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July 25, 2010

It's been a bit hectic for me lately and whenever I have a chance to sit down I don't feel like blogging..... 
BUT since I have a horribly messy room to clean I think blogging sounds perfect right now!  ;-) 

It's been a busy past couple of weeks... I had my trip to NJ/NY for Phil and Kayla's wedding and then the Eliya Family Reunion and every since I've been home (One week tomorrow) I've been non-stop with all the little things that fill my week up!  I really should be cleaning but I wanted to talk about my amazing trip!! didn't start out so amazing.  I had to fly out of Charlotte on Tuesday at 8:30.  Everything was going well... I got there in plenty of time, whizzed through security, picked up a sandwich and a drink to eat at the gate (I have to be there early so I know I won't miss my flight- its a HUGE fear of mine) and I sat patiently and ate my very yummy dinner (for an airport) for about 30 minutes until it was time to board the plane.  This was my second time flying by myself and I was hoping that I wouldn't have bad luck this time because the first time was HORRIBLE!  Well, I all that hoping was completely pointless.  I have decided that I should NEVER... NEVER fly by myself! 

I got on the plane and everything was going perfect... found my seat... I picked up the magazine that was in the back of chair in front of me, realized that the Sudoku had not been worked which made me VERY happy!  Everything was going perfect, I was thinking that my first flight alone last year was just a fluke... we start taking off to the end of the runway and everyone is ready to be in NJ, especially me!!  THEN... the pilot came on the intercom to tell us that there were some horrible storms in Charlotte so we were going to be delayed 45 minutes.  I thought "Not too bad, it could be worse..." I was trying to be positive!!  After about 30 minutes the pilot tells us that we aren't flying anywhere for a while, the airport was at a complete stop... Closed!!!  Then to top everything off, we couldn't get off the plane because there were FIVE planes in front of us... and then TWO behind us!  So, there I sat... hot in a plane with recycled air and the engines turned off.  Remember, I was supposed to fly out at 8:30 and land in Newark at 10:30... nope, I flew out at 10:30 and didn't get in Newark, safely in the car with Peter and some cousins until MIDNIGHT!!!!!  The flight was NOT smooth at all... bumpy, scary, with bright lightening all around!!  At one point I was petrified... I seriously thought I we were going to die!  Then, I realized... "why am I scared?!  God is in complete control of everything!!"  So, I closed my eyes and thought to myself... "God, you are in control!  I have no reason to fear!!"  Then all the sudden everything was calm.  Not one bump... no bright lightening... it was amazing!!!  I felt SO safe!!  

So, I finally arrived and got my luggage... went straight to Mimi and Jane's house (Peter's sisters) and after tossing and turning a bit I slept peacefully and happily in NJ!  :) 

The first day in NJ (Wednesday) was full of shopping with the girls!!  I found some great buys at Forever21, which makes me a happy girl!  Forever21 never fails me- haha!!  

That night we had the rehearsal dinner for the out of towners which was around 50-60 people... it was a blast!!  We Had some yummy food, dancing, drinks, henna celebration!! It was a great time!

Me and Joy Dancing! 

Henna Celebration! :) 

On Thursday we had a girl day again... full of nails, hair, and getting dressed up for the wedding!  The wedding was pretty long, it was a Syrian Orthodox Catholic church so I didn't understand most of the ceremony.  It was beautiful though!!  The Reception was pretty awesome... there was a very long cocktail hour with a TON of food!!!  When I saw all the food I assumed that was our meal for the night, but NO... we also had a sit down dinner (I had a very yummy, filet) so there was plenty of food!  Not to mention the Martini Bar that could make anything you ever wanted in a Martini glass!!  YUM! 

The Eliya Family with their dates and the Bride! 

Me and my Handsome date!! 

Me and Joy dancing!!!

Friday we packed our bags, had some awesome lunch that Peter grilled for us and drove up to Hunter, NY.  Its in the beautiful Catskill Mountains in upper NY and it was gorgeous!!!

This was the view we saw while eating breakfast, 
playing games, and spending time in the pool... 
it was so peaceful! 

The first night we got to the Lodge we had a welcome dinner... didn't get any pictures, unfortunately!!  But we did get these AWESOME shirts!!  Everyone that came to the family reunion got one!  Mine said "Little Miss Southern Belle" and Peter's said "Mr. Debate"... haha, very fitting! 

The next morning we had an Eliya Olympic game day and wore our new shirts!  I was on red team, Peter was on blue team... WE WON!!  Go Red Team!  We had all kinds of games and then spent the day in the pool!  On Saturday night, our last night of vacation, we had a formal dinner night full of pictures, stories, eating, and dancing!!  Lots of fun! 

Formal Dinner Picture

Most of the Gals

And most of the Men

Dinner on the last night

The next morning we wake up, pack the bags and eat some breakfast.  Then Peter and his mom left to drive home since they drove up a week earlier.  I stayed with the sisters and they took me to the airport to fly home after spending some time with some cousins.  Now, I already know that I have the WORST solo flying luck... I was supposed to fly out at 6:30 and I didn't get dropped off until 5:45 and that little fear I have about missing my flight... yea, I was feeling it!  Thank God their wasn't a line to check in and the security line wasn't too extreme besides the 1 flight attendant that was so RUDE and OBNOXIOUS that I wanted to slap him!!  I got on the plane... had the isle seat which made me VERY happy had a blank sodoku again and was ready to get home!  Then I hear a familiar voice on the intercom and I knew it was an annoying man that I wanted to slap a few minutes earlier... yup, the rude flight attendant from before was on MY flight!!!!  Then everything went down hill from there, after sitting on the plane for around 45 minutes cause Charlotte was closed due to weather AGAIN they let us off the plane so I sat in the airport talking to my mom who was almost to Charlotte to pick me up... while I was in NJ!  After talking to her I called Peter and since he was driving home and about 2 hours from Charlotte he said he would pick me up so my mom could go home!! haha... I think I should have just drove home with him, it would have been a lot easier!!  So FINALLY after a wonderful 5 days on vacation I was finally home in my bed!  Vacations are always wonderful but going home is great too!!!


July 11, 2010

Nothing makes sense in this world, it's a mystery.  But it's what we do about it that counts.  Using your faith in God, in each other, and in the future changes everything.  Trusting that the end is worth it... and never letting go of it's promise.
I have had a GREAT weekend with some wonderful friends... really makes me realize how lucky I am!  Peter left for NJ early yesterday morning which was of course a bummer!  He gets to spend some fun time with his amazing family and I'm not flying up to NJ until Tuesday night... soooo, since I had a full day to myself what did I do?!  I had brunch with some girl friends, and then went to see Eclipse (finally!!! it was SO good!).  Then went home and had some lunch with mom... took a nap... then got dressed for a fun Girls Night Out!  We had such a good time and it was VERY much needed! 

Movie time after Cracker Barrel! 

Self Timers are a life saver! 

They are so much fun! 

Today I did ABSOLUTELY nothing... allergies have reared there ugly head for some ungodly reason so I felt so out of it all day!  I watched movies... got stuck on The Hills marathon... snacked on some food and drank some HOT TEA! YUM!!!  And then watched True Blood!  I did none of my packing today, very bad!!  This means I have to do everything tomorrow, ick.  I hate packing... and the only thing I hate more than packing is UNPACKING.  Super ick!! 

So, going to bed now... gotta work tomorrow.  And pack.  bleh. 
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