the first outing.

September 30, 2015

Even before Solomon was born I was planning on checking out the Farm Fresh Fair and supporting one of my best friends and her business, Jocie Pots! I wanted to get a couple of things from her and I thought it would be a fun little family outing for us. I was a little worried when Solomon decided to take his time and come a week late, but thankfully our weekend was going so well. I am super thankful that he is a pretty chill baby, besides the handful of crazy crying nights. But that is going to happen sometimes, right?? I would say that 80% of the time he is really calm and when he isn't, it is usually easy to calm him down. So we braved the hot weather and enjoyed the little afternoon trip to The Farm at Rabon Creek with some friends! 

We are so proud of our sweet friend!!! 

The first outing was a quick one but when it involves BBQ sandwiches and fresh squeezed lemonade and time with friends, short and sweet is okay! Plus, this sweet baby boy seemed to love it also! 

{ps, my sling is by Sakura Bloom}

a sick baby and thankfulness.

September 29, 2015

As most of you have heard, we've been in the hospital for a little while with our baby boy. We are so thankful for all the love and concern and prayers that you have sent our way. I'm so happy that our happy and chill little man is back. 

I'm starting to realize that the "mother's intuition" is a real thing. I knew something was wrong on Sunday morning when he didn't want to swing while we ate our breakfast. That has become a part of our routine after he eats his breakfast and has his morning diaper change so it took me by surprise when I couldn't finish eating with Peter. The rest of the day was full of a fussy baby which is very uncommon. I wasn't sure if maybe his true personality was coming through or if something was wrong. I'm happy to say that our Solomon is back with us now and he is content again.

We still are unsure about what exactly happened. We decided to go to the hospital at midnight, early Monday Morning, because his fever reached 102. I was slightly freaking out and trying to stay calm but I knew something was wrong. When we got to the hospital they told us that they needed to do several tests because of his young age and the fact that his immune system was not strong yet. The next couple of hours was full of baby cries and some momma cries also. It was rough, but we got through it together as a family of three. 

This has been our first family crisis but I'm very thankful that it was short lived. Our best guess is a viral infection made him sick. All the tests (including the viral test) are coming back negative but there's no way to test every strain around. His fever is finally subsiding without the Tylenol and we are hopeful that it stays low during the night ahead.

During this hard couple of days I've learned a few things.... Solomon loves his daddy's voice and instantly feels settled when he is talking to him. The nurses and doctors here at the hospital are wonderful and yes, I think it is very ironic that we ended up in the hospital after all, even after the wonderful birthing center experience. This baby loves to be naked and really enjoys being wrapped up in a cozy blanket and nothing else. The amount of support that we have received from family, friends and even some strangers is the most comforting feeling I've ever felt. We are thankful for these things. God is good and we are so blessed with this little life he has given us.

2 years.

September 28, 2015

a little walk down memory lane on this special day........

I'm so thankful to have this man as my husband and even more thankful when I watch him as a father. He is so good, just a good person in general, and always brings out the best in me. That is so comforting and I'm glad I can call him mine. You are a good catch, babe, and I'm so glad I have you around to catch me when I need it. Love you so, so much!

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& are artistic property of Red Apple Tree Photography

the first bath.

September 25, 2015

One of the things that I was most nervous about was the first bath. I know babies don't normally like them and it breaks my heart when he screams and yells (mainly during diaper changes) so I wasn't looking forward to that either. Once we decided to tackle the job I knew I wanted to get some pictures to remember the moment. His sweet little face was so unhappy but there were a few moments when he could relax and enjoy it a little bit. 

I know that he will eventually love baths and I'm excited for all the splashes and giggles whenever that time comes, but for right now, I will soak in all the firsts that we get to have with our little man.

Solomon's Birth Story // part two.

September 24, 2015

Here we are again, with part two... 
you can look back at part one from yesterday if you missed it! 

Sunday - September 13, 2015
Once we got home from the office I had a lot of cramping. I was warned about the blood and cramping from the sweep but I was hoping that everything would start happening soon. I ate a piece of toast with melted cheese (seriously, the best thing I had ever eaten at that time, HA!) and some tortilla chips. I then decided to go up stairs and try and nap as much as possible so my body could relax and do it's thing. The contractions were around five minutes apart and getting stronger. I was so tired so I fell asleep easily but every five minutes I would wake up all tense in pain and then I'd crash again before the next wave five minutes later. It was kind of amazing how fast I would go to sleep and how long it felt like I actually slept. If I wasn't looking at my phone I would have thought I was sleeping for 10-15 minutes between contractions, not just five. After around 20 minutes of doing this I decided I had to get up, this was definitely not rest and waking up tense from the pain wasn't helping either. 

During contractions I tried my best to let go completely and let my body do what it should. I didn't want to fight the wave, just simply sink into it and breathe. I went downstairs to Peter and told him that it was getting intense but I was hoping it wasn't false labor from the sweep. They told me that the contractions would need to be consistent for a good hour before thinking it was moving forward. After thirty minutes of contractions that were five minutes apart I had Peter call Caryn. She could hear me moaning through the pain every few minutes and she said it sounded like active labor for sure but to call her back in thirty more minutes if it stayed or picked up and she'd be over. Within the next thirty minutes it definitely picked up and they were coming around 2-3 minutes apart. Peter called her back and she said she was on her way. 

After days of hoping and wondering when it would happen, I was very excited. I was so ready to meet our baby boy and I was hoping that things would move quickly now thanks to the sweep and all the acupuncture appointments I had over the past few months. 

Once Caryn arrived she asked if we called the midwife, Barb was on call still and she lived an hour away. We decided to call her and let her know, she wanted to hear me talk and listen to a few contractions to see what she thought. After talking to her we decided that we would head to the Birthing Center around 6:30PM. It was around 5:30PM when Caryn got to our house. 

During all the labor stages so far she continued to tell me that I wasn't in active labor because I was too verbal. Now that I was in active labor and she saw how I was handling it she told me that she underestimated my pain tolerance and that I would probably be talking throughout the entire process. I laughed and agreed with her, it made me feel so good to know that she understood that. She also told me that I needed to keep talking when I got to the Birthing Center so Barb would understand how I labored also. After we talked to Barb she told Caryn that we might want to wait a bit longer since I was talking a little too easily. HA. Caryn told her that we would be there around 7PM since I was definitely in active labor. 

The next hour went by quickly.... the minutes flew by since the contractions were so close together. I had my music playing and I was walking and swaying around the house. Lots of dancing with Peter, swaying back and forth and him helping me remember to breath. 

At 6:30PM we got in the car and the second ride to the Birthing Center was more intense. I didn't even bother to buckle up and the contractions definitely didn't slow down like before. They were all very active and I had to grip the car door so I could try and relax the rest of my body. Once we arrived Barb was there to check me and see where we were. I knew we had be past a 3 and I was hoping for a 6 since that's what I needed to be admitted. I was a 5. ugh. But Barb said I could walk around in the garden area and use the birthing ball to get things going. She said that typically women go 1cm per hour so she would check me again at 8PM. When we went downstairs to the Birthing Center (the office is upstairs which is where I was checked) my mom was sitting on the couch waiting for us. I was so happy to see her and thankful that she was there. 

I walked around, swayed on the ball, both Peter and Caryn tried to help me relax and breath but I was trying my best to surrender to the pain and relax every muscle in my body. After 45 minutes I had to use the bathroom so I went into the Birthing Center and when I was finished Barb said she was going to admit me. I was so happy!!! I smiled and said get the shower on! 

I walked into the room and started taking off my clothes. I put on my swim top and was ready to get in that hot water. I took turns between the ball in the shower and standing for each contraction. I didn't need to keep switching positions to keep the contractions going anymore but it felt better to keep moving and I thought it would help things progress quickly. The time is really a blur past this point since I didn't pay attention to the clock. 

After about 30-40 minutes in the shower I moved to the bed since Barb said laying on my side would help push things along. They put several pillows between my legs and I rocked back and forth during the contractions. I had around 3-4 contractions per side but wanted to get up after those. 

Once I got on the ball by the edge of the bed I felt like things started to get real... I had my music on and I felt my entire self completely let go. I was singing the worship songs and praying. There were times when I would just start crying and Barb said that it was okay to be scared and nervous but I laughed and told her that I wasn't scared, I was so excited and happy. I was going to meet my baby soon and I knew God was in control. I had prayed for this moment and I knew he would give me strength to do this. He was in the room, I felt His presence so strongly. (even now when I listen to the songs from my playlist I start to cry. I don't know how I'm going to sing those songs at church on Sunday mornings without weeping the entire time, they are so special to me now)

So there I was.... swaying, singing, crying and ready for my baby. I asked when I could get in the tub and Barb said I needed to be an 8 or more because the water could slow things down if I get in too early. I asked to be checked and she said we should wait a bit longer. She was concerned that I was still too talkative. I wanted to laugh... I think I remember Caryn telling her that I will be talking while pushing since I've been verbal the whole time. I'm a talker, and talking through the pain helped me cope with it. Finally after several more contractions she decided to check me. I've never prayed so hard as I did in that moment, laying on that bed waiting to be checked and hoping I was at least an 8. She smiled and said "well, you want some good news?!?" I said YES! She said, "YOU ARE A NINE" 

I then screamed, FILL UP THAT TUB! It took around 30 minutes to fill the tub and I got in at 11:30.... They told Peter that he would probably be born around 3. My mom went to make some coffee for Peter since he was exhausted. He didn't have the endorphin's and hormones racing through his body like I did, and he was working so hard. Never leaving my side and helping me with everything I needed for the past several days. 

Once I got in the water I started to feel the urge to push. The contractions didn't slow down thank God and the water felt great. It honestly wasn't as hot as I thought it would be which was kind of a bummer but it still felt great to be in the water. As I was pushing I felt a lot of pressure and Barb told me to reach down and see if I could feel anything. I told her I felt something hard and slick like a water balloon, she said that was my bag of waters. It was so tight and I wanted to pop it so bad. I asked if I could pop it and they laughed and told me it wasn't a zit. They said as I started to push more it would break. Eventually, it popped and it was the biggest relief. My mom said it was so awesome to watch in the water because it was like a big poof of light pink water. 

Since I am being completely honest with this post I will talk about the worst part of labor right now. The poop. Yes, I said it. It was the most annoying thing and I felt so self conscious about it. You use the same muscles to push out a baby as you do to use the bathroom anyways, so it is only natural, but I couldn't  stand the feeling. That continued for the next several minutes and I think that caused labor to slow down a bit after the water broke. I lost my train of thought and I couldn't concentrate on anything anymore, except for that feeling. 

After the water broke I started to feel the urge to push again and Barb asked me if I could feel his head coming down. I told her I didn't think so... she said do a couple more contractions and we will see what you feel. I tried to pay attention during the pushes to how I felt but I never felt any head movement at all. She then said it would be best for me to get out of the water so she could check me. She then realized that my cervix lip was way too tight and his head couldn't get under it. I then had around 4 contractions while Barb was pushing my cervix back over Solomon's head. Once he was past that he could come down much faster. I'm so thankful that she realized there was a problem instead of letting me push for a long time. I honestly think that if I were in the hospital with an OB I would have pushed for hours and then a csection might have been needed, again, I am so thankful for the midwives that our hospital system has available and the amazing birthing center to use. 

Once the cervix problem was fixed I tried to push on all fours. I know so many women love this position but I did not. Once again, I felt very self conscious about pushing at this point. They asked me if I wanted to try the toilet since it is a sitting squat position and a lot of women like to push there. I said yes and gave it a shot. Then Caryn did the best thing she could have done, she asked me if I wanted to be on the toilet because I was worried about using the bathroom and I said yes. She called me out and that was exactly what I needed to snap out of it and prepare to meet my baby. I got off the toilet and walked back in the room to try the swing. HECK NO, I thought... get me out of here. So then I went back to the bed. 

I was on my back but kind of siting up in a squat position with pillows behind my head so I could spread my legs and push. My mom was on my left side and Caryn was on my right. Barb was helping things move smoothly with hot rags and numbing cream so I could push efficiently. Peter was about to pass out from being so tired by this point so he sat by the bed. He also didn't want to see everything that was going on so I had my women around me to help me push.   I also had a nurse, Julie, and she was so helpful with a mirror so I could see what was happening. I was past the freaking out time and I was ready to see my baby. Just before the mirror came out Barb mentioned all his hair! I was so ready to see my baby boy! During the contractions I tried my best to push three times but I could only get two out. Every single time, I felt the contraction coming, I would take a deep breath, push, breathe in again, push and then I'd be out of energy. The mirror helped a lot with this, it gave me the incentive to push harder and with more force. Once his head started coming out Caryn said that her guess was 2:07 for a birth time. I asked her what time it was and she said 1:50, I told her no way- I couldn't wait that long. He was born at 2:04! 

During that last push I actually got FOUR pushes during one contraction to get his head out. I was beyond ready to hold my baby. When his head came out Barb told me only one more push for his shoulders. I then got to reach down and put my hands under his armpits and pull him out. I brought him toward my chest but realized something was tugging him back. Barb then said to be careful since his cord was short. I was worried and asked if he was okay and they said he was perfect and no need to worry, the cord was fine and he was fine. 

The first few moments with him on my chest were amazing. He was looking right at me and it was like looking at myself. I was so shocked that he looked so much like me. Peter came over and got in the bed with me as soon as he was out and Solomon jerked his head and looked at his daddy when he spoke for the first time and he had this look in his eyes like, "hey, I know you!" It was such a wonderful moment that I will never forget. We were a family of three, and our baby boy was perfect. 

A lot of people have asked me how I handled the pain. I honestly don't know, I mean, it was painful but it was birth. It's supposed to be painful, but it is so worth it. I can't wait to have more babies if the Lord decides to bless us with more. I was wondering how I would feel after a natural birth and I can honestly say I would love to have ten babies right now. It is amazing and I feel so thankful to experience such a wonderful birth. 

A few days later while talking to my aunt about his short cord, she mentioned how long cords are so dangerous and it hit me all off the sudden, God answered my prayer. I was so worried the entire pregnancy that the cord would wrap around his neck and kill him during the 9 months or during delivery, and now knowing how short the cord was, I realized that could have never happened. It wasn't too short, it wasn't too long, it was just perfect and God knew it. He answered so many prayers during this time and during my labor. I'm so thankful for every single thing He did to make this baby mine. He is sovereign and He is my protector. I can't wait for Solomon to know this love one day. That is my biggest prayer now, for him to love the Lord and know him fully. 

He is good, and we are so blessed by this baby boy! 

Solomon's Birth Story // part one.

September 23, 2015

The birth of our baby boy was a long process thanks to prodromal labor. I had heard of this thanks to the birthing sessions with our doula, Caryn, but I was hoping we wouldn't have this happen. I don't know why, but I thought things would happen quickly so I didn't really prepare for days of labor. Even if it isn't active labor, it is still labor in my book. Contractions happen, your can't sleep and you are hoping that things will progress into active labor - that is still labor. So, here's the story of how Solomon was born.... even all the little details of our prodromal labor. 

Friday - September 11, 2015
I woke up at 1:30AM with strong cramping and needed to use the restroom. I then realized I was sweating like crazy and I changed into tank top and underwear. I got back in bed and tried to start timing any kind of pain. I was really confused at when pain was starting and stopping so I tried my best to sleep.I couldn't get comfortable to sleep and decided to try and rest on the couch downstairs at 2:30AM. I turned on my worship music playlist and tried to sleep, thankfully I slept till 5AM. I did have several wake ups with sharp cramps and I was soaking wet in sweat, like sweat dripping down my chest. I decided to call Caryn, around 6AM and she told me that it was definitely beginning of labor signs and that my body was preparing. She also said to not get upset if things slow down when the sun comes up because that is very common, and if that happens things will most likely kick into high gear at night. 

Ironically, I have been saying since day one that the due date should be 9/12 since my first ultrasound at 7 weeks said that was the measured due date but they didn't change it because my last period due date was 9/7 and the difference was less than a week.

I went up stairs and woke Peter up around 6:30AM and told him the news. I was glad he got a good nights sleep, he got ready for work since nothing was really happening and he works across the street from our neighborhood anyways. Super thankful to have him so close! The rest of the day was relaxed. I ran some errands with my mom and did some cleaning and organizing around the house. My sister in law came to town to meet Solomon so she came over to hang out with us before dinner. Peter and I decided to do a takeout dinner at home, just the two of us so I could relax and have a quiet night. Around 8PM things started getting a little uncomfortable and I felt like things were ramping up again. After trying to lay on the couch for a little while I decided to take a hot shower and wash my hair so I could feel prepared for bed. After drying my hair I crawled in bed around 10PM and turned on my worship music to sleep and I put some lavender oil on my pillow. I could feel the pressure building and my pelvic bone was super sensitive. I told Peter I felt like all my lady parts were splitting open and he reminded me that was a good sign. I kissed him and told him I loved him! 

Saturday - September 12, 2015
I woke up almost every hour all night with cramping and had to use the bathroom frequently. I was hoping I would lose my plug at some point but no luck. I know not every one loses it but I was really hoping I would since that is usually a sign that things are turning toward active labor. Finally, at 5AM I decided to wake up and go downstairs. I had the feeling that I needed to stand up and I was well rested. I got some ice water and a fig bar and stood at the kitchen island swaying back and forth while I tried to eat. I instantly felt nauseous after the first bite but the water helped. It was also weird that when I finally woke up I realized my hair was clean and washed and I had totally forgotten about my shower the night before. It felt like everything from yesterday happened a week ago. Shortly after I got up I had a strong contraction and decided to start timing them on the next one to see if there was a pattern. I was trying not to get too excited and slow things down, so I decided to go sit on my ball and roll back and forth. 

I sat in the living room rocking on my ball and praying out loud. It was calming to hear my voice and know that baby boy could hear it also. I told him I was excited to meet him and for him to come soon. I thanked God for this healthy pregnancy and asked for His strength and protection during the hours ahead. I was ready! Now just waiting for things to start happening faster. As I started to time the contractions I turned on my worship music playlist that I had put together and while I was in my third contraction the song Oceans by Hillsong United came on and the words hit me so hard. I had already thought of the contractions as an ocean of waves that I would need to swim through and breathe deeply until the wave crashed over me and the contraction was finished. Then the words "You've never failed, and You won't start now" came right after the contraction was finished and I sang the words out loud. I knew it was true and I knew that God would give me the strength to endure each wave ahead and I would end up with my baby boy on my chest! 

After about an hour of timing the contractions I realized the were normally around 5-6 min apart and they were lasting around 45 seconds to 1 minute. I called Caryn and told her the news. She sweetly deflated my tires a little bit and said that I was way too vocal for my body to be in full on labor at this point which is totally normal for first time moms. (prodromal labor) She also told me to just ignore it and relax, eat some food and try and go back to sleep, stop timing everything and I would know when things were happening and my body was on board. I was a little bummed but I knew that she was right and I was thankful that I had 100% trust in her. 

After trying to sleep in bed for a little while and snuggle with Peter we decided to get up and go down stairs for some coffee and French toast. Peter makes French toast most weekends but it was seriously the best I've ever had that morning. I had several contractions while sitting at the kitchen table and I had to put my fork down and stop talking so I could breath through the pressure. They were lasting about a minute still and the strength of each one was going back and forth, some strong and some just annoying and uncomfortable.

We relaxed and talked to some family till around 10AM and I wanted to take a walk. The weather was amazing and cool, like a true fall morning. I thought it was perfect to welcome our boy. The walk was good and I felt like it helped a lot but the contractions were still off and on but they seemed longer. I thought this might be a good point to lay down and try and nap for some extra energy in case things start progressing. I slept for about an hour and a half and Peter said I didn't seem restless at all. Around 11:30AM I woke up with a really strong and long contraction. I did feel rested which was nice but the contractions weren't building so I decided to take it easy and rest on the couch. 

After a little while we went to eat lunch at Peter's mom's house since his sister was still in town. It was the same as breakfast, swaying back and forth constantly and eating between contractions. They were very sporadic and I knew since I still wanted food and was talking easily they weren't anything to get excited about yet. We left lunch around 2:45PM and went to Earthfare to do some grocery shopping before baby. I was having a lot of contractions while I pushed the cart around the store, stopping and swaying and breathing through each of them while in the store. After our shopping trip I came home and decided a nap would be good. I felt tired and I was hoping things would progress as the night became closer so I knew I needed rest. All my lady parts were feeling really sore again like the night before, almost like I could feel things spreading and opening. Not sure if that is what dilation feels like but I was hoping for the best. 

I woke up from the nap around 6PM and felt hungry but rested, even if it was only an hour of sleep. The contractions seemed longer and deeper but they didn't seem closer together yet. Peter also took a nap on the couch so I was glad he got some rest also. He made me a toasted sandwich and I ate that with some tortilla chips and decided to take a walk and see if I could get things rolling around 6:30PM. Contractions quickly got uncomfortable and I was feeling a lot of pressure, that continued for several hours and after realizing any time I sat still they would slow down to 7 or more minutes between contractions so we called Caryn to ask what to do. She told Peter that I need to rest and try and sleep even if that means contractions will slow down and she would bet I'd wake up in an hour or two with active labor. My body just wasn't ready for the real thing yet. We propped some pillows up on the couch behind my head and under my knees so I could try and sleep in a sitting position to take some pressure off my hips, I also ate an apple with peanut butter. It was around 10PM at that time.

Sunday - September 13, 2015
Around 1:30AM we called Caryn to come over. I felt confused and unsure of what was going on and I thought I'd feel better just having her around to tell me what I needed to do. She arrived and told me that I was definitely not in active labor but that she'd stay and see how things were going for a while. Since this was my first time with this experience I just felt more comfortable having her there to tell me what I should do. We also called the midwives to give whoever was on call a heads up that we might be there sometime in the near future. During the next several hours I felt the contractions going from simple contractions to active contractions that actually pushed the baby down, I was thankful once I could tell the difference so I knew what to look for. Around 4AM Caryn decided to head home and told me to give her a call if things start progressing. I went to bed and tried to get some sleep since things always slowed down if I decided to rest. 

I slept for a couple of hours and then told my mom to come over that morning around 6:45 so Peter could have some help. Around the same time I had the urge to go to the bathroom and I lost my plug. It was not what I expected but I was pretty sure that I had lost it all. I was hoping this was a sign that things were going to speed up. 

During that morning things continued like the night before... If I kept moving the contractions would keep up but if I sat down or stayed in the same position for too long they would slow down to 7-10 min. Caryn came back over during the morning time and tried to help push things along with some advice on positions but she still thought I should be resting and waiting for my body to take over. She left around 11 while I was napping. I realized that things would also slow down when she came over which surprised me. I think I felt like I had to perform and prove that I was in labor which is funny now as I look back. I wish I would have taken her advice and just ignored everything until I couldn't and then let the active labor take over. 

Peter and I decided that we wanted to take a trip to the midwife office so I could be checked and also sweep my membranes. I had an appointment the next day to do both of those things since Monday was my 41 week mark, so I thought I might as well do it now in hopes that it would speed things along and our baby would be in our arms by Monday! The ride to the office was interesting but not terrible since the contractions slowed down while I was sitting. It took us around 20 minutes to get there and I had three contractions during that time. One of them was super strong and I had to unbuckle and move to the edge of the seat to find a comfortable position. I felt like he was trying to come out but now I laugh thinking about the difference in those contractions and the ones that actually brought him out. 

Once we got to the office I was so happy to get checked and I was hoping to be dilated to anything past one. That was my biggest fear because I was afraid everything that had been happening for the past few days was actually nothing at all. Barb, the midwife, was pleasantly surprised that I was at a three - my plug was gone (so glad that was exactly what happened earlier, after all) - I was fully effaced - and Solomon was a zero station. All really good news and I was so happy I could almost jump off the table!! Barb then asked me if I wanted to sweep my membranes and told me that it could cause the contractions to become stronger and irregular. I felt that it would help push me over the edge and really help with starting active labor. After days of waiting for active labor and knowing that I would be back in the office the next morning to sweep my membranes anyways, I knew I wanted to do it! It honestly didn't hurt that bad and I was praying things would pick up! When we got home I ate some food and tried to lay down for a nap so my body could relax and the membrane sweep could do its job. I was hopeful and praying the whole time!!!! 

& that is where I will stop, sorry... Such a tease, I know! But, things get interesting next. 

Read on for PART TWO

our baby boy.

September 21, 2015

As most of you have seen already, our baby boy is here!!! 

Solomon Peter Eliya
born on September 14th, 2015
2:04AM - 7lbs, 12oz - 19 3/4 inches

I can't wait to share all the details soon!!!! 

Mom's Birthday.

September 10, 2015

Yesterday was this sweet woman's birthday and we were so happy to take her out for a little birthday celebration dinner! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping to give her a grandson for her gift this year, but he is being super stubborn and decided he wanted to have a day for himself. I am thankful that we were able to have some delicious food and spend time with her on her birthday, though. Carrabbas is one of those restaurants that we forget about but every time we go (around every 2-3 years) we always wonder why we haven't been in forever. The food was so good and the company was the best!

Now I'm going to spend the rest of today doing all those things you do when you try and persuade your baby to make that very exciting exit.... ya know, go shopping at Target and walk a LOT, have a dance party for a few hours in the living room and even clean some base boards. 
Cross your fingers and say a few prayers for us!!

Pregnancy Post // third favorites.

September 8, 2015

The third trimester is almost in my rear view mirror and I'm excited to welcome the fourth trimester! Just being patient and waiting for Solomon to decide on when he is ready!!! But, here are some of the things that I loved during those uncomfortable few months and especially in the last month of pregnancy. 

1 // leggings
These are super comfy and I've been loving them around the house and even sleeping in them at night. I find myself washing them a lot since I'm constantly reaching for them. I'm also packing them in my Momma Bag for the birthing center stay since they will be comfy during that postpartum time also. 

2 // fitness ball
I've been living on this thing during the past few weeks and I know I will be using it a lot during the early stages of labor at home also. 

3 // best pillow everrrrr
Peter actually bought me this pillow for my Mother's Day gift and I've used it every day since but it has been a life changer during these last few months. The more uncomfortable sleeping becomes the more I love this pillow. I also love that it can be used for breast feeding after the baby is here also! My sis-in-law swears by this pillow which made me want to buy it in her first place.

4 // acupuncture
I started going to acupuncture once a week during week 34 and bumped my visits up to twice a week starting in week 37. It has been such a great relaxation technique and I'm interested to see if the labor is "fast and furious" because of it also. I did a lot of research about acupuncture and pregnancy and after reading a lot I thought it was worth a shot. We'll see how it all works out! 

5 // red raspberry leaf tea
I also started drinking this every few days after starting acupuncture and now that I'm in the end of pregnancy I'm trying to drink a cup a day, as long as I remember. It tastes great and the benefits of drinking it before birth and after birth was enough for me! 

6 // dates
I usually gobble down six of these a day while drinking my tea. It has been said to help shorten labor if you eat six a day during the last month of pregnancy and why not, since they taste so great! I'm kind of obsessed with them. Some don't like the taste and have to mix them with something else but I personally love them and could have way more than six a day. My doula also recommended eating them to keep "things regular" during those last few weeks of pregnancy and I can honestly say they have helped a TON! 

7 // hot showers
This is the one thing I can hardly go without. I could honestly take several a day, it just helps me feel more comfortable and I love to have a hot shower before bed and slather my whole body in coconut oil before putting on a pair of clean pajamas. It's a nightly ritual that I don't see ending after having the little man. I'm thinking this will be my ME TIME each day. 

What did you love during those last few months??
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