Friday Five.

This week has been a "Christmas filled week" for sure!! I love it though, all the hustle and bustle of holiday parties, decorating, shopping and planning the busy weeks ahead. I've also had the roller-coaster ride of sickness this week. You know, feeling like death, then much better, and then, oh wait, I'm dead again. Thankfully Peter is on the mend now, because of course he got sick after I did. This of course made me take the plunge and switch the Annual Ornament Exchange party to my mom's house since she graciously offered. Goodness, I can't imagine the stress I would be feeling right now if the girls night was still planned for my house. So, after this week I am thankful for a lot of things - a husband that works hard even when he doesn't feel well, a Mom that doesn't mind changing party plans, and the fact that today is Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful week and a fun weekend ahead, here are a few things that made me happy this week.....

Christmas party with our church community group
we were missing one couple but it was still so much fun!

Festive coffee cup at work

Cozy scarf weather

an all day feast at work for Christmas - breakfast, lunch & dessert.

homemade soup, Gilmore Girls & my fuzzy blanket

Christmas Card // 2014

Seriously one of my favorite things every year.... I get so excited about the photo, the design
the wording, and mailing them out, receiving cards in the mail from friends and family, hanging them up in our house - everything about Christmas Cards make me happy!!

our Christmas card was designed by East West Design Co. and I absolutely
loved working with them!! Great company and I look forward to working
with them more in the future!
& photo is by Red Apple Tree Photography.

Back Hall (& bathroom) Re-Do // Part Three

I am so happy to say that the back hall way and guest bath room are coming together. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have my doubts but after a lot of questions and a lot of work we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Most of the weekend was spent in that small area with my hubby as we worked on it together. We are tired. Sore, painful knees and tight backs, and tired. But it's all worth it!

^^ we were excited to find the same linoleum from the bathroom
 in the hallway under the old white linoleum!
(strong sarcasm.)

^^ wearing your husband's old shoes.... that's love.

^^ Teamwork.... Peter screwed all the pieces of hardie backer board in to place and I did the taping.
It was fun to do this project together and I know we will love our home even more because of it!

 so far so good..... & have I mentioned that I'm tired??
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!

Friday Five.

This week started off reeeaaaally rough. Like, on the verge of an ear infection/strep throat, kind of rough. But thanks to a doctor visit and some meds I'm all good now! I've also learned that I need to double dose the vitamin C and vitamin D during November because apparently I went to the doctor with the same problems in 2013. And just for fun, my foot has decided to hate me and I think I may be suffering from tendinitis, thanks to the lovely stairmill during my workouts. Fun week, right? Thankfully, things have turned around and I'm feeling more like myself! Here are five things that made my week happy, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

 A lot of hot tea this week

Finding out that our church has two songs on iTunes, the one above is my favorite right now

humpday pizza date with my mom and a friend

decorations are finally out in the house

making time for my bible this week has made my heart so happy

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving is about being thankful for a lot of things, and I'm very thankful for all the food. We started Thanksgiving off with a bang, thanks to the waffles and the perfect quiche at the Eliya home. We did this last year and also for Christmas and I really love it. Starting the day with some delicious food and yummy coffee is a must on a holiday. I also love traditions so the fact that this has happened two years in a row will make this a true tradition, now! 

PS, this quiche is the ONLY thing that makes me excited for breakfast.
Well, that and coffee, of course!

Lunch was the normal Thanksgiving with a Middle Eastern twist thanks to Peter's side of the family. All of my favorites were on the table. Stuffed Grape Leaves, big salad, the best stuffing ever and super yummy gravy. Mmmm, all of it was delicious. 

^^ My sweet little nephew was pretty delicious, too! Love that boy!  

And on to the Thanksgiving dinner. All of my favorite casseroles, tasty turkey and even some ham this year at my Mom's house. It all was SO GOOD and I didn't regret one bite. I do regret trying to make Mac n' Cheese for the second year in a row. That stuff is just NOT my thing. I give up...

^^ my mom makes the BEST turkey!!!!

I'm looking forward to a little more Thanksgiving next weekend with my Dad's family. 
I'm so glad we were able to split it up this year and see everyone!! Thankful, thankful, thankful.
Hope you had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!!

Goals // 12.14

November Goals
1// Catch up on the #InTheWordin1Year study - slowly but surely catching up, and I am happy to announce that we will not be sharing a new plan for the month of December. With the busy days during this month, we both agreed it would be a great time to take it slow and catch up.
2// Floss everyday - it hasn't been every single day BUT it is definitely a habit now which was my main goal. I'm happy to say that I do this at least 5 days a week... that is an improvement for sure!
Also, another perk is the fact that Peter is flossing with me - so we are both gaining from this goal! :) 
3// Make something homemade for Thanksgiving dinner - yup!! Technically I made two things... the Mac n' Cheese for my family dinner (it did not turn out amazing, I officially give up on making it) and I also made a ton of deviled eggs for the first time for Peter's work lunch. I used eggs from our chickens too, it was a lot of fun and they turned out super yummy! Eggs > Mac n' Cheese.
4// Finish my Christmas shopping - well..... I am happy to say that the shopping has been cut in half but it is not done. I know that I will be able to finish it all soon thanks to online shopping deals!
5// Complete the 1/2 bath & back hall renovation - sad face. This hasn't been completed but it has been started. The price for the completion was a lot more than we were expecting so Peter has started it on his own. I'm super excited to see the final product after all of his hard work!

and, time for some new goals.....
December Goals
1// Officially catch up on my reading so I'm ready for a new month in January - I'm very happy about having an extra month to catch up. Can't wait to start fresh in 2015 with a new plan.
2// Decorate the house during the first week of December - my mom and I have an Ornament Exchange Party every year and this year is at my house, so I am excited to have the house decorated and ready for the girls night early!
3// Mail out Christmas Cards - I'm so excited about how beautiful our cards turned out this year!! I will be sharing them here also, but I'm hoping to have them all sent by the first two weeks of this month.
4// Share the completed 1/2 bath and back hall renovation - we have a deadline to get this completed before the Christmas party also.... so, it will be finished by mid December! Yippeeee!!
5// Clean out the garage - oh dear. This has been a loooooong time coming.
6// Vitamins - oops, I fell off the wagon. I was doing REALLY well with them every day but then one week turned into many weeks without taking them. I started them again over the weekend, so now I just have to keep it up!

Seems like the first two weeks of December are going to be BUSY!!
But, I am excited!

What exciting goals do you have for December?
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