pregnancy post // month six.

September 15, 2017

Weeks 21 - 24

21 weeks:

  • The kicks are getting much stronger and other can feel him moving around now. 
  • The strangest thing keeps happening, I will feel the urge to sneeze and I'm almost sneezing, then the baby will kick and the sneeze will go away instantly! It is so weird and happens several times a day.... 
  • Having a lot more energy now, but still need a nap around 4-5 each day, or I'm exhausted at night. 
  • The sisters are sooooo sensitive! Which makes cuddling and hugs with Solomon so painful, which is so sad!
  • My hair is so thick and full of body, it's amazing!!! 

22 weeks:

  • Feeling several Braxton Hicks contractions at random times. I don't remember having them last pregnancy but I might not have known what they were then. 
  • A lot of long hot walks in Charleston made my hands swell a bit, even when drinking a ton of water. 
  • Noticing my stomach move when the baby moves or has hiccups!

23 weeks:

  • Wiped out by the end of the day if I don't have a nap. 
  • Stomach got noticeably larger, even family members noticed it. 
  • Lots and lots of movement, he definitely loves to kick and squirm around!

(kept forgetting to take a photo this week!)
24 weeks:

  • So many hot flashes!!!! I'm constantly sweating, it's unreal. 
  • Baby is waking me up in the night with big kicks and makes me get up to use the bathroom or he won't go back to sleep. 
  • Strangers are asking when the baby is due now, which is crazy because I'm never brave enough to ask other women that question!
  • I've been so emotional thanks to all the hormones and Solomon not sleeping well at night thanks to his molars and growing pains. He's also starting to become more emotional because of the pregnancy I think, thankfully he is still so sweet and talks to the baby all the time. 

Solomon // two years.

September 14, 2017

It's official. He's two. I can't believe it! The past two years have been the best of our life with Solomon in our world. He is the funniest and sweetest thing. He's constantly moving and keeping us on our toes. He's thoughtful and loving but only likes physical affection on his terms. It's a funny combination, but I have a feeling his quirky personality traits are only going to become more interesting with age. We've loved celebrating him the past week with his birthday party and singing happy birthday over and over. And also explaining that singing that song doesn't mean you instantly get a birthday cake.... 

The picture above is a perfect description of our crazy toddler. He's so full of life and excitement in almost anything. I hope he never loses that part of himself! Here are a few details about our boy right now. 

eating // Pretty much anything all day long, he's always hungry. We call him our little foodie since he loves trying new foods at restaurants and will eat till he's stuffed, and then ask for ice cream. Loves veggies, smoothies, macaroni and cheese (he asks for it constantly!) but still doesn't like chicken much. He will eat it and enjoy it very rarely. I can't think of much he won't eat except for chicken! 

sleeping // Anytime I think I've figured out his sleeping he switches it up on me. I have a feeling it will stay that way for a while but we are hoping to start some slow and easy sleep training to teach him to fall asleep on his own. I know this will be a process but I'm hoping to have him transitioned to an easier night time routine by December before his baby brother joins us. Hoping he will take the the change easily like he has with night weaning and complete weaning in the past. 

wearing // Mostly 2T clothes which I would guess he'll be wearing for a while like most toddlers. I'm surprised that some of his 18M clothing from last fall still fits as well. 

loves // Music of any kind, he asks for songs about his favorite things also like the beach, baseball, the moon and even people sometimes. Like most boys, he loves to build things and play with cars all day. He loves to ride in the car and look for big trucks, tunnels (bridges), or tractors. He also loves to color right now and will sit with a piece of paper and a pen for at least 20 minutes and sometimes close to 40, its a huge help while I clean or cook! 

My big boy, I love him so much and I'm so proud of the little guy that he is becoming. I pray that he will continue to grow and learn what a Godly man is, and will strive to become one & I also pray that God will guide Peter and I to help him in that journey. Because I am his mom, I thought it would only be right to share some of my favorite pictures of our sweet Solomon!

Happy Birthday, Solomon!! We love you so much!

baby boy.

September 13, 2017

baby boy, 
I've been waiting to write this first letter to you once we officially know your name, but we still aren't sure. You seem like you are growing more and more everyday, so I'll keep calling you baby boy. My baby boy that I can't wait to meet. Earlier this week I heard one of my favorite songs and the words have never been more true to my heart..... 

"I remember when you were just a heartbeat that I heard
and now our eyes meet
Forever is not enough to love you"
(Bethany Dillon, You're the best song)

I know these words are so true because of your big brother. The past two years as his mommy has flown by, and I know the same will happen with you. It is so bittersweet and wonderful and awful and the biggest gift of my life. I truly believe that the Lord placed me on this earth to be a mom, and I'm so incredibly thankful that He has chosen you to add to our blessing of a family. I know you will be the perfect addition. 

I can't wait to see your face and kiss your little hands and feet. One of the best parts of having a newborn is how you will just want to be held and cuddled, and I can't wait to enter that season of life again, with you. Even the sleepless nights seem wonderful in my head, I'm sure I'll change my mind about that. I'm just excited to have a winter baby in my arms to love and keep warm. My little winter baby boy. I already love you so much! 


Tool Time Birthday Party.

September 11, 2017

TWO. Our boy is almost officially two! I'm still holding on to the next three days because he's still one in my book, but he had a GREAT time on Saturday morning at his party. The house was filled with little kidos running around and playing, sweet friends and family that love Solomon, and my heart was so full it could have burst. 

I was so excited to use my Cricut to make the personalized tool belts for each of the kids as a favor. I stuffed each one with a hammer, screw driver and some other little tools so they could help Solomon celebrate. I also used the machine to make the iron on for Solomon's shirt and the banners. Of course I had help from my mom and sister-in-law, because I have no clue how to use that crazy machine!! ;) 

The fireplace decoration was so fun to design!!! I also love how the tool box and one of the tools hanging was my grandpas. He would have loved this party so much, and I know he'd be crazy about Solomon!

Wyatt didn't want to wear the tool belt, but his face at his mommy wearing it below is hilarious! 

Solomon's face.... so cute and in disbelief that he get's to hammer nails into pieces of wood!!!
I saw so many fun ideas on pinterest for a tool party so I can't take the credit for this one! My mom wrapped foam floral blocks with wood printed contact paper and I bought silver golf tees for the nails. It was so cute to watch the kids wack away at them, they had a blast! 

Then the time came for what Solomon was dreaming about for weeks. The Birthday cake!!!!

I get to eat this???? All of it?

Thumbs up, and a big TWO! His little hand motions and dimples kill me!!!

these two, they have my heart!!! 

Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate our little guy. He is so loved, and I love all of you for it!! 

one year of great brews.

September 4, 2017

One of our favorite things to do as a family is check out breweries. It's such a fun family date activity,  and most of the time it includes chasing Solomon around as he plays with other kids and dogs, while sipping on a tasty brew. A win/win for all of us! One of our favorite breweries in Greenville is most definitely Birds Fly South. Peter has even said it's the best brewery within 500 miles, and I agree with him. The atmosphere is amazing (even better since there is a White Duck Taco Shop next door) and the people who work there really love it. You can tell it is their passion, and that always makes good beer!

We were excited to celebrate one year of awesome beer!! The party was a carnival theme, which made the whole family friendly fun, even more fun. The live music didn't hurt either. We got some tacos and some cheese dip and enjoyed the sunshine with a cool fall breeze in the air. The perfect way to start the month of September if you ask me!

& then we decided to leave since the bubbles were way too much of a temptation, and Solomon didn't really get the whole "stay behind the tape" rule. HA! It was a fun afternoon, and Birds Fly South threw one heck of a one year birthday party!
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