Some quality time with the lady I call Mom.

September 20, 2013

We have always enjoyed our Mom/Daughter date nights and thanks to a Living Social that was almost expired we gladly enjoyed a little Mom/Daughter time a few nights ago. Salad bar, baked potato, sharing a HUGE pork tenderloin and a carraf of wine while talking about the next couple of weeks. Talking about the excitement, the changes, the unknown... the wedding day, the honeymoon, my first Christmas as a wife. All of those things are so exciting and I'm so thankful that my mom is excited for me too!

She's kind of amazing. I will miss our nightly talks on the couch and our relaxing weekend mornings and riding to church together on Sundays. I'll even miss her yelling "You better get up! Have a good day, I love you" every morning as she leaves for work. The last 26 years of my life have been happy and a lot of that is because of her. She loves hard and that is a wonderful thing! It's been a good run, Mom. ;) I love you!

Back Hall Re-Do // Part One

September 19, 2013

I’ve never been a big fan of the color blue but something about this house has changed my mind. I absolutely love it!! It is such a happy and calming color so I decided to add a pop of happy in the back hallway with some pretty blue doors!

^^^ little blue birdie on the shelf in the kitchen thanks to my mom.
I have named her fergie the birdie!

When I decided I wanted to do this peter wasn’t so sure about it but the closer I got to actually painting them he became more comfortable with it. Then when the night came for me to seriously paint the doors blue he said something like, “sure, whatever” but not in a jerk-face kind of way. In a, I trust you so do it, kind of way. So of course I happily started painting this beautiful blue color on the two doors! One of the doors goes to the small back porch and the other goes to the garage. I really think it brightens up the hall a lot and I can’t wait to add little pieces to the walls to finish this space. I'm also a big fan of the grey color we selected for the hallway. It is just a little bit darker than the kitchen walls so it adds a little change to the hallway. And yes… that awesome 80’s linoleum floor will be replaced one day & I am crossing my fingers it will be sooner rather than later. ;)

^^^ cute man peeking around the pretty blue door!

The big move happens this weekend which I'm super excited about and we are only NINE days away from the wedding now. Single digits are very exciting!

Just a little bit longer....

September 18, 2013

and edit completed by me using Over and a beautiful mess apps.

I honestly can’t believe we are only TEN days away from the wedding day. It’s so bizarre. The time has literally faded by in the easiest way and I am thankful for that! We still have a list of things to do but I’m trying to stay calm and know in my heart everything will be completed in time. I’m trying to remember that all the work we have put in for this day isn’t for the day alone. It is for our memories and all the people that will be there to celebrate with us. We want this day to be magical and fantastic but we know it’s not just about the day. Like I have said many times, at the end of the day I will be married to my best friend and that is the most wonderful part!

A couple nights ago I was driving home and listening to our first dance song. Sitting at a red light I closed my eyes and imagined that dance. Blinking my eyes and trying to keep the tears held back I thought about how Peter will lead me around the dance floor while so many people watch us. I started to pray that our life will be that way also. That he will lead me with a gentle love and everyone will see and acknowledge that his act of leadership is done with affection and kindness. I remember the first time he played the song for me and my heart wanted to explode because of how perfect it was. I can’t wait for that moment when we are able to dance as husband and wife to such a sweet song. Ten days… that’s all I have left! I cannot believe it and I feel that I may burst! 

a little more celebration!

September 17, 2013

Not only did we celebrate my soon to be wifey-ness on the Bachelorette weekend but we also celebrated my Mom's Birthday! Her actual Birthday was on September 9th but I put my foot down and told her that we would celebrate her during the weekend too! 

^^^ Obviously I get my awesome personality from her, ha!

I know I have said it many times but I'm so glad to have a Mom that is also one of my best friends. We have so much fun together and I constantly feel loved so much which is something I am beyond thankful for. I'm so happy that we got to celebrate her a little bit that weekend because without her we wouldn't have been there at all, you know... because she birthed me and all! She was so surprised to receive some gifts and on her actual Birthday I made a home cooked meal for her and we had a relaxing night at home. 

 I hope you had a super wonderful Birthday
& I'm so happy you are such an important person in my life! 
I love you!!! 

Bachelorette Weekend // Part Two

September 16, 2013

I had every intention on finishing the posts from my fun weekend in Beaufort last week but that just did not work out. Life definitely got in the way... the normal wedding, house and work business with a little car trouble thrown in for a twist but all is good now. Yes, I am exhausted and very ready for October but I'm trying to soak in every moment. 

On to the the Bach fun... after the fun nights in the house on Thursday and Friday we decided to venture out to the little downtown Beaufort area. I had been dreaming of cute little antique shops and all my dreams came true thanks to all the adorable stores on Bay Street. I got some amazing deals on a few awesome pieces for the future home and I can't wait to use them and remember my fun weekend. After all the shopping we all dressed up for the night out. It was such a blast! From the delicious dinner to the tasty drinks everything was absolutely perfect. 

^^^ of course we started the day right with cinnamon rolls!  

^^^ this place was so adorable and the owner was precious! 

^^^ love them so much!

^^^ super sassy and beautiful friends!!! 

^^^ the MOH made the most beautiful sash and the crown is very special to us since Katie and Jocie wore it before me! 

^^^ a toast to a great night!! 

^^^ My bridesmaids and best friends!! 

^^^ she's gorgeous. and I love her. 

^^^ a little margarita thanks to Katie!

^^^ lemon drops. Mmmmm! 

^^^ in honor of my future husband, the "Peter Dance." 
Mainly when you move your body back and forth with your hands out in front of you. 

I seriously can't believe how blessed I am for all of these women! They are so fun and loving and I know that my bachelorette weekend wouldn't have been the same if any of them were missing. It is very rare to put a group of 15 ladies in one house for a whole weekend and not have any drama but I guess it can happen when you surround yourself with awesome people so what I'm trying to say is, you all are awesome and I love you so stinkin' much!!!!! 

Bachelorette Weekend // Part One

September 10, 2013

Let's just be honest, there was just way too much fun for one post! The entire weekend was so wonderful and I'm so happy I got to spend a stress free weekend away with some of the best women around. I really am so blessed to have such special people in my life that only pour in the good. All the love and sweetness that I felt all weekend long was exactly what this bride needed to take her mind off all the plans. We started the weekend early on Thursday with just a few of us driving to Beaufort, SC and by Friday night we had a total of fifteen women in the house. I've always wanted to visit Beaufort and I knew that the weekend would be so relaxing and chill if we went to this sweet little town. It really was the perfect location and I'm so glad we all got to go!

^^^ the excited group about to embark on the weekend together!

^^^ cute mom! 

^^^ view from the rooftop deck that we didn't use that often thanks to the awesome, slightly scary, winding stairs you have to take to get to the top.

^^^ gorgeous house that I most definitely did not want to leave!


^^^ welcome to the casa margaritas are a must... 
and obviously I am excited about them. 

^^^ I may have sang "sittin on the dock of the bay" a few too many times. 

^^^ I made special cups for everyone to drink out of all weekend and take home as a souvenir

^^^ my friends are wonderful... I mean, look how happy they make me!

^^^ nothing better than a little manicure time and happy hour on the porch after spending Friday morning trying to get some sun on the dock which of course left me with absolutely no tan lines. 
not even one. 

^^^ that's a whole bunch of love in one picture!

^^^ beautiful lady I am so blessed to call Mom!

^^^ since I have a super crafty Matron of Honor I had to show off her wrapping skills... pretty bows and some pink lipstick with a sweet card sealed with a kiss. I just love her so much and wish constantly I was that creative! 

 I really am so blessed to not only know all of these ladies but also call them my friends. 
You all spoil me and I really do want to say a BIG thank you and let you all know how much I love you! 
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