Five for Friday // 4.18.14

This week was so much better than the last and I'm not going to lie, most of it was because Peter wasn't traveling for work. Things are much more fun when he is around! Even sitting down to have dinner together around our kitchen table made us thankful. Those are the good things in life, the little moments that make your heart happy. Here are some other things that made me happy this week... 

1// I have really enjoyed the #projectlove challenge on Instagram!
Check it out and feel the love :)

2// blogging about our sweet chicks moving out to the backyard this week!
So happy I can check this off the To Do Lists!
*read the full post here.

3// this Sweet Kale Salad mix is amazing and it makes my tummy so happy.
Go to Publix or Costco and get you some!!

4// so excited to give this recipe a try for Easter Sunday!!
Just looking at the photo makes my mouth water.
*recipe found here, and such a seriously awesome blog!

5// the fact that my sweet friend, Cassie (yes we have the same name - it is awesome!), and I will be hosting our first link-up together on Tuesday! We thought it would be a great way to share with everyone what we have been studying in God's word and learn from each other, plus all of you.

Please join us if you would like to share what God has been teaching you through His word recently!
Grab the button below and com back on Tuesday so you can share the link to your blog.
Also be sure to use #inthewordtuesday on Instagram and Twitter! 
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Hope you all have a blessed weekend!!

Total Truth // Domestic

Today’s topic for Total Truth Thursday is something that I've never been that great at. Before marriage I went through phases when I liked to cook or bake but it never lasted. I would only do my laundry when I absolutely had to {i.e. I have no clothing!}. My room was normally a mess. At my core, I am not a domestic person. After the proposal I started to think about my future as a wife and everything that I would need to do in our future home. I suddenly felt like super woman who could conquer everything. But now, after the past six months of wedded bliss, reality has set in and I have a new perspective. Here are three things that I have learned about this domestic life, as a newly wedded wife. 
You are welcome for the rhymes. 

1// it is okay to ask for help
We were blessed to have a couple from our church that has been married 10+ years guide us through our premarital counseling. At one point during a meeting I actually remember telling them, “I want to do all the house chores on my own so when we have kids it won’t be that hard. If I learn to do it now then I will be able to do it later.” HAHAHAHA! Now I understand why they looked at my like I was a lunatic. You can’t do everything on your own. Sometimes you need help, and I have learned that asking for help doesn’t make you less qualified. We are a team and when we work together for a common goal then our daily life will flow so much better.

2// find a routine
Speaking of help, from day one I knew that I would be doing all the laundry in our house. I honestly don’t mind doing it and this is something that Peter does not want to do, so I’m okay with it. I can’t handle vacuuming our house with my lower back problems, so Peter completes this task in our house. Once again, we are a team. He has never been a fan of doing laundry. I can’t vacuum. We work together and we make it work well. I’ve also made it known that I loathe matching socks, so after I’m finished folding and putting away the laundry, Peter has the fun chore of matching those little suckers. Finding a routine that works for you and your home makes those annoying chores so much easier.

3// make a plan
No one is going to have a house that always looks like a magazine full of picture perfect rooms and delicious meals on the table. It can happen, but it won’t happen 24/7. I try my best to make plans for our meals and our cleaning schedule. On Sundays I think about the week ahead and figure out when I will have time to do what is needed. If there is a party next weekend I will make sure I have time to do a little bit every day to have the plans ready in time. This doesn’t always work, but majority of the time everything is ready without much stress involved. Planning ahead is the best thing I can do to make our home have a happy flow. 
I've also shared our Cleaning Schedule, and talked a little bit more about what works best in our home, HERE

On last Thursday my mom asked me what my plans were for the night. I then rattled off my list of things to do - put the baked ziti in the oven to take to a friend on bed-rest, while that is cooking I will go water the garden, and then I have to change the food and water in the chicken coop, then I will throw some towels in the washer so I can put them in the dryer when I get back from taking the meal. Her response was, "You're so domestic!!", and I died laughing. I went on to tell her that the next Total Truth Thursday topic was about being domestic and she followed up with, "Just say, doing all the things when you lived at home that you hated but now you enjoy...just like your mom said would happen." HA! It is true... I didn't think I would enjoy all these things but I do. I do it for my husband, I do it for myself & I do it for our home. Plus, the "Good job, babe" that I get from my sweet hubby means the world to me!

Total Truth Thursday

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The Big Move.

We finally completed #28 on my 101 in 1001 list, and #5 on my goals for this month. It feels so good to accomplish this goal and have the chicks out in the back yard now! We have been through so many fun stages already in the past seven weeks with the chickens, but I have to say this has been the most exciting part. After a lot of painting and preparing the last few weeks it was finally the day to move them out.

To protect the wood (and the chicks) we used a yellow and white stain by Olympic Elite Stain which will protect the wood from moisture and sun damage. I love the colors we decided to use and I think the yellow is such a happy color with the crisp white roof and windows. The chicken coop was purchased from Amazon and is the Pawhut brand. We were mostly satisfied overall except for the damaged parts from delivery. They could not replace them but they did refund a percentage of the overall price, so we figured that was nice enough. 

The chicks seem to really love their new home, so now we just have to wait for the eggs. 

*this post is not sponsored by any company mentioned above.

An Early Gift.

Over the weekend I took my mom out for dinner and drinks before the ultimate, early Mother’s Day gift ever. A night with John Legend. And yes, he is even dreamier in person, ladies! I knew we would be going to the show from the moment my mom heard he was coming to town. Seeing him live was definitely on her bucket list and I was happy to help and treat her to a little night out for her gift this year. I personally love gifts that create memories instead of a material gift, I’m pretty sure I get that from her. So, we went to dinner downtown and then enjoyed our night with John. The way he sang Bridge Over Troubled Water was probably the best thing my ears have ever heard. Every note that he sang was perfection. And the way he plays that piano… so talented, that man. 

we had dinner at Genevieves which is attached to the Peace Center and it was so wonderful.
Oh, & I also chopped my hair off!!!

I want to kick myself for not bringing my camera for the show since I didn't get the best photos, but the night was so much fun. Plus it was nice to sit back and enjoy it without having any distractions. In conclusion, we had a blast & I’m so glad that I could celebrate Mother’s Day with that sweet Momma of mine! 
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