. It's amazing!
Thinking // about how to change Solomon's  bedroom to make it more toddler friendly for him. Time to move out the crib (since he hasn't slept in it for a good 4 months now, HA!!).
Bookmarking // meals to add in my meal planning rotation for the month! 
Opening // a new journal to start writing my prayers again. I miss doing that so much.
Giggling // about how much Solomon loves his smoothies. Sometimes he even asks for them the second he wakes up!
Feeling // warm and fuzzy about so many things.

weekly three.

This week was so weird!!! I legitimately thought that Tuesday was Friday, then I went to bed on Wednesday in shock that it was almost Thursday. Yea, really weird. I blame all the hormone changes going on in my world thanks to the night weaning that has officially been happening for over a month now. Maybe TMI, sorry, but my head is all over the place!!  I'm so happy that it's friday and the crazy storms are behind us. All sunshine and beautiful seventy degree days for the next week. Hallelujah!!! Hope your weekend is beautiful and sunny!

Birthday lunch for Jocie at the fun new spot in downtown Greenville, UP on the Roof!

bubbles and snacks on the front porch yesterday, even though it was a little chilly. I couldn't tell him no anymore after all the rain was finally gone and the sun was shining.

loving the new planner I got thanks to Breen and her creative ideas to make a planner that really does have everything you need for meal planning. Sitting down to plan out next week was fun!! Hoping to share more in the coming weeks once I tweak my plans a bit. I love that I can plan our meals & my cleaning schedules all in one place.

backyard days.

It's spring and the backyard is starting to look like it! Peter is working in the garden, the chicks are living in their new coop and Solomon is even more obsessed with being outside. He says "Siiiiide" constantly and wants to "ride biiiite" all the time. Oddly enough, he never really wants to ride the bike. Just look at it, and point exclaiming BIIIITE, then run away playing. I'm really going to try my best to spend more time with him outside, even though it is not my thing. I'm also going to devote some time in the yard with my mom so we can work on the flower beds together. She lives in a town home community without yard work so she is always itching to dig in my yard. I gladly let her, and she loves to go shopping for the plants and flowers while I pay for it all. HA! It's a win-win for her green thumb, yard loving, heart. I'm excited for a beautiful weekend and I'm hoping to finish getting the yard ready for the Easter Egg Hunt Brunch with my family next weekend. I'm so excited to host it this year!! 

this picture of Solomon trying to help and give Peter his gloves kills me, he's the sweetest little thing!

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