what I use on my face.

October 29, 2015

I have had a lot of questions about my skin lately, maybe it's because I've been going bare face and wearing that "mom zombie look" recently, but I thought this would be a great opportunity to share the details on my favorite face products! My skin is doing that awesome "Postpartum Freak Out" right now and I have several spots that have come up in my Tzone area but my night and day routine hasn't changed. I can tell that what I am doing is helping with the breakouts a lot! Here we go....

first thing in the morning, after my AM face routine and before coffee. 
....also after many wake ups during the night, giving me those awesome puffy eyes!!


1 // after my face is rinsed with cold water, I use a cotton pad with a squirt of Simple Cleansing Micellar Water to wipe my face. 

2 // then, I use a tiny pump of LUSH, Enchanted Eye Cream 
all around my eyes and between my eyebrows. 

3 // lastly, I use a dime size amount of LUSH, Imperialis Face Cream all over my face and neck. 


1 // I start with the same Simple Cleansing Micellar Water on a cotton pad to remove my eye make up and then I use a second cotton pad to wipe the makeup from my face, as well. 

2 // then my favorite thing ever....
I scrub my face with about a nickle size amount of LUSH, Ocean Salt with damp hands. 
I scrub for a minute or two and then I wet my hands with hot water and scrub for another minute.
After my skin feels squeaky clean, I rinse it off with hot water and pat dry with a clean towel. 

3 // after my face is dry, I put a generous pump of LUSH, Enchanted Eye Cream around my eyes and mouth where I find those lovely smile lines. 

4 // lastly, I will dig out a tiny chunk of Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil and rub it into my chest, neck and face; mixing it in with the eye cream.

5 // When I  have spots (like now!), I use either Tea Tree Oil or LUSH, Grease Lightning, to dry them up as soon as I notice them and I try my best to not pop them. 
I typically use the oil at night and the Grease Lightning in the mornings.

I like that I use most of the same products in the morning that I use at night and I think that it helps my face have less freak out moments.

What are your favorite products for your face?!?
I would also love to do a makeup routine if that seems interesting to anyone???

A party for a three year old.

October 27, 2015

Over the weekend we got to celebrate a special little guy, my nephew Jaden! I honestly can't believe he is turning three and we were so excited to celebrate with him. His mom always throws the best parties and her attention to detail in the decorations is always amazing. Everything looked perfect and I love to see how everything comes together. Jaden loves tractors and construction right now and I love how Joy made everything look like a construction site. It was also a lot of fun for Solomon to meet his cousins for the first time. I can't wait to see all the fun memories that he makes with his sweet cousins. The Eliya side is doing pretty well in the boy department, so I'm sure there will be a lot of trucks and tractors in our future! 

Our little party animal!

I was super impressed by this yummy cake that Joy made also!
Such a fun weekend, I can't wait for many more weekends in Duluth with the family, but I'm still crossing my fingers that they make the move to Greenville soon!!!

100 Days of Happy, again // pt.3

October 25, 2015

set #3 of happies....

21// reading Esther and feeding a baby
22// coffee and little muffins for breakfast
23// washed face and hot tea before bed
24// sweet milkshake surprise from a friend
25// crunchy leaves and cool walks on a beautiful Saturday
26// snuggles with this baby boy
27// mac n' cheese with weenies, one of my favorite meals from childhood
28// lunch dates with best friends
29// nursing and The Voice
30// hubby making it home early from a work trip and not sleeping alone

these days.

October 15, 2015

Well, I'm officially a stay at home mom. My biggest dream is coming true, I honestly can't believe it sometimes. I am so thankful for the opportunity. Thankful for this blessing from God, and thankful for a husband that supports my decision, and thankful for the flexibility to be able to stay at home at all. Just a lot of thankfulness all around right now. 

I was 98% sure that I would love being at home and I'm happy to find that I was right. It definitely has its perks like Kelly and Michael making my mornings wonderful. But let's be honest, the constant snuggles and quiet times while Solomon is eating and we are learning each other, take the cake. 
Motherhood is a crazy thing. 

Crazy in how much my heart hurts when he cries or how big my heart can feel when he smiles at me. The crazy moments of victory and the super crazy low moments, because there are definitely low moments, trust me. So many friends told me that they couldn't stay at home because it was lonely and they had to get back to work for some time away. I understand that now... I never thought I would. I love every second of being at home with my baby but when the day turns to night and your husband is traveling for work and you are still alone, that is when I feel those feelings. 

I am thankful for visitors though. My mom coming over to give a hand and hold a baby, even when I call past midnight for help. Friends dropping off food and checking on us. Long hours of FaceTime with my sister in law as we both feed our baby boys. All those things are life savers and I'm so thankful for them. I am also thankful for a husband that works so hard, even when that means he has to work away from home. I know it isn't easy on either of us, but he does it with a happy heart.

In the hard moments like we had last night, I can't help but hear the sweetest lyrics in my head. The same lyrics that helped me push through labor. The same lyrics that I held Solomon in his nursery rocking in our chair, crying tears of joy during our first days at home, because he is mine. The lyrics that help me see the truth and feel God's arms holding me with love.

As I'm typing this I hear the truth in these lyrics. I hear the swing rocking my loud snoring child. I smell the fresh brewed coffee from this morning. The light is shining from the front of the house on this beautiful 70 degree, fall morning. I have all the feels today. The happy ones, the thankful ones, the tired ones (Lord, yes.) and the hopeful ones. Hopeful in the fact that this is a new day and we will conquer the unknown together. My baby and me.

on that cross of calvary
every burden has been defeated
every wretched heart redeemed
You drown our sins in seas of crimson

Solomon // one month.

October 14, 2015

I thought it would be fun to write a little letter each month to Solomon since I love writing them so much. It will be a great way to keep track of all the things that fill the days of his first year and I know I will want to remember them. I also think it will be so neat when he is old enough to read and understand all of these details. I want him to know how loved he is and know all the details of his life!
Also, the monthly stats are at the bottom of the post!

Dear Solomon, 

You are here! I haven't written you a little letter since you have joined us and I thought your monthly update was a perfect time for one. 

You have so, so many people who love you. It is amazing how you have touched so many people's lives and bring joy to so many. We are so happy to call you ours. 

You are such a chill and happy baby! We are SUPER thankful for that!!! From the moment you took your first breath, I couldn't believe how happy you were. You seldom cry, only when you are hungry or need a diaper change.... And you sometimes scream during those changes. You have gotten better and more used to them now, but there's no way of knowing if you will hate a diaper change until it is happening. You even sleep through some night changes after you eat; those make me really happy!!!

There was one diaper change that was very interesting.... You decided to have a projectile poop all over me, the window, the living room curtains; it even ran down the wall onto the carpet. Your  dad and I were both shocked! He said you were giving him some great material for his speech at your wedding, ha! 

For some reason you seem to hate going to sleep and you fight it so hard! I'm hoping you will grow out of this and love sleep as much as your parents do. Cause we do love it, and we miss it a lot! Trust me.... But even those nights when I am so tired and I can hardly stand the burning sensation around my eyes, you give me a grin and I forgive you instantly. Once you finally fall asleep, you really enjoy it and even sleep for 3-4 hours at night now. But seriously, sleep is a great thing, I promise! Don't fight it, son!!

It is amazing how your fingernails grow into little sharp knives that love to claw my chest to pieces. I slightly fear for my life when you get overly excited while you eat. Speaking of eating.... You love it! It's hard to keep you awake most of the time but you honestly love nothing more than skin to skin and lots of milk! I think you'd be most happy in just a diaper all day. I'm sure you will love spring and summer for this reason. I can picture you now, running around the backyard & chasing chickens, in nothing but a diaper one day. 

The worst part about this first month would definitely be our surprise hospital visit. I have never been so scared and worried in my life. You were so tiny and helpless and I felt like a failure for not being able to protect you. I know deep down that it was necessary and I'm not in control at all, but I wanted to be your safe place and save you from all the pain during those sad moments. You proved to be a fighter and handled the entire stay with so much bravery, even as a two week old baby. I am so proud of you! 

I know deep down that I am not in control, and no matter what I did or could do wouldn't matter, because God is in control. He is your protector and your true safe place. He is the only one who can fix you. I am so thankful that He gave you to me but I know that you are really His. I pray that everything I do points you to that. That is my prayer, that you turn to Him wholeheartedly one day. 

All these memories are so special to me, and I hope you love to read about your beginning one day. I can't imagine how amazing you will become, sweet boy! You already fill my heart with so much joy and excitement!! 

Love, Momma 

stats // checked last week and he was 10 lbs and also 22 inches long
eating // all the time, loves eating every 2-3 hours but spread things out to 3-4 hours at night when not going through a growth spurt
sleeping // different every day and night but he always fights it.
wearing // size 1 diapers and 3 month clothing
favorite things // looking around and being walked around, staring at daddy and giving momma smiles, grunting and trying to talk non-stop

100 Days of Happy, again // pt.2

October 13, 2015

set #2 of happies.... 
& yes, it is incredibly hard to not make Solomon my happy every day!

11// Ava Anderson baby wash that smells so yummy
12// switching things up with an egg sandwich for breakfast
13// Gigi and Bella staying with us while Daddy is out of town for work
14// the new Local Taco, all the salsas and tacos were so good
15// hand me down clothes from a sweet lady in my Mom's Bible Study
16// TCBY on a warm fall day
17// a lot of coffee to help out with a growth spurt baby
18// some quiet time in bed while daddy soothes baby boy 
19// pistachio gelato, always a good idea 
20// baby hands and baby toys

a changing baby.

October 12, 2015

While I was pregnant I heard a lot about the Wonder Weeks and thought it would be smart to download the app on my phone. During the past few days I was so thankful I made that decision. Solomon is typically a very happy and chill baby so when he started to have a few melt downs (without a fever) I knew something was going on. A few days ago, my phone buzzed, and it was a notification that the first leap has started. Then I thought.... "Ahhh, my child is losing his mind, but at least it makes sense now". 

I honestly can't explain how helpful this information is. I now know why he is acting so clingy. Why he is hungry ALL THE TIME. Why he randomly screams for what seems like no reason at all. All those things are scary and confusing for a first time mom & I know they are scary and confusing for him. 

It is so rewarding to see these changes though. I see his eyes watching me and noticing me now. He grins and responds to things like the fire place or his favorite orange tractor while I change his diapers, but when he turns his head and grins at me, well... that makes me want to explode into a thousand pieces. He is a precious baby and I'm so glad I know what is going on with this leap he is experiencing. 

Five more days left.... this week will be a long one I think, especially with daddy leaving for a work trip tonight. But, I'm glad that I'm here to comfort him. Feed him, love on him and let him sleep on my chest for as long as he wants, since his crib has become a very scary place to be, apparently. And yes, I am praying his crib will soon become that awesome place where he used to love taking naps. Please, please!!

& that sweet smile disappeared around 10 minutes after this little photoshoot....
he was back to screaming and crying, fighting sleep like a champ! ;)
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