friday mornings.

July 31, 2017

The past several months have been spent doing the same thing, almost every Friday, and we love it! Unless Solomon is sick, or I'm sick, or it's raining, we are at Swamp Rabbit for some playtime with friends. I have my friends, and they have their babies, who are conveniently Solomon's friends! ;)
A total win/win.

Solomon gets so excited each week when I tell him where we are going. He exclaims "mooooothi!" because he knows we get to split a yummy treat. A big smoothie full of local fruits & dairy, paired with a perfect cheddar and kale scone. The perfectly crunchy and fluffy scone  is the most exciting part to me, honestly. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends, but that scone is amazing! Sadly though, they are taking a break from the kale scone since kale isn't in season now. Just another reason to look forward to September! Mmmm, my mouth is watering right now just thinking about it. Until then, we will enjoy some cheese puffs, which are also very tasty. 

Friday mornings are the best! It's a dirty mess and all the toys are hand me downs that have been loved by many kids. But I think that's what I love most about Solomon playing there. It doesn't need to be fancy, just a fun morning with his friends. Definitely check out Swamp Rabbit if you are in Greenville, it's worth the trip! 

toddler littles.

July 26, 2017

Our little monkey is a full on toddler. I know I've been saying that for a while now, but each day it is more evident to me. He is a mess, a sweet and crazy, mess. 

one // while playing and running around the house, he will randomly look back at me and give me the sweetest most adorable grin. It's the cutest!!!

two // over the past several weeks I've realized that we have a rough night of sleep if he doesn't have a bath before bed. I've never wanted to give him a bath every single night, but if it helps him sleep all night, we'll do it! 

three // my grandma watched Solomon for a little while this morning when I needed to run an errand. When I called on my way back to check on them, he wanted to say hi so she gave him the phone, he then said "hi mommy", and it was this crazy overwhelming feeling. I have a kid. Not a baby, but a full on toddler kid. He can say hi mommy to me on the phone. How does this happen so quickly?!?!

four // with the allergies I've been fighting lately, I've been sneezing randomly throughout the day. Anytime I have a big sneeze, he stops what he's doing to say bless you. I've have to try and record it sometime!

five // he's constantly hungry and comes to me and says eeeeaaaat with a big smile. We have to have several snacks throughout the day to make it to lunch and dinner.

six // since I've been pregnant I crash almost everyday around 4. I've learned the easiest thing to do is let Solomon have a little TV time so I can also rest my eyes. Even on days that I don't need a nap, he insists that I lie down for night night. He brings me the pillow and says lay, night night, mommy and then gives me a kiss. He may just want to watch TV but it's still pretty cute. The picture above is our TV time today.

and this one also, even if he's not lying beside me he wants to touch me somehow. Absolutely kills me!

pregnancy post // month four.

July 24, 2017

Weeks 13-16

13 weeks: 
  • Heart rate was 145 at our midwife appointment at 13 weeks. Solomon also called the baby choo-choo, since the heartbeat sounded like a train. 
  • Feeling much better and some days I don't feel nauseous at all. I'm not needing naps everyday either!
  • Went on vacation to FL which was so needed and enjoyed!!!
  • Still craving salads and veggies, but also sour patch kids. HA!
  • Nausea is officially gone! HALLELUJAH!!!!

14 weeks:
  • Finishing up our vacation in FL and the crazy heat and walking has not helped my round ligament pain. Trying to stay hydrated and rest as much as I can.
  • The belly is officially big all day now, definitely bigger at night, but it's there when I wake up too!
  • Felt the baby more for the first time!!!
  • More energy in the morning has helped with the cleaning routine so much! Thank GOD!!! But, I still need a nap in the afternoon, even if it's 5-10 minutes. 
  • Craving any kind of Japanese food, especially sushi! Literally all I can think about!

15 weeks:
  • My belly doubled in size after Friday night. When I woke up on Saturday morning I was shocked!
  • Love feeling little peanut moving around several times during the day now.
  • Still feel a crash around 4 everyday. Crazy how I can't even keep my eyes open.
  • My hair and nails are growing so fast which do not happen last time, even though that is normal when you are pregnant with a boy, apparently? I'm having a lot of girl feelings, I can't wait to find out! Either way I'm so excited!!!!

16 weeks:
  • Back in the gym multiple times a week and feeling great with morning classes. More energy = better workouts!
  • I literally can not handle the heat. Just can't. 
  • I want to eat all day..... just snacking and eating all day long and trying my best to make good decisions. Thankfully salads are sill my favorite!

summer nights.

July 18, 2017

Last week we went to the Greenville Drive thanks to an invite from Peter's office. I'm not a huge fan of the hot summer heat right now, never really have been, but this pregnancy is giving me a whole new level of despise for summer. (PLEASE send fall weather quickly, Jesus!!!) So, I was excited when they invited us to come to a game in the box. AC pumping, yummy food, and sweet tea kind of box. It's always nice to have a random Thursday night family date. Solomon was so excited to see baseball in action, ride a trolly to and from the field, and spend some time with Momma and Daddy! It was a good night!!

This boy is getting bigger and bigger each day, right before my eyes. We forgot to bring his sippy cup to the game and he was dying for some water. Of course he didn't want me to help. Big boy, ya know.... so I gave him the bottle and was totally expecting it to end up in his lap. Nope. He started guzzling the water and even put it in the cup holder once he was done. How is he so dang big??? I catch myself just staring at him in disbelief sometimes, wondering where my baby went. It's the craziest bittersweet feeling my heart has ever felt. Thank God for the sweet part, right? 

I was trying to be sneaky and take a picture of Solomon watching Peter from inside the box, then he saw me and gave me that little grin, below. This kid kills me!

Such a fun family night for us, thanks to Peter's work. Again, I am so thankful for the opportunities that we have as a family because of his job. 

Florida Trip // Miami

July 6, 2017

I asked Solomon to stand by the wall and smile... 
I honestly couldn't believe he did it, I was about to die from the cuteness!!

When we were planning the trip to Boca for Peter's work conference, we knew we wanted to extend the trip a bit, so we could have one last family vacation with just the three of us. We have some trips planned later this year but none that will be our little family alone. It was always a big deal for us to make time for a family vacation, even more now that we have babies in our family. That time away and making memories together is such a gift! Like I said yesterday, Solomon is such a great traveler, so it is easy to enjoy our time away with him. 

Miami was a lot of fun and I'm so happy we got to go. It was HOT. Like, sweat dripping off my cheeks, and I don't even sweat normally. I guess you add the hot humid air with pregnancy, and sweat is inevitable. But, Miami was so worth it!! It was such a beautiful and crazy city. So much music and art and it's buzzing with summer energy that I have a feeling lasts all year long. We had several friends tell us that Miami isn't worth the trip, but I'm really happy we tried it out anyways. I can honestly say that I'd love to visit again and explore some more once our kidos are bit older. 

Solomon fell asleep in the car on the drive from Boca to Mimi, which is around an hour, so that is a very short nap for him. And car naps just aren't the same as bed naps, anyways. So we were hoping that we could get checked in at the hotel and drop off our luggage in our room while I waited in the car to let him snooze some more before heading out to some breweries. Normally this kind of thing works for him but he wasn't having it. He woke up way too excited and was ready to explore. So after dropping off the bags and checking out our hotel for a bit, we went to the Wynwood Walls area. On the way we stopped for some food at KUSH, which was incredible. Amazing burgers and the couple of sips of beer I tried was delicious! Mmmm!! We then checked out Concrete & J.Wakefield breweries for Peter to get some flights. Everything was so good and we even met up with some friends from Greenville at J.Wakefield. The Wynwood Walls area is known for the graffiti that covers the walls. Everywhere you turn is another brightly colored wall full of amazing detail. Once we parked the car I knew my camera was going to get a lot of love that day. While Peter was putting on Solomon's sunscreen, I took the pictures above and below, from just a few steps. It was beautiful for sure! 

At J.Wakefield with some friends. I love that they snapped these pictures for us! Solomon is obsessed with smelling beer since we have told him he can't drink it but he can smell it. He even walks around with water sometimes and sniffs it and says it's beer. Silly boy!!

On the walk back to the car we took a little detour through the actual Wynwood Wall section. There are WAAAAAY too many pictures below, but we couldn't resist!

Poor thing, he was SO tired from the very short car nap that was way earlier than his normal naptime. Add in the crazy heat and walking around, he was exhausted. Of course he wouldn't nap anymore that day because he already had that short nap earlier. He knows he only takes one nap day so there was no fooling him. That night, he went to bed around 8:30, and then woke up around 11 so confused. Thankfully he is back on his regular schedule now that we are home. Vacations can be hard on sleeping routines. I love how he was hugging me and giving me some love in the picture above. I was also 14 weeks on Friday so I thought it would be fun to get some special weekly photos for this post. 

The amount of detail and the added pops of green thanks to the palm trees was so gorgeous!

He almost fell asleep on Peter's head while trying to find the car. Poor kid! 

 Once we got back to the hotel we had to go check out the pool since Solomon wasn't going to sleep and was begging for some form of water. Beach, pool or bath. Such a water baby!! We were excited to try out the 19th floor pool at our hotel. The views were beautiful and it was perfectly shaded so I could actually sit and watch my guys and not feel the least bit hot. The breeze was honestly a little cool, which was a very welcomed change for the day! 

the huge diaper bulge cracks me up... we didn't have any swim diapers so we had to make due with regular ones. And that sweet man's smile. Love him so much!

During the weekend, we also spent some time at South Beach but I didn't have my camera with me, and I honestly didn't take many phone photos either. It was nice to just take it all in and spend time sight seeing with Peter and Solomon. The last day in Miami was spent doing the same thing but I did take out my phone for several pictures. Those last day vibes always make me want to click the camera a bit more. Solomon was also excited to ride the train trough the city for the first time. During this trip he had been on a plane, bus, boat and train. A very well traveled little guy, and he loved it, as long as he could hold on tight to daddy!

My favorites!! So thankful for some time away with them! 
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