a beach kind of pool.

August 17, 2017

Our first full day in NJ was a lot of fun thanks to the Graydon Pool! It was the perfect before naptime activity. Solomon was asking for the beach, like he does eeeeeveryday, but even more so since we got on an airplane to fly to Jersey. He was so excited to go to the "pool" with his cousins since it had sand like the beach!! The water was perfect for the little guys to walk around and explore since it wasn't that deep. 

Oh, just my kid trying to kill himself, like normal. Such a monkey!

It was also a lot of fun to hang out at a spot where daddy used to play when he was growing up. I love a good nostalgic moment and this place was full of nostalgia. It was fun to listen to his family talk about where they used to sit and play as they remembered all the memories from when they were young. I loved watching Solomon and Peter play and create new memories together. It was a very sweet full circle moment. I hope we have a lot of future days at this spot with our family and their cousins!!!

bath, beach, pool... any kind of water, all he needs is two cups, and he's a happy guy! 

My guys, love them so much!!! 

we are having a......

August 11, 2017

Happy 20 weeks to our second baby boy!!!!! We are so excited to have another boy in the family. Solomon is still calling him a sister, but he does say he wants a boy, so there's that. I'm officially a boy mom!! My dreams are coming true ;) 

While cleaning out the office (future baby boy's room) with my mom last week, I found the board from our Solomon Announcement! So I thought if we did have another boy, I could tweak it a bit and add something to it. It's so fun to keep up with traditions! We all know how I am about special traditions, right....? 

Sweet boys, my sweet boys! Plural!! I can't believe it. My head is spinning with ideas and dreams of having little brothers in our house. Such a special gift that we are giving Solomon, and I pray that he learns to love his new best friend. Now, if we could only agree on a name for the little guy...... 

brother or sister.

August 3, 2017

I thought it would be fun to do a little post with all the old wives tales of baby predictions! I did the same last time with Solomon, and followed my gut in guessing a girl. I was wrong, obviously.... so I don't take much pride in my guessing. I will say that I'm going to be shocked if we end up with another boy. This pregnancy has been night and day different, but I'm also chasing around a toddler this time around.

One thing for sure though, I can wholeheartedly say that I would be so excited, and happy with either. A brother for Solomon would be so fun, thinking of two boys sharing a room with bunk beds and wrestling one day makes me happy. I've always dreamed of being a mom to boys. But, on the other hand, a girl would be so fun and new. The first girl in the big crew of Eliya boys. She would clearly be a perfect mixture of tomboy and girlygirl, I'm sure. Like I said, either way will be so exciting and fun!!!! We find out a week from today. I can hardly wait!!! 

So, what does the big list of boy vs girl say for us this time around.....?

1 // belly position
high for girl, low for boy

2 // heart rate
above 140 for girl, below 140 for boy

3 // skin
splotchy and acne for girl, clear and glowy for boy
(the ONE THING that truly makes me thing this could be a girl, cause my skin was perfection last pregnancy! & I also just felt pretty all the time, not so much this time!!)

4 // sweets
craving dessert for a girl, same as before for boy

5 // hair
no growth for girl, shaving daily for boy
(& this one is really throwing me because with Solomon I hardly shaved, but this baby is making me out to be chewbacca or something!)

6 // chinese gender test

7 // garlic
love it but don't smell like it for girl, not a fan of it for boy

8 // nausea
sick and throwing up for girl, no sickness for boy
(I was way more nauseous this time around, but never got sick)

9 // husband
gaining weight with you for girl, staying the same for boy

10 // mood
moody for girl, mellow for boy

11 // ring test

12 // urine color
bright yellow for girl, dull yellow for boy

Let me also say, that most of these things that say girl, also said girl last time with Solomon! Part of the reason my gut told me girl the whole time. What is your guess.....?? I'm excited to share the sex of our sweet baby #2, after we share the news with family and friends!

goals // 8.17

August 1, 2017

Well, I totally skipped the July goals, so we will just move on to August. You can thank crazy summer days, pregnant brain, which also gives me double mommy brain. ;) Thankfully, I did try and work on the June goals......

June Goals
1 // uhhh.... actually blog some - the blogging isn't back to normal, but at least I did some! Especially the trip to Florida. The new design is making me so happy and I feel a big rush of creativity. I want to get back to writing and sharing in my old routine. 
2 // get the house back in order - thankfully, the surge of second trimester energy has helped with my cleaning routines, but it still isn't where it was several months ago. Slowly but surely it will get back! 
3 // organize Solomon's room and clothing - this is the main thing I want to get done this month! I'm planning to get the office (baby#2's room) cleaned out so I can move the crib in, that way I can finish updating Solomon's room. I'm excited to share the changes to his room soon!!

August Goals
1 // organize Solomon's room and clothing 
2 // share the complete weaning process since we are officially finished
3 // finish planning Solomon's second birthday party
4 // begin a set time a day with Solomon for pre-school activities 
5 // announce what are second little babe will be
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