June 28, 2012

I finally bought a wonderful blender over the weekend and it’s just splendid! $30 at Belks on sale!!
This week I woke up and put the following in my hand dandy blender....

1 frozen banana
2 tbsp vanilla yogurt
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 splash of vanilla almond milk
1 handful of spinach

I started with just the frozen banana with the vanilla yogurt and almond milk blending till everything was smooth. Then I added the Peanut Butter and blended again until everything was smooth so I could add the handful of spinach. After the final blend the smoothie slowly started to turn green… and ta-da, yummy & healthy breakfast!

My awesome glass matches my drink!! 

For three days in a row I've enjoyed my "green" smoothie but I’m going to be 
playing around with a few other recipes and I’ll share those if they turn out well!

Hope you all had a smoooooooth day. ;)
I’m a dork.

ps. craftedlove is sharing a day in my life..... eeek! My first blog "guest post"! 
Thanks, Allison... I had a ton of fun telling what a typical 24 hours in the world of Cassie looks like. 


June 27, 2012

The more involved I become with my blog I start thinking of where I want the focus to be. 
After all, I love reading many different kinds of blogs.
Faith centered blogs. DIY blogs. Fashion blogs. Cooking blogs. Mommy blogs.

There are so many themes and the more I write on my blog the more I wonder what people categorize mine as. I love my faith and my heavenly Father. I love DIY and Fashion. I dream of my own family and being a wife & Mom one day and having that to write about.

I guess what I’ve started to realize is that my blog is me.
It’s special. I love sharing little details of my life with all of you.
I know I am so blessed to have the life I’ve been given. I’m so thankful that I know who gave me this life.

I hope that throughout every post I write that’s the one thing that’s steady. I want my words to point directly to my Lord. I want to live my life and glorify Him in every way and if I’m doing that then my blog will glorify Him as well.

And those who are peacemakers will plant seeds 
of peace and reap a harvest of righteousness.
James 3:18

I don’t say all this because I think I’m worthy of righteousness. I know I am not. I am a sinner and I will never be perfect until I see the face of Jesus one day..... but He has made me righteous when He died on Calvary. He made me blameless when he took all of my blame. That’s the most beautiful thing about His love.

You and I are not great. all our righteous acts are like filthy rags {Isaiah 64:6} but the love of the one true King is so much more than great and I’m honored to share how that love has changed my world into something beautiful.

This blog is His because everything in my life belongs to Him.
Knowing that makes every word I type even more sacred to me.

puppies, pizza and bugs.

June 26, 2012

This weekend was a whirlwind of activities....
I'm starting to realize that's how every weekend is going to be and I'm okay with that. 

My uncle had some new puppies arrive at his house on Friday morning so we took a little ride out to the country to hold some puppies. The dog breed is Bedlington and they are precious. 9 new puppies and 1 sweet Mama! 
After a long overdue sushi date with the boyfriend we went to meet up with some sweet friends that are moving to NC. Christina and her hubby Travis are moving their business, Christina Nicole Studio and she has gorgeous work that you should definitely check out! Her talent has evolved so much since I met her almost 4 years ago and I can't wait to see what else she will come up with next, even if it's all the way in NC. I'm pouting right now... just so ya know. 
Anyways... late night pizza with friends is always a great way to say goodbye. 
Pretty much all day Sunday I felt like poo and all that nastiness carried over to Monday. Headache/Migraine... hot/cold sweats... not being able to keep your eyelids open even after several naps. I'm guessing it was a bug but I'm back. 
Back and ready for a great week!!!

Christina and Travis... Greenville won't be the same without you. Come back often!! 

And I hope you, you, and you had a super duper weekend! 

Belated Birthday

June 22, 2012

I started thinking about my blog the other day and I realized I had no idea when I created her…
I went back to look and it was May 20th of 2010. I had no idea it was that long ago.
To think that this sweet little blog that’s so dear to me is already 2 years old and I didn’t even realize it is so crazy. 
I’m a little ashamed I didn’t throw her a party. oooops.

I've shared a lot of stories and feelings and faith and love in the words I’ve written in the past two years.
Honestly, I can’t imagine NOT writing almost every day now. It’s such a great outlet and my favorite way to create memories that I can keep forever.

Nothing makes me happier than those moments when friends, family or even acquaintances come up to me and tell me how much they enjoy reading my words. Totally makes all the time and work I put into it completely worth it! 
For all of you that have shared your sweet thoughts about Miss. Clound9 I really appreciate it. 
More than you know trust me!

So… in honor of YOU, the readers, here are some of the most popular posts from the past 2 years. 
Why not take a little walk down memory lane!?! no particular order:

These wouldn’t be so popular if it weren’t for your sweet selves taking some time to read them.
Thanks again, can’t wait to look back in a few more years and see which posts are most popular then!!

Shuckaa Sheeese

June 21, 2012

That’s how an adorable 2 year old says Chuck E. Cheese. 
A sweet little girl named Mackenzie had her Birthday Party yesterday and she sure does love some Shucka Sheese!  
If you could hear her say it over and over you would agree with me… 
she’s precious and her grin gets me every time!!!

I can’t believe that she is already 2… and her sister is almost 4! Gosh, I’m turning into one of those ladies that used to tell me “I remember when I used to change your diapers!” or “I remember when I used to feed you a bottle!” 
It’s weird.

But it’s also fun to see the babies I love grow up and become little girls, 
I know it’s not going to slow down at any point so I might as well enjoy it!
Like the little quote up there on the left says, 
“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”
I know that’s true about some of the “little” things in my past so far…

I had a wonderful night with a bunch of screaming kids. I didn’t eat any of the pizza.
And, I’m still afraid of that gigantic mouse!!!

Happy Birthday, Mackenzie! 
Love you and your big sister so much!!!


June 20, 2012

Earlier this week I was catching up on my 5 Year Question a Day Journal because sometimes I’m a little slack…

The question from July 12th was::
 is something in your way? 
can you move it?

I sat in my bed thinking… hmmm, what’s in my way?
At first I thought, nothing. You would think that’s a GOOD feeling 
but honestly it was one of the most frightening feelings I've felt. 
Nothing is in my way… I am untouchable. I am fearless.
I knew all of that was a lie and then I realized what is constantly in my way. satan.
he is the one that feeds those lies. Making you feel all sufficient on your own.
Making you believe that you alone are enough.

I know this is not true… I know that my spirit needs His love and light to be untouchable. 
To move forward without fear and rely on His strength and not my own.
I know that satan will always be around, he is as real as the Lord. He is after the children of a true King and I can feel it at times. When I had that realization in my bed a few nights ago I had a few seconds of fear in my heart 
but then I realized who already has my heart.
I am safe. I am loved, and I sat there saying his name over and over with a smile across my face because there’s nothing that makes me feel more safe than His beautiful name.

Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.
He makes me more than enough. He quenches those fears and lies. He is all sufficient. 

A little list of some things that are making me happy....

June 19, 2012

1. I'm so ready to be here. Yes... I'm lucky enough to enjoy a much needed vacation with my sweet boyfriend and some of his family!! Eeeeek, Royal Palm Beach Resort here I come... in 26 days!

2. I'm also addicted to Breaking Bad. It's stressful but I'm so glad that I made myself {okay, Peter made me} watch the first couple episodes of season 1 because I'm now on season 3 and I'm obsessed!!! Even if my heart feels like it might burst out of my chest with scared anticipation I'm still crazy about it!

3. I'm going to enjoy a fun Mom/Daughter date night all thanks to the wonderful LivingSocial on Friday night. I bought her a deal for a Mother's Day gift and we are finally going to use it so we are going to Grapes and Grains for a wine making glass! If there's one thing my mom loves almost as much as she loves me it would be wine so this gift was an obvious choice! Then after our fun class we will go to The Stomping Grounds for an incredible deal!! I've never been before but I couldn't turn down this price and I wanted to surprise Mom with it! For the price of  $20 we get to have a bottle ofI wine, an appetizer to share and 2 entrĂ©es! Heck yea!!! 

So... bring on the happiness and bring on the weekend! 
Happy Tuesday, everyone! xo

Lots of food and a hike

June 18, 2012

Some Saturdays are perfection and over the weekend I had a perfect Saturday!
I woke up in a happy mood since I knew I was spending the whole day with the Boyfriend... 
those days are the best. 

We went to the mountains to have some lunch at Victoria Valley Vineyards and enjoy some wine tasting then we took a little hike at Table Rock. The weather was so wonderful, warm with a cool breeze. 
On Saturday night we had a little date night at Nantucket. I've been wanting to try this place for a while now and since I was craving some seafood it was the obvious choice!

wine, some exercise while breathing in some fresh air, delicious food
and a lot of laughs with my man. 
Hope you all had a perfect Saturday and enjoyed your weekend as well... xo

a song.

June 15, 2012

i am waiting on You,
i’m waiting on You.
You say You’re good to those who wait.

my heart’s discouraged,
so i come to You expectant.
You say You’re good to those who wait. 

Lord, today You know what i need to do,
but You can do more in my waiting than in my doing i could do.
so i won’t run anymore. i’m waiting on You.

oh, wretched man that i am!
free me from my distractions.
You say You’re good to those who wait.

then confession and repentance
find me in the quiet.
You say You’re good to those who wait.
now i know You’re good to those who wait.

oh, my soul, wait upon the Lord. keep your lamp filled with oil.
oh, my soul, be not deceived! wait for Him. don’t be quick to leave.
Lord, today You know what i need to do,
but You can do more in my waiting than in my doing i could do.
so i won’t run anymore. i’m waiting on You.

{To Those Who Wait // Bethany Dillon}

The first time I heard this song I got chills. I was sitting in a church filled with people and Bethany Dillon was singing those words on the stage. I remember the tears making my vision blurry. Those words hit me like a ton of bricks because at the time I was struggling. I was trying to be strong. Trying to move on. Trying to figure out how I should move on. I felt completely lost… and those words helped me find a home.

Now when I hear this song I think of the strength I found in that moment. The comfort, safety and warmth I felt in my heart and I knew that all of those feelings came straight from the Lord. I know that I am His child and that peace is like no other feeling I’ve ever felt.

Sometimes waiting is the hardest thing to do but knowing that you are waiting in His presence makes all the difference. You aren’t waiting alone. You aren’t lost. You aren’t weak. You are His.
The best thing I ever did was learn that He can do more in the time I spend waiting at His feet than all of the time I could ever spend stressing and worrying about the little things. Waiting isn’t a bad thing, it’s a crucial part of a Christ centered life and I’m so thankful that the Lord used this song to teach me that 8 months ago.

God, the one and only – I’ll wait as long as He says. Everything I hope for comes from Him, so why not? He’s solid rock under my feet, breathing room for my soul, an impregnable castle: I’m set for life.”
Psalm 62:5-6 // MSG

A bride & her man making crepes!

June 13, 2012

The shower for Jocie was so beautiful and a ton of fun! 
I'm so glad that I got to help plan a fun shower for my best friend 
with my other best friend and my mom... yes, it was awesome! 

We decorated the house with lovely flowers (thanks to a dear friend) and old silver tea pots. 
Sipped on delightful mimosas and stuffed ourselves with delicious brunch. 
The tasty crepes were made by Jocie's future hubby and after trying his masterpiece I decided I would enjoy breakfast at the Conrad house at least once a month when they are finally husband and wife. 

I love Jocie like a sister.... after all, I never had a sister until I met her. 
Our relationship has had a few dips and turns but I never doubted the connection that we have. 
She brings out the best in me. I like to think I bring out the best in her....
She sees the best parts of me and makes sure to point them out so maybe I will notice them as well. 
We can be honest with each other and not worry about hurting feelings because deep down we know that we want the best for each other. She can tell me when I'm acting stupid. 
I can tell her when she is acting like a snot. 
We are sisters... and I'm so excited to call Adam my brother because he is a wonderful man! 
Love you both to the moon and back!! I can't wait for your BIG day! 

I'm so thankful for both of these crazy women... 
makes my heart happy! 

ps. I stole some of these pictures from Jocie. 
Thanks, friend. :) 

Sunshine + Surprises!

June 11, 2012

This weekend was simply wonderful and I can’t wait to share some of the pictures from Jocie’s Shower but more on that later this week…

Friday started my weekend off on the right foot for sure!
All last week we had “Employee Appreciation Week” at work and I helped my co-worker with the “Appreciation Planning” which of course meant we knew everything that was going to be given out. 
One of my most favorite things to do is plan surprises! Love them!!
I also love receiving surprises even more so it was super sweet to be given a gift card from my boss for all the planning. I really do have the best boss!

Every day last week everyone in my department got a little $5 gift card 
(coffee, ice cream, food) 
and on Friday we received one for Soby’s on the Side. 
YUM! It was the perfect idea since they have a Four Dollar Friday deal every week!!! CHA-CHING!

So, on Friday it was a perfect sunny day to take a little stroll down to Soby’s on the Side for some free lunch and it was delish!
I love downtown Greenville and I am so happy I get to work in the beautiful area on a daily basis; it really is such a blessing!!

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