November 28, 2010

How come there are so many of them!!! Every year it happens... 

too many sides, too many desserts, to BIG of a turkey!  

All I know is I am on a Thanksgiving Hangover!  It was a wonderful weekend with family and I am so thankful but WOAH, I am tired, full, and NOT ready for tomorrow morning!  It's going to be a hectic, busy week for me!!  

Busy week ahead for me!  Sunday will be a wonderful relaxing day of church, lunch, and napping!! 

Wonderful Gifts!

November 25, 2010

It's Thanksgiving!!!! One of my favorite Holidays even though everyone else has seemed to forget about it… which I don’t understand at all! 

I have a pretty big day planned today!  Lunch with the Eliya fam, and then Dessert with my Mom’s fam.  After all the eating we are going downtown to Green Room to watch the Jets play! ((Goooo JETS!!))  Everyone will be home for Thanksgiving so I am excited about seeing everyone… especially since I can’t go to NJ/NY for New Years.  Bummer, not very happy about that but if I don’t have the vacation time then I can’t go unfortunately. 

I can't believe how blessed I am this year!!  

I have a forgiving and loving God that never ceases to amaze me.  I constantly make mistakes but I know that he will be there to pick me back up and show me the right way.  I'm definitely NOT perfect but He is and with Him in my heart I can have peace. 

My wonderful boyfriend, Peter that I do not deserve!!  He makes me a better person every day and I'm always surprised by the man that he is.  No matter what happens I know that he will be there; if I'm happy he makes everything sweeter, if I'm stressed he makes everything calmer, and he always helps me realize what is truly important!  I love him so much and I'm so lucky to have him! 

My strong Mom... I hope that she really knows how much I love her!  Things are always changing and evolving with my life since I am a very busy woman with a full time job and a boyfriend of 2 years and especially the changes in our family this year with losing both of my grandparents!  Family is so important and she is everything to me!  

My 3 best friends that I would be LOST without!  Jocie, Madison, and Katie!  They are so wonderful in different ways.  It's so funny how the 3 of them are nothing alike but the one thing they have in common is there passion for God.  They keep me accountable and constantly remind me of the woman I want to be.  I love you ladies SOOOOO much! 

All of these people are gifts from above and I would be so lost without them!  As for me, I'm about to eat some yummy Thanksgiving Turkey (including some awesome Arabic food) and have a glass of wine with the wonderful Eliya family!  

Put on those stretchy pants, people… it’s almost turkey time! 

Big 24!

November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to Katie Ayer… for the last time this year!  Haha!! 

My beautiful friend Katie turned 24 last week and we went out for dinner and drinks on Saturday night with a group of friends and it was WONDERFUL!  The shindig was at Chicora Alley, which I love BUT I had already ate dinner before for my Grandma’s Birthday so we just enjoyed the time with friends and had a nice beverage!  Here’s the whole group!!

                                                     Peter thinks he’s funny…

It was such a fun night and I’m so happy I got to celebrate a new year for one of the sweetest people I know! 
I Love You Katie Ayer!!!!

alive again!

November 13, 2010

Finally over this death of a sickness!!  The weather change does it every year but I’ve been so much better about taking vitamins and trying to stay healthy but of course gets me every year!  Since I didn't feel like doing ANYTHING, even blogging I'm in for a BIG update!   

LAST Friday night was a ton of fun, even though we did lose our first game of Kickball but we made up for it that night downtown anyways.  I really love our team this year.  Everyone is so AWESOME and we all get along so well!  I think we are going to do Spring Kickball too since LAST NIGHT we kicked butt and WON the whole season!  CHAMPIONS for the Greenville leagues!  10-1 for the entire season... pretty awesome, huh?!?  

Last Saturday I got to see my BEAUTIFUL friend from High School who I miss SOOO much! 

It really does stink that I don’t get to see her more often… not a fan of that.  It was such a great shower and baby Adelyn got the most adorable gifts!  She is going to be one very stylish chick!!  It was great to catch up with her family; I’ve missed them a lot too.

Later that night I had a very nice date night with my wonderful boyfriend. 

We went to High Cotton for dinner and it was my second time, Peter’s first.  It was very good… wonderful bottle of Chardonnay, salad, shrimp and grits, and the best espresso martini ever!   Perfect night!!!  THEN when we were finished with our meals the waitress was removing the plates and the VERY sharp knife fell off of Peter’s plate and by instinct he tried to catch it and cut his hand.  (Notice the lip... haha)

He made a funny joke and told the waitress that she’d be hearing from his lawyer tomorrow and she laughed nervously… he assured her he was kidding.  Of course the manager came over to check on him and see if he needed anything but he was so polite and kind… said he was fine and it was just a scratch.  Most people would make a big deal and try to get a dessert for free or even the whole meal for free but nope, he didn’t do anything but laugh it off and joke with the manager.  One of the many reasons why I love him so much! 

I'm excited about this weekend too!!  Birthday dinners for both my grandma and Katie tonight. Going to eat at my Grandma's favorite restaurant at 6 then heading downtown to meet up with Katie and the group at Chicora.  It should be a fun night!!  As for right now I am going to get ready while listening to the new WONDERFUL Sara Bareilles CD!  I'm in love with it! 

Happy weekend everyone!!! 

Here and There...

November 4, 2010

Well, Halloween Eve was a LOT of fun!  I definitely didn’t go with my original costume though…

A little different than Katy Perry!! Haha, I couldn’t find a blue wig and when I saw the Bride of Frankenstein wig I had to do it!  

 It was a lot of fun being scary.

 Peter stayed with his creative idea...
The Most Interesting Man Alive… “Stay thirsty my friends”  :)

It was a great party with yummy snacks, strong drinks, fun costumes, and a little outside hookah and fire pit!  The Sweet Apple’s always have the best parties!! 
Joe and Jessica Apple… OR Borat and Pirate Lady!

The rest of the weekend was so chill and relaxed which I loved!  We won our kickball game on Friday so we are still the best time alive.  ;)  
The Jets were not so lucky…. It was a very odd game.  Crazy wind, crazy offense DROPPING the ball non-stop, crazy costumes in the crowd… it was all just very strange!  Sunday night after watching the game we had our Hotdog dinner with my Dad, Aunt, and Grandma.  It was nice to spend some time with them and have a tasty dinner… Plus some Halloween candy!

Last night was the VERY FIRST Dinner Club with the ladies!!  We came up with the name, 3FDC!!  Stands for Fierce, Feisty, and Fabulous Dinner Club!  Hahaha, we are so silly but we had a BLAST!  It’s so wonderful to be around 5 Godly women that pump you up and not break you down.  That’s what ever woman needs and I have FIVE!  I’m so lucky!  We’ve set up the next 6 months so we know which house we will be enjoying a yummy dinner at once a month!!  Very exciting!  Girl time is a must and I’m glad we are making time for it. 

                          They are each so beautiful inside and out! 
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