weekly three.

September 21, 2018

This week has been a very slow one since Asher was sick for the first time. Fever and achy and whiny and pitiful. Which of course meant I got to enjoy a lot of cuddles and non stop nursing. Thankfully, Solomon handled it very well and only had a handful of meltdowns! We are excited to finally celebrate Solomon’s birthday tomorrow with family and friends! It’s going to be a fun weekend for sure!! 

Since Solomon’s birthday was last week, he has been enjoying several of his gifts already. Clearly, he’s obsessed with Toy Story right now, preferably the second movie. His face looking at Buzz in this picture is everything, haha!!

Lots of cuddles and lots of milk for this baby boy! He feels so much better today and won't even lay down for a nap, and it's 2PM. And he woke up before 8AM! oh dear.... I'm just glad he feels better!

We have spent most of the week in pjs at home with a whiny baby brother, but Solomon has been so patient. Last night when Asher was crying, he came running over to him and held his face and said “it’s ok buddy, I’m here buddy!”. then he started to sing a song for him until he stopped crying. Melts my heart!!!

weekly three.

September 14, 2018

Today is a special weekly three for my big boy who turned three today!!! I thought I would share three sweet moments from this week leading up to his birthday. I'm SOOOO thankful that I get to spend my days with him. It really is an answer to so many prayers. To have a son, to be able to stay home with him and watch him grow, and to also love it with my whole heart. We may butt heads from time to time, but it's so wonderful to be able to see the sweet boy he's becoming. It makes my  momma heart so happy and proud. 

Always so helpful (or at least trying his hardest to help!), especially while pushing Asher in his car or his stroller. I honestly can't remember the last time we arrived somewhere and he didn't want to push the stroller. 

From very early on, I realized that Solomon wasn't going to be super affectionate. He has always wanted to hug, kiss or hold hands on his own terms. If he's tired or hungry, don't count on it. But, in the last year he has become much more open to forms of affection and I have loved to see it. This moment on Wednesday, leaving Mom to Mom made me smile! 

This morning at Swamp Rabbit, after taking a photo, he asked for me to put Asher in his lap so we could take another one. He sweetly told Asher to smile, I sure do love watching them together!!! 

Solomon // three years.

September 13, 2018

Birthday eves are always so hard for me. I look at all the MANY photos from the year leading up to another year older, which always leads me into the rabbit hole of the pictures from the years before. I remember so many little details and then realize I've already forgotten so much. It is all so bittersweet. This past year has been a big one for Solomon. It has been full of change in so many ways and I love the little man that he is evolving into.

Peter and I were talking last night about how sweet and kind he is. How his heart is so good and he's such a lovable boy. Like all toddlers, he has his moments, but most of the time he is such a joy to be around. I'm starting to see all the little things that make him Solomon, and I love them all. Even the tricky parts that make some days seem long, I'm proud of who he is becoming. I'm thankful for the Solomon I see when he doesn't see me watching. The sweet and loving brother, the funny and silly cousin & the always adventurous almost three year old. 

Three, wow.... I can't believe I will have a three year old tomorrow. I really can't wait to see what the next year will bring for Solomon. I pray that his heart will grow and evolve into an even better person, and that he will learn more about Christ and His love for us. I truly believe that the whole reason he was given to us, was so we could teach him and show him how wonderful our Lord is, so that we can give him back again. I know that God will do big and amazing things with his life, and I'm so thankful that we get to be a part of that. Now for some little details about Solomon at 3 years old!

eating // he has definitely become a little more picky, but will still try almost anything. Loves pasta, beef, liking chicken finally, asparagus, any kind of fruit, chips and salsa, and of course peanut butter and honey sandwiches like daddy! We are thankful that he is still brave when it comes to trying new foods

sleeping // the sleep changes in the past year have been incredible! It's kind of funny how it used to stress us out, but now he just gets it. I'm really PRAYING that will be the case with the potty some day soon!!! Still napping most days, but can handle no nap if we are busy. 

wearing // all 3T thanks to a big growth spurt he recently had. I didn't realize it until I tried on some of his fall clothes from last year that are all too small. I'm excited to get some cute new things for him when the cooler weather comes!

loves // coloring, puzzles, playing pretend with any kind of toy (which I LOVE to listen to), reading books,  swimming, singing songs, watching netflix shows after his nap every day, playing outside and watching me cook dinner while sitting on the counter. 

Before we take a little stroll down memory lane (and make me cry big tears), I wanted to share his answers to a few questions. I did this on his 2.5 post and loved it! 

favorite book // my Jesus book (the Jesus Story Book Bible)
favorite food // smoothies
favorite song // My God is Powerful 
favorite toy // his dress up guy (This)
favorite thing to do // color with markers

So, happy almost birthday to my big boy! I love you more than you could ever know & I'm so incredibly thankful for you!!! Now, on to a few of my favorites from the past year, and a couple from before. 

& just for fun.... 

A Day in Our Life // 008

September 12, 2018

These posts are definitely a lot of work. Thinking about my day and tracking it. Taking photos and remembering to keep all the little details listed. It's funny how many details I shared on the first Day in our Life post, but that really isn't possible now. (really though, it's hilarious to read that entire post now, but also makes me want to cry because SOLOMON WAS SO TINY!!!!) But now, I have two little monkeys to chase, two sweet boys to love. I really wanted to do this so I could remember what life was like with an almost three year old & an almost nine month old. These are the days, right? 

5.22.18 // tuesday
The normal morning now consists of Asher waking up around 7:30 and Solomon waking up around 8. I normally wake up with both boys in the bed with me since Solomon sneaks in the room after the sun comes up. 

This morning was a little different, of course they always are when I plan on doing one of these posts. Asher is in his crib 80% of the night, but he always ends up in our bed for some of the night, because I'm too exhausted to try and sit up and nurse him in his room. 

7:15 - Asher wakes me up by falling off the bed! A first for him, and hopefully a last. Solomon definitely did this a few times once he started to crawl and move around in the bed. Thankfully Asher isn't in our bed as much as Solomon was, so I'm sure it won't happen again. Our bed is also a lot lower to the ground now and he landed on some pillows. He had some cuddles with mommy and some extra kisses, thankfully he was ok!

7:50 - Peter brings me my hot cup of coffee while I watch the Today Show and he heads off to work for the day. 

8:30 - Solomon makes his way downstairs after sleeping in our bed for about 30 minutes. Even if we aren't in the bed, he still stays to sleep a little bit longer. Funny kid! 
Asher is also very fussy since he has a little cold, so he wanted to nurse instead of eating in the morning. 

8:35 I have some Color Street work to do before making some breakfast for the boys.

9:00 - since the boys don't seem to be hungry quite yet, I clean out the dishwasher and reload it before making their oatmeal. 

9:15 - I feed Asher his oatmeal, and Solomon watches an episode of Puppy Dog Pals while he eats his.

9:50 - I make my shake and head upstairs to get ready for the day, and also get the clothes for both of the boys. 

10:00 - We get dressed and ready to go to Costo. 

10:30 - finally leave for Costco. 

11:10 - finished shopping and heading home with his smiley face receipt, Solomon's favorite part of Costco.

11:30 - Solomon is BEYOND "hangry" so I make him his lunch for him to eat while I take Asher upstairs for his nap. 

11:45 - I lay Asher down in his crib for his nap & Peter gets home for lunch. 
He and Solomon go outside to feed the chicks and collect the eggs for the day. 

11:55 - I make my lunch, two eggs on toast with some feta and red pepper flakes!

12:10 - Solomon comes in with a fig from the tree to eat quickly before his nap. 
Peter takes him upstairs for his nap while I'm eating lunch. 

12:20 - I watch an episode of Friends while I get some more Color Street work finished. 

12:40 - right before Peter heads back to work Asher wakes up so he goes to grab him for me and I nurse him and cuddle on the couch till he's ready to wake up. This hardly ever happens with him, so I know he doesn't feel well. 

1:00 - I try my best to play with him and keep him happy with several nursing breaks to make him feel better. 

2:10 - I go to wake up Solomon from his nap and find him sleeping on the pillows on his bedroom floor. Crazy boy, we go to get his Annie's bunnies for his post nap snack and he picks a tv show to watch. He prefers to wake up slowly like his momma. 

2:45 - we head to the playroom to hang out and play, I also cut some fruit for a snack for all of us. 

the way he is holding on to my neck.... he's so sweet! 

3:35 - go out for a QUICK walk because it is so dang hot.

4:00 - take Asher upstairs for his nap while Solomon plays in his room. After I lay Asher down I hear Solomon running to hide, he loves for me to try and "find him" once I put his baby brother in his crib! We spend the rest of the day playing together while I clean and put away laundry, then we head downstairs with a puzzle while we wait for daddy. 

5:50 - Peter comes home and we get ready to go to my mom's house for dinner. I go and get Asher up from his nap so we can go. 

The day is full of little things that we do every single day, and then there are always surprises, so we won't get bored. There are meltdowns, crying, playing, laughing, and so many memories I never want to forget. I know the days seem long, but the years have flown by. I can't believe we will have a three year old in just a few days. The sweet boy who made me a mom, so big, and so loved. We sure are blessed with both of our boys!! 

weekly three.

September 7, 2018

I honestly can't believe it's Friday. The past few weeks have been such a blur and we are starting to get the next couple of months all planned out for fun Fall activities!! This weekend is my mom's Birthday, then Solomon's birthday is next weekend, then it will be Halloween before we know it! So much fun ahead of us, and I love it!!! Hope you all have a fun weekend :) 

SO MANY pictures of Asher like this and I love it. Goodness, that boy is so sweet and loveable!

Halloween PJs are happening in our house!! WOOHOO, I love it!

Margaritas, all Fridays should include fun drinks and yummy food! 
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