exploring charleston.

August 29, 2017

We love Charleston so much. It is such a fun city to visit and every corner is full of beauty. I don't care how many times we visit, I'm always shocked by how beautiful it is. Even our walks along the same area is somehow new each time. It didn't hurt that Friday was a perfect day to get out and explore after nap time, thanks to a rain storm that cooled down the hot and humid temps! The sun wasn't beating down on us, and there was a nice breeze by the water, as we walked around. It was fun to let Solomon run a little bit and get some energy out in between some stops for food!

I'm so going to frame this picture, I'm not sure why I love it so much... but I definitely love it!

Getting those wiggles out, like I mentioned! He was a wild man running around and chasing dogs. 

handsome hubby of mine! 

I really love this picture too, despite the fact that Solomon had just gotten in trouble for not listening to daddy or mommy when we told him to stop running away from us, and to not jump in that big puddle of water. Toddlers, am I right?? What I do love about this picture is how Solomon has that little grin on his face and how tall he is next to Peter. Just months ago his arm used to stretch out to reach Peter's hand, now it's just a relaxed hold. No straight arm at all. How do babies grow up so quickly??? We definitely have a toddler on our hands, running away from mommy and daddy, but also growing up so quickly! 

Rainbow row, always a quick stop on our walks when we are in the area. It's so pretty and happy. But, I think my favorite part of Charleston would have to be the trees. The huge, bending and curving trees, that frame the most beautiful southern homes. They are so pretty that you just have to stop and stare sometimes. Which is exactly what we did when we came across the tree in the photos below. 

Amazing, right??? I love everything about it!

Ending the day with some more running around and kicking the ball with daddy. It was a pretty perfect afternoon in Charleston, if you ask me! 

playing in charleston.

August 28, 2017

We just got back from Charleston on Saturday and we had a great time. It's always fun to tag along with Peter for a work job in that beautiful city. We thankfully stay downtown, so Solomon and I can explore during the day. The last time we went, we stayed right next to the children's museum which was a huge plus. The weather was SO HOT, and after a couple of days of walking and shopping on King, I knew a cool day in the museum was needed for both of us. They have so many cute exhibits to play with and I was excited to see how much Solomon loved the tool area. His birthday party coming up is a tool theme, and I'm sure he's going to love it!!  But over all, the art room was the biggest hit. After Solomon's excitement, I can't wait to check out the art area at the Greenville Children's Museum soon, since we haven't been there yet. 

I'm gonna buy one of these vests for home too, I think! He loved playing with the paint so much and he didn't get anything on his clothes. I was shocked. It would be fun to have some paint time and have some new art to hang up in the playroom!

Of course we had to go to the outside area for just a little bit to see what was around, and you should have seen his face when he saw the big fire truck. His little smiley face kills me! It was definitely a great day at the Charleston Children's Museum!!

Sights + Seats // Jianna

August 24, 2017

Jianna is the new "hot spot" in downtown Greenville and I've been dying to go. I've heard amazing things about it and I'm a sucker for any kind of Italian restaurant. Since we were on a date, we wanted to find a spot at the bar. One of our favorite things to do back in the day before becoming parents. We almost always preferred a bar seat over a table... luckily, I walked in and found two open spots right by the open windows. We were excited to find a spot since they didn't have any open reservations for the night. It was a great start to our date night, for sure! I only wish I liked Oysters, because everyone raves about them. We actually sat next to this adorable retired couple at the bar, and they said they are wonderful at Jianna. Maybe I should give them another try once I birth this baby....? Maybe?

Look at my giddy face, I was so excited and nervous. Solomon was having his first overnight stay at my mom's house, so Peter and I went out for a date night. It was also the last day of restaurant week in Greenville, and when I saw Jianna listed, I knew we had to go. We ordered one of the 3 for $30 meals, then an extra app, and shared it all. The meatballs and gnocchi were hands down the best. The flavors were so rich and full.

It's true, the pasta was magic! We also got a steak entree and it was okay. Peter wasn't a fan, I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. Next time we will definitely stick with the pasta meals. However, the lemon almond torte was delicious. The perfect mix of lemon and almond. I honestly forgot that it even had almond but instantly could taste the sweet almond flavor. One of my favorite things about almond in a dessert.

We will definitely head back to Jianna for a date night soon!! 
Check it out if you are in Greenville, I'm sure you'll love it too!

a day in New York.

August 21, 2017

When we planned our trip to NJ to see family, I knew I wanted to take the train to NYC for a day trip. I haven't been to the city in forever and we thought it would be fun to take Solomon for his first time. He was so excited to go on a train ride and see all the big buildings. 

Our plan was to head into the city early in the morning but we ended up sleeping in that morning instead. Since we were a little delayed, we timed the train ride perfectly for naptime. Thankfully, he passed out in Peter's arms after only ten minutes. I'm really praying that Solomon's baby brother is an easy and hard napper, too. It helps so much with traveling. We had to switch trains once he was already asleep, so we used the stroller to let him finish his nap. I honestly don't know how he slept through the whole thing. Loud train noises, up and down escalators (his feet and legs flew back and almost smacked his face at one point!), then we got stuck in the ticket gate. Peter and I were laughing so hard! We are definitely not city parents.... but he slept through the whole train ride into the city, a quick walk on the busy NYC streets and even through our lunch. This kid, he's a keeper!! 

his big cheeeeeese grin!

I got SUPER excited when we made our way over to Bryant Park and saw the merry-go-round. I went full on kid and couldn't wait to take Solomon on for a ride. I let him walk around and pick out the animal of his choice, he loved the frog and was excited to climb on. It was his first experience on any kind of ride and he obviously didn't know what to expect. I strapped him in and told him he had to hold on and that the frog was going to move up and down and we would spin around. He just sat patiently waiting. Once it actually started I was a little surprised at how quickly it moved and had to hold on myself. His reactions were so funny... it took a couple of times around for him to fully enjoy it. Such a fun memory with my boy, I'm so glad Peter got some cute pictures!! 

Still a little hesitant and confused.....

loving it and actually cracking a smile!

We spent the rest of the day exploring and walking around the surrounding areas and finding some snacks along the way. Solomon kept saying WOW over and over. It was so cute to see his big eyes looking up and taking in all the sights. I was surprised at how well my 20 week pregnant body handled it, but it was worth it. I didn't realize how tired I was until we were on the train ride back home. It was a great day, and a fun first experience for Solomon in NY! 
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