weekly three.

I missed my first weekly three for this entire year last week.... I blame the holiday weekend of course. It felt like a string of Saturdays for several days, oops! This week has been a productive post holiday week. The first week of December always makes me happy but I am giddy this year. I guess the excitement of experiencing the season through Solomon's sweet little toddler eyes makes it more fun! Next week will be a BUSY week, as my mom and I prepare for our annual ornament exchange party, Christmas season is here!!! Hope you have a beautiful weekend full of holiday fun!

Solomon loved watching the chickens visit us on our front porch this! Those crazy chicks have found a way out of the run several times this week and they always come straight to the porch to say hi. So funny (and slightly annoying, ha)!!

We enjoyed having last minute lunch plans with Gigi on Thursday! Also, the way this boy insists on eating his food by himself with a spoon is KILLING ME. Please stop growing up!

Finishing the Christmas decorations around the house today! I love finding a new spot for everything each year... 

sights + seats // The Cantina

If you know me at all, you know my love of mexican food, tequila and pretty much anything that can go on a tortilla chip. While we were in Asheville a few weeks a go, we found this heavenly place, while we were shopping. It was a LOT colder than we were expecting and after one shop and a very windy walk to the next, we decided to get lunch instead! Chips and salsa for the win. Always! 

Inside The Cantina was beautiful and eclectic, like most things in Asheville. It's one of those restaurants that you want to try over and over so you can taste everything on the menu, but then you never change your mind because the first thing you eat is too good to pass again. I got the pork enchiladas with a creamy cilantro sauce that was the perfect amount of spicy. It will definitely be hard to pass up that meal ne We also got the cheese dip which came with chips and two kinds of salsas. The verde was my favorite, which is normally the case. Spicy tomatilla gets me every time, just like a spicy margarita, which was also delicious. 

All the sides sounded great but the coconut rice (rice cooked in coconut milk and sauteed veggies) was so good!! The brussel sprouts were also cooked to perfection. Mmm, I always hate doing these posts when I can't drive to the location to enjoy a meal and a drink again. We will be going back to Asheville in the spring (if not before then) and this spot is definitely on the list. I'm dying for Peter to try it!! 

If you are in Asheville, definitley give The Cantina a try, you will not be disappointed!! Promise!

Turkey day littles

Thanksgiving weekend was full of family fun and way too much pie. I may still be eating pie multiple times a day, ya know... trying to get rid of all the leftovers. Chocolate pecan pie is always the best leftovers in my opinion! I realized that I haven't had a little things post recently, so here are a few of the little things that I want to remember about Turkey Day!

squeezing in two big meals with both sides of our family and still being super thankful for my breast feeding appetite, no stretchy pants needed this year // watching Solomon dance to the music on the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade with my mom, I love passing on traditions during the holidays // almost crying because your baby is eating all his food with his own fork, how is he so big????? // watching my cousins 10 year old playing with my 1 year old, and realizing just how quickly ten years can fly by

taking stock // 012

Happy Turkey Day!!!!!! I thought it was about time for a new taking stock post, and then I realized that I had a special thanksgiving list last year, so why not make this a little tradition?!? I do love traditions..... so, here we go! 

Making // that yummy dark chocolate pecan pie for the first time!
Cooking // mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts, I finally gave up trying to make the Mac n' Cheese!
Drinking // cold mountain, one of the best winter beers, but I have to say... I think Sierra Nevada outdid Highlands this year with their celebration ale!
Reading // so many baby books lately, he is obsessed, especially with this book!
Wanting // to stay healthy all winter.... please, Jesus! 
Looking // forward to stuffing my face with delicious food all day!
Wasting // naptimes, I realized yesterday that I could get a SO MUCH done while Solomon sleeps. My procrastination is such an annoying trait. 
Wishing // my hands weren't so dry, any recommendations on the best hand cream?
Enjoying // living this season of life with all my friends, it is such a huge blessing to be a mother with them.
Liking // how long the fall leaves have stuck around this year... so many trees are still full of red and yellow leaves.
Wondering // how quickly I will watch The Gilmore Girls. It's literally all I've been thinking about for days........ I'm so excited!
Loving // the early Black Friday sale on Burts Bees Baby! Love their products so much.
Hoping // Solomon's molars come in quickly, this week has been a little bit rough, and I think that is the reason.
Marveling // at how quickly my baby has turned into a little boy. CRAZY FAST.
Needing // what I want for my Eliya Secret Santa gift.... I can't decide this year.
Smelling // this amazing winter edition, Mrs. Meyer's, hand soap!
Wearing // comfy winter clothes now that it is finally cold. Makes me so happy!!
Knowing // how crazy the next four weeks are going to be, it makes me tired, but also really excited.
Thinking // about how our family will look next year at this time... having another baby is such a BIG deal (obviously, duh!) and I'm constantly back and forth in my mind about being ready. I know God will give me the okay when the time is right, until then I will keep praying and thinking and dreaming. 
Bookmarking // Amazon for gift ideas. Prime is the best thing ever.
Opening // boxes of Christmas decorations, I don't know who I am anymore. 
Giggling // at how excited Solomon gets to see the Christmas tree! He runs into the dining room and exclaims, "teeeee", which is obviously his way of saying "tree". I could melt. 
Feeling // beyond thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

weekend in Asheville.

I had a fun weekend in Asheville with my Mom, Grandma & Solomon, for the shopping weekend away! It's a nice tradition that we started several years back with my grandma, and its even more fun now that we have Solomon to tag along with us. Last year was super easy since he was only 2 months old, but I was a little worried about having a crazy toddler with us this year. As always, he surprised me with his sweet disposition. He is the perfect mix of a fun crazy kid and easy going. There were a hand full of tantrums, but he is fourteen months old now... it's to be expected! 

We went straight to our hotel, the brand new Hilton Garden Inn, in downtown Asheville so we could stretch our legs a bit and get something to eat. I was so excited to try the rooftop bar, Pillar, and we were pleasantly surprised. The drinks were incredible, the food was so good and the service was awesome. They even went to the restaurant downstairs to get a highchair for Solomon, which I thought was so nice. 

Mmmm, they had me at Cocktail. I tried the Old North and loved it!!

that cheesy grin that Solomon loves to flash, lately... so funny! 

Even though it was extremely cold, Solomon had to get some of the jitters out while we shopped and enjoyed exploring the flower beds. I tried my best to keep him out but after a lot of tears, I decided he wouldn't hurt anything and let him have some fun! 

The hotel was decorated for Christmas already and it was so beautiful!
Solomon also loved to run around the lobby to say hi to everyone. This picture of him running to his Gigi is one of my favorites... I love to watch them together!

So many fun memories, and I'm so thankful that we get to take my grandma away for a little trip every year. Solomon definitely makes it a little bit sweeter now, as well!
Sadly, the only picture we got of everyone... me nursing in the back seat (so comfortable, ha!) and mom driving the car home. Love it, and I love them, too!

Solomon // fourteen months.

Solomon turned 14 months old on the 14th, so I'm a little late again... but like last time, better late than never! He has changed so much during the last month! I see so much toddler coming out in him, and the baby disappearing before my eyes, which kind of breaks my heart. At the same time, he is becoming more fun every day. I love watching his big personality grow!!

  • Running around like a true toddler!
  • Hates the sun in his eyes while in the car, he screams and yells like someone is pinching him.
  • Officially enjoying his weekly visits to the nursery at church for my bible study and on Sunday while we worship! I can't tell you how happy this makes me after many months of leaving him while he's crying. He always stopped after I was out of sight (I would stay and peek in at him) but now he goes into the class with no tears and is always happy when we pick him up. 
  • Talking so much!!! It's crazy how his babbling is starting to change to words. He has started to say cheese, please (those two are a bit confusing sometimes since they sound so similar), this, Gigi, uh oh and he's even saying several little things randomly like, "Here you go" when he gives you something. Its all mummbly but it is so obvious that's what he's saying, it's so cute!
  • He can also point at many body parts now: hair, eyes, ears, nose (he sniffs), tongue (sticks it out), mouth (opens it big and wide), lips (pokes them out like a kiss), belly, hands (he claps them) and his feet!
  • Unfortunately, he has started biting or trying to bite when he's mad. If I'm correcting him with my hand he will open his mouth and go for a bite. He also gets mad at his toys and bites them... we are working on it and trying to figure out the best way to discipline at this tricky age. Any recommendations are welcome!!

the curls, everyone loves them!

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