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September 19, 2016

Last year, we took our brand new babe to the Farm Fresh Fair, for his first outing! It was a really fast trip! A twenty- five minute drive each way, and a short visit to the farm while we squeezed in some food and I used my sling for the firs time (incredibly wrong by the way, HA!), before we rushed back to the car and back home. This year was very different, we had our stroller and Solomon was so excited to check out all the goodies, despite his very serious face... 

First horse ride for Solomon! ;) 

yummy pimento cheese short rib sandwich &  some parmesan truffle chips!

It was such a gorgeous day... a little warm but a nice breeze to keep you cool for the most part. Definitely a lot cooler than last year. Then again I didn't have a sweaty baby strapped to my chest.... While we were sitting and enjoying our snack and a beer, I felt something fall and drop on my head. I almost screamed thinking it might have been a bug but then I realized it was a leaf. A perfect yellow leaf. The wonderful reminder that fall is on the way. Then I almost screamed from excitement!   

Peter got some awesome beard oil that smelled amazing! Lumberjack was the name of the scent and it will be perfect for the fall and winter months ahead when Peter grows out his beard a bit. I also got some fun things! As always, I have to get a new Jocie Pot to support my fraaaand! I picked up one of her beautiful strainers to wash some fruit or veggies. I also found some milk glass treasures from one of the "yard sale-ish" vendors & then a new candle from Mercy Verity! Good finds, for sure.

It was so nice to enjoy our second trip to Farm Fresh Fair and take in all the beautiful vendors and the farm animals. I'm excited to keep up this family tradition in the years ahead. Such a fun thing to do with Solomon during the weekend after his birthday!

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