Solomon // two months.

November 16, 2015

Two months already, how can this be???

Dear Solomon, 

Time for another letter. I completely realize that I'm doing this more for me than for you, but I do hope you will read them one day!! I am going to work on these letters throughout the months ahead so I can keep little memories that I want to always remember.

You are laying beside me on the couch as I write this and you are snoring your very loud snores. I don't know how such loud sounds come out of such a little person. You are growing so fast, it is crazy how you seem to grow an inch every week. Yesterday you were 23 inches and I swear you are at least 11 lbs by now! Even your three month clothes are getting too tight and you can hardly straighten your legs in some of the one piece outfits. 

Last night while I was feeding you around 4AM, I had some great prayer time with Jesus. I asked him to help me become the mother you need and deserve. I prayed for your heart to seek Him and find Him, loving Him with everything you have. I also prayed for your future wife, the woman that will love you and depend on you. I prayed for your future together and asked for God to be the center of that relationship, guiding it and shaping it into what He wants it to be. I want your heart to find the happiness that I have, the fullness of God's love and the oneness of the marriage I have with your Dad. This life is such a blessing and I pray that you find that happiness one day. 

You weigh 11.2 lbs!!!! Woah, you are growing like a weed! Yesterday, after you had your morning milk, I was brushing my teeth and washing my face while you were in the bassinet by the bed. I kept hearing you make this happy squeal and babble a lot so I went to see what you were doing. I found you staring at your hands, turning them around and talking to them. I was shocked, you are one smart boy! 

Thankfully your sleeping is getting better and you sleep at least three hour stretches if not more at night and you aren't fighting it as much as you were. This makes me so happy!! I can't seem to figure out your eating schedule during the day.... Some days, like yesterday, you went 3-4 hours between eating but today, you want it every 2 hours if not before! I just go with the flow and make sure you are satisfied and not hungry, that's what a momma is supposed to do, right? 

I feel that I might have jinxed you with this sleep praise I just gave you a week ago, or maybe you are fighting against the schedule I'm trying to make happen? Either way, you are not a fan of sleeping again. I have a feeling this will continue to happen, some ups and downs, but it is pretty obvious that you love to cuddle. You sleep best when you are in someones arms or beside them. This of course means that we are co-sleeping. That is a sentence I never thought I'd type but I have to say, I really love it. It is so sweet to feel your stir at night and then see you relax once you reach out and touch me. It is so easy to feed you and love you, stealing kisses all night long. I know that this season is a short one in the big picture so I'm embracing it. You are our little love and I want to love you as much as possible. We try to put you beside the bed, and the night always starts out that way, but you are usually curled up beside me once the 4AM feeding begins and you stay put till we are finished with our morning snuggles around 8AM. Those four hours are the sweetest!!

As I'm typing right now, you are curled up on my chest. I try and let you sleep on me for one nap a day and that is usually when I nap also. The rest are spent in your swing or hopefully in your crib. I'm still waiting for you to stop the strike of crib napping that you have become a huge supporter of. One day, until then, I will get some extra snuggles. It is perfectly fine with me, I'm happy you love to cuddle with me! And now you are awake... giving me your sweet signs that you are hungry and ready for a snack.

We had our first Halloween with our little monster. You didn't have a real costume this year but your dad is trying to come up with a great family costume for us next year! 

You continue to grow, of course. I believe you are going through your second growth spurt and your hungry often. Thankfully you are getting better at sleeping and I can rock you to sleep easily now since you aren't fighting it. I'm hoping this continues to happen because I love to rock you and kiss the top of your head as you breath heavily on my chest. 

We are still co-sleeping and you sleep so much better while lying next to me, plus it is much easier to feed you throughout the night. I always try the bassinet by the bed once you are asleep but if you fight it then it is wonderful to cuddle and nurse you to sleep. I know these days are limited so I will soak them in while I can! 

You had a lot of firsts during the past weekend!! Your first flight and your first trip to NJ! I know we will have many of them because you are so blessed with such a loving family there. You were covered in love and we got so many wonderful gifts for you. We also got to celebrate your new cousin that is on the way in December or January! It is exciting that you are already a big cousin to Giovanni and the family still has one more boy on the way. It's so fun to have our family growing with so many boys at the same time, there is a lot of fun in our future with all of you and so many more cousins to come, God willing! You did so well with the flight and your Teta was very helpful for me, we wouldn't have enjoyed it without her, that's for sure! 

Not much longer before you are two months old but today you are officially 8 weeks old! I can't believe we are already two months down. To think about celebrating your birthday in just ten months makes me feel so many emotions; excitement, disbelief and a few tears. I'm so excited for all the many memories we will have but its crazy to think about you not being my tiny little boy sleeping on my chest, like right now on this plane! But, you will be my big sweet boy, and that makes me so happy! 

A few nights ago while trying to get you to sleep in the middle of the night I had this thought about our future.... I was swaying back and forth, dancing and humming in your ear. I instantly thought about dancing with you at your wedding! My heart felt as heavy as your little body but I also felt so much happiness to think about your life ahead. We are so blessed by you and I can't wait to watch you grow. 

Two months old today! WOW, you are getting so big. The one thing that everyone says about you is how bright your eyes are. I love that about you!! I can see so much wonder and happiness in your eyes and that makes me a happy momma. It makes me feel like I am doing a good job and I can't imagine a better feeling. You are such a big joy in my life and I always want to be the best I can be for you. Not spoiling you but giving you what you really need. Praying for you, kissing you and taking care of you. God is so good to give you to us and we thank Him every single day. 


sweet boy and Gigi on his 2 Month laughing at raspberries
& singing the Zacchaeus song! Two of his favorite things right now :)

stats // around 12lbs 5 oz & 24 inches long
eating // lots of mommas milk and loving it. Feedings are still 2-3 hours apart but randomly can be around 4 hours if we are out and about and he's sleeping in his car seat.
sleeping // we tend to go to bed around 10:30-11:30 and he wakes up around 1, 3 and then 6 to eat but he is normally back to sleep easily. I'm feeling super rested lately with the easier nights.
wearing // still in size 1 diapers and 3 month clothing but they are both getting tighter each day.
favorite things // talking to both momma and daddy at the same time, being rocked to sleep with this album, riding around in his stroller & anyone singing songs to him.

1st Month

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