little fox turns one.

September 13, 2016

I have been so excited to plan our little guys birthday celebration for such a long time!! Even when I was pregnant, I would think about birthday ideas and dreamed about the cute decorations. I do love a good party and entertaining, but when it is celebrating your sweet boy, it is too much fun. I'm also thankful that my mom passed on the love of entertaining and enjoys helping me, then I got super lucky with my sis-in-law who also loves the attention to details and helped me use her Cricut! Peter's not too happy about that though, cause I neeeeeeeed a Cricut now ;)

Back to that boy, though... he was so cute!!! He loved having all his friends and family around to celebrate with him. Even if he wasn't a fan of his cake or cream cheese icing, the strawberries and celery made up for it. He is definitely his dad's son!

I decided to do two chalkboards with all the exciting details listed month by month since I thought it would be a cute way to remember all the details. You know how I love the little things.... 

My mom did an amazing job with the little fires on the table & this recipe was a huge hit since it was way too hot to enjoy outdoor S'mores in the back yard.

I died over this fake paper fire from Amazon... it is so cute 
and I thought it was crazy how real it looked in photos!

as always, an amazing cake by my cousin!! 

And now it's time for the massive amount of photobooth pictures (more to come to Facebook, soon!) because this is seriously my favorite part of any party. I don't think I want to throw parties without them now. So many cute pictures and it is fun to come up with the look and set up. We got these props and they were a huge hit. My mom and Joy made the trees come to life (while I was drying my hair, THANK YOU BOTH!) by hanging them from the ceiling against the craft paper I had lined the wall with. I really love how it all came together!

It was fun to open some gifts with family after the party died down. I was honestly surprised at how much Solomon was into it. He climbed up on the box and started tearing the paper off. He loved all his gifts and we are so thankful for everyone who took the time to love on him!

So tomorrow is the big day, he is officially one! I can't believe it, and I will share a sweet little post about it, of course.... 

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