labor day weekend with a pup.

My mom got whisked away to the beach for a long weekend of fun with girlfriends so I gladly took doggy duty so she could enjoy herself! It was fun to have this little ball of fur around all weekend. Even if she loves Peter more than me... always picking him to throw her toy and always choosing his lap to cuddle in. I don't blame her I guess, so I don't hold a grudge. 

We decided to take Bella out for a little walk downtown since my mom was stuck in a lot of Labor Day traffic on her way home. It was nice to enjoy a little walk and a stop for some food with her.

^^ Peter's normal pose with Bella, ha!

Goals // 9.14

It is finally my favorite month!!! I've always loved September since it is officially the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall. I picked the last weekend in September for our wedding date on purpose so we could always celebrate our anniversary during the best time of the year. The weather begins to change here in Greenville, and the leaves start to burst with color which makes my world such a happy place. I can't wait for the month ahead but before I get carried away with myself, let's take a look at last month and see how I rocked the socks off of those goals!

August Goals
1// finish my 100 days of happy - I did it!! & I honestly miss it a little bit.
2// plan our monthly event for our Community Group - We had such a fun night!! I think it was a total of 12 adults (including us) and 14 kids in our house and I loved every second of it! Can't wait for our group to start meeting again on a weekly basis. I shared a little bit of our night HERE!
3// emjoy a week away in Charleston with the Eliya Family - It was such a fun week away with family and I shared some of it HERE & HERE.
4// restart my chronological bible study - I did restart it but I also missed a few days on vacation. I'm going to try my hardest to not miss any days during the month of September.
5// host my first giveaway - I gave away one of these beautiful paintings and I was so happy that a close friend of mind won it on her Birthday!

and for this month....
September Goals
1// Do something fun for Labor Day - yup, today... I want to do something fun since I am off of work!
2// Spoil my Mom in Savannah for her Birthday trip - It is going to be soooo much fun!
3// Celebrate our One Year Anniversary in Boston - I. Can't. Wait.
4// Buy a new pair of boots for the Fall - I've been searching for a good pair of boots that are comfortable for our Boston trip! Any recommendations would be wonderful!! :)
5// Finish one stocking - this is a pretty big goal.... but I think I can do it.
6// Drink more water - I need more water in my life!

What is your favorite part of fall??
Any fun goals ahead for you?

Sweetly Twisted.

On Sunday night we had our community group over for a cookout to say goodbye to summer before our group starts meeting again in the Fall. I've missed seeing all of these wonderful people each week so much! It was so wonderful to have all the kids in our home since we never get to see them at group. Having the Sweetly Twisted yogurt truck in front of our house thanks to a couple in our group that runs this awesome business was a huge perk!!! It was a perfect summer night with a nice breeze and some tasty yogurt for dessert after our dinner.

Check out Sweetly Twisted for some delicious frozen yogurt, 
I promise you won't be disappointed....
& don't forget to LIKE their Facebook page so you can keep up with their locations!!

bright and happy.

This shirt always reminds me of something a three year old could paint and I love it! Bright colors always make me happy!! It is seriously great for everything which is the best part about a reliable tank top. I wear this to work with a blazer, on a summer night with some shorts, in the fall with a black cardigan and of course it looks great with a pair of white skinnies! It's one of those old reliable tops that I'll always reach for. 

sometimes you just need a simple ponytail! 

top: Forever 21 (old), jeans: Old Navy {on SALE!}, shoes: Kenneth Cole Outlet (similar),
earrings: gift from friend, bracelet: Charleston Market, ring: Forever 21

Liking up with Living in Color Style & Stylin in St. Louis 
for the weekly trend, Color Wheel.
Thanks ladies!!

I left my heart in San Francisco.

It's true, I left a little piece of my heart in San Francisco when we came home from our Honeymoon. I say this often but, that beautiful city is probably the only place that I would gladly leave Greenville, SC for. Then I think about our family, church and the low cost of living here and I always change my mind. HA! But since some of my love sick, honeymoon heart is still in San Fran I thought it would be great to make a photo book to remember everything and cross off #47 on my 101 in 10001 list.

^^ I love all the great art you can add to any page! 
This drawing of the bridge was absolutely perfect.

With the easy process on Shutterfly and the high quality products I knew that the book would turn out beautiful but I was still shocked at the beautiful result. Flipping through every page makes my heart long for the west coast again!! One day, we will make it back out there. One day!

This product is c/o Shutterlfy.
All opinions are honest and my own.

In The Word // September Study Plan

Time for a new month of the Chronological Study!!

& thanks to Cassie for adding the sweet little shout out on the 28th!
{I can't believe it's almost a year!!}

I have loved this study so much. It has been good, hard, but so needed. I'm still behind, but I am still loving it! I love hearing from those who are doing this with us. Receiving emails and texts about today's reading or the next month's schedule, it makes me smile and it makes my heart so happy to know there are others on this journey with us. That is exactly what we prayed for. 

So, link up and join us! 
Share what you have learned during the past month with this study
or anything the Lord has taught you recently. 
We'd love to hear it :) 
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