weekly three.

I'm so happy that it's Friday and that I feel back to myself for the most part. We have been battling a cold in our house this week and that always makes Weeks feel long and hard. Solomon still has a runny nose but he's happy and doesn't seem to feel bad most of the time. Just in time for the weekend!!!

I've been enjoying a drop of thieves in my echinacea plus tea this week, it's always the go to when I start to feel bad.

He always hides his favorite toys, food and his water bottle in his train. It has become my number one spot to look for things lately!!

Friday morning smoothies to help  this fussy boy! The dimple that shows up while he's enjoying it kills me, and that yogurt mustache is pretty cute....

introducing the new chicks.

We were so excited to have some beautiful weather over the weekend and Peter wanted to celebrate by letting the baby chicks out in the yard for the first time. They have been trying to escape their little box in the garage already, it still shocks me how quickly they grow and learn to fly around. I was sitting on the couch one day last week, holding Solomon has he slept and nursed (thanks to some new teeth coming in!), when I heard a very loud chirping from the garage. I had the tv on and everything, but I could still hear the screams for help. I knew something was going on and guessed that a baby chick had flown out and couldn't find her way back up to the box. I text Peter to see if he could run home for a quick trip and save the day, which thankfully he could. He found one of the chicks on the floor of the garage. We still have a few weeks to build the new coop, and then they will be ready for the yard, once all their feathers are in! I'm honestly a little nervous about integrating the new chicks with the two we have in the yard now. The big chicks were definitely interested and screaming pretty loud when they saw the babies. It's common for additions to not go well. I guess we will find out soon enough. 

learning how to feed the chicks like daddy, so cute!! 
He wants to do everything he sees his daddy do lately, & I love it. 

sweet boy smiling at his baby chicken! He wants to hold them so badly... 
too bad he would probably squeeze it to death. 

First worm for the babies, it was an exciting day for them. Sunshine, fresh air and new treats!!

This kid could spend ALL DAY outside. He also points outside frequently and says, "side, bike, ride" and he doesn't give in easily. I have a feeling we will spend most of the spring & summer months outside. I'm not a big fan of being outside, so it's a good thing I love this little guy a lot. The vitamin D will be good for both of us!

a lot of green things.

I've never been a big St. Patty's Day celebrator, to be honest. I put on some green so I don't get pinched, I've drank a handful of green beers since turning 21, but that's about it. When I woke up on Friday and saw all the pretty green filled pictures on Instagram, I thought why not get Solomon dressed in some cute green clothes and eat some green snacks. He does love avocado (which he calls, CA-DOOOE), Plus, green always looks so cute on him, with his greenish eyes, that are turning more brown everyday. Little bits of his daddy seem to appear every month, which I love. 

We've been testing out the play-doh waters and most of the time it is taken away since he wants to eat it... but it has been helpful while I'm cooking or cleaning and it keeps him entertained for a little while. Plus, he doesn't seem to like the taste of it, so he doesn't try and eat it too often. 

A piece of toast, not play-doh.... just for the record! ;)

The Trader Joe's Balsamic Glaze is my favorite avocado toast add on recently, thanks to my mom introducing it to me! It is SO GOOD!!! Add a little feta for some extra yummyness too, I'm just currently out.

Still prefers to eat the mashed avocado by the spoonful!!

weekly three.

It's been a long week.... a weird and off and long week, but I can't really pinpoint what has made it that way? I think it might have been the sudden drop in temps around here. I'm definitely excited about the warmer weather this weekend. I know Solomon is more than ready to be outside again. He has started to point outside and say, "side.... cold", so he hasn't been asking to go out as much, poor guy. I'm  happy it's friday, and the high is in the 60's  and the sun will be shining all day, hallelujah! 

Looking through this little gem of a magazine this week made me want to go buy the full Magnolia Journal version. Solomon also may have pointed and Joanna and said jojo. Is it weird that it made me proud...? 

I've made three meals this week and they all included my dutch oven, I think I'm obsessed.

This happy face everyday when daddy gets home from work! His little scab on his chin makes him look like a little boy, no more baby!

Solomon // eighteen months.

This post is a crazy one for me to write. Something about 18 months old is a big deal for me. He's such a big boy now and he changes more every single day. I see so much sweetness in him. He is full of adventure and rarely afraid of something. I can't wait to see how he continues to change and learn in the months ahead. He is definitely our biggest adventure, and I can't imagine our life without him. It has been eighteen months of blessings with this boy, and I pray that he continues to grow and loves the Lord with his whole heart one day.

I think this post is a perfect spot to end the monthly posts for Solomon... a year and a half of details kept in this special space, that is a lot. Of course his cute little face won't disappear, he is my favorite person to photograph and talk about, after all!

  • grew a lot!!! All of his pants that fit last month are now too short. He just looks more like a little boy every day.
  • slept a total of 5 hours for the first time!!!! Incredible! We also started some gentle sleep training on March 1st. I kept putting it off for several reasons but finally tackled the tast after his last molar came in. I could tell he was ready for it, and I was ready to night wean and not nurse him all night long, which was still very common. After a week he was sleeping through the night several times but there are still hard nights when he wants to be held a lot. Even then he isn't trying to nurse, so we just cuddle a lot, on those harder nights. 
  • since the night weaning, he has been nursing a LOT MORE during the day, but I don't mind that one bit! 
  • he loves his trainset so much. He puts it together constantly and says choo-choo while moving the train around. It's really cute! 
  • talking a lot and saying cute things like "let's go" & also learning shapes with his toys and repeating them. 
  • loves brushing his teeth, even more than bathtime now. He begs to get out of the tub and use his toothbrush and also begs anytime we walk by his bathroom. 
sweetest boy alive, momma loves you so much!!! 

weekly three.

I don't know about you but March is off to a pretty great start for us. I can't believe we are already in the third month of this year, but I'm excited!

Making it to the gym on Monday morning for my bootcamp class was the perfect way to start my week. I also got to take a nice and L O N G hot shower (which also included shaving my legs, OH MY!) thanks to the two hours of free childcare. Momma was happy & Solomon had a great time, win-win!

I know I sound like a broken record over here but my baby is getting so big!!!! I see more of a little boy in him every single day. The giggles, the talking & the dirty socks....ha! 

Having a made bed everyday this week + this cute shirt as a surprise from my mom! 
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