In The Word // October Study Plan

September 30, 2014

That time again.... here's the next month's study plan!

I wanted to share a little bit of my jouney with this bible study today.
Open up and be completely honest with all of you!
So, here we go.....

I'm the type of person that hates to get behind. I don't like to miss things in my schedule, and when I do I instantly want to keep missing them instead of catching up. This is a problem, I know I struggle with this but it only continues to happen. I honestly don't get it, why am I this way??

When I started the #inthewordin1year study, I started well! It was great, I made time and I was on schedule for almost the entire first month. Almost. Then I got behind during a busy weekend. Then that weekend turned into a week. I was dying to catch up but there weren't enough hours in the day. Finally I did and it felt good! Skip ahead to my Mom/Daughter weekend in Savannah and I missed every single day of reading for a full weekend. Then again, a weekend turned into a week and I had a LOT of reading to do before I could catch up again.

My sweet, and honest husband recently told me, "I make time for what I want to do...." Meaning, I make time for this space. I make time for reading other blogs. I make time for TV shows. I wasn't making time for His Word. It burns, right? When you realize that you are putting EVERYTHING ahead of Him. All the little things, (and some big things) coming before the biggest part of my life. The main reason for my life at all.   

Last week I was feeling defeated. I was behind in my reading and I truly cried out to God for time. I asked Him to give me the chance to catch up and present space for Him so that I could not deny Him. Later that night after dinner Peter asked if I would mind if he went to play some basketball with friends. This is not normal... he hasn't played basketball with friends our entire year of marriage. I almost laughed out loud when he mentioned it. I of course said yes, go! Have fun!!! While he was gone I snuggled into the corner of the couch and I opened my bible. I put down the phone. I turned off my random thoughts. I found my way back to Him. Of course it felt great. I felt lighter, more free, more secure.

It is such a wonderful thing to realize that my security is found in Him. Even on the days that I didn't make the time, I always came back to His grace and His love. It is the center of who we are as His followers, right? So it only makes sense to find that perfect security in Him and within our time spent at His feet. That night was exactly what I needed.  I kicked my butt in gear and ran straight for His lap. I found comfort there like I always do and I wanted to kick myself for straying away from it. But in those moments of pitty and looking down on my faithfulness I realized, just like I always do, that He is always faithful. He will always be here and for that I am thankful. He is here, and He will never leave. Amen, for that!

I hope you all are doing well with this study, but if you are not, I hope you find peace that it's okay. No matter how far behind you are, it only takes that one decision to open your bible and start again. Start where you left off and day by day you will find Him there in those pages. The pages are His love story for us, a true fairytale that we can beleive in.

Fall Fashion // a guest post

September 29, 2014

Happy Monday Friends - I'm so excited for Amber to share some Fall Fashion with all of us today! 
Hope you enjoy it, I know I loved the way she styled her favorite fall must haves. 
Make sure you all jump over to Amber's blog and show her some love!

hey, y’all! i’m amber. i love Jesus, photography, blogging, and coffee. i blog at Under the Oklahoma Sky, where i share what’s on my heart, daily musings from my life, and way too many pictures of wildflowers.

fall is my favorite season. the changing leaves, pumpkin spice eeeeverything, football, cooler weather, and of course - fall fashion. cue the cardigans, cozy scarves, jewel-toned nail polishes, and boots! one of my favorite trends at the moment is an all-black ensemble with a pop of color. i like to tie a flannel or chambray around my waist for a laid-back look to run errands or have coffee with friends. of course, i always love rockin' my hunter boots. who knew rain boots could be so fashionable? and flannels are a staple in my closet. i usually pair it with an ankle boot and my new michael kors bag.  

Celebrating the 28th. {and our wedding video!}

September 28, 2014

Today is the day that makes us husband and wife for one full year. a FULL year, wow.... I can't believe it. It has literally zoomed by. The past year has been a year of happiness and excitement. A year about finding the comfortableness within all the newness. A year that has taught us a much deeper meaning for the word "team" than I ever imagined. I have enjoyed learning how to be a wife, even though I have a LONG way to go, and I pray daily that the Lord gives me many more years with that man of mine. All the little things that have filled the past year will always stay with me and I'm so excited to see where year two will take us!

The quote below brought tears to my eyes because it is exactly how I feel at the deepest part of myself about this wonderful man I get to call Husband.

Happy One Year to the best man I know. You make choosing love everyday so easy.
I am so blessed to love you for a lifetime!

& to celebrate I thought I would share our wedding video since I never shared it here.
It was such a perfect day and I love that we can relive it over and over by watching this beautiful video by our talented friend, Will Keown.

& I'll be back to my regular blogging 
once we return from Boston in just a few days!

HTML Help // a guest post

September 26, 2014

I am so excited to have one of my best friends guest post on my blog!
It only makes sense for my first guest blogger ever to be this lady and I'm so happy that 
she picked this fun {and scary} subject. Hope you all enjoy and learn a lot like I did! 
Thanks a ton, Cassie!!

Hello there Living on Cloud Nine readers! I am so happy to be with you all today while Cassie is off celebrating her one year anniversary with her man in Boston! It's funny to think this time last year I was getting ready to travel to South Carolina to meet Cassie and her beau for the first time AND attend their wedding! If you haven't met your blogging friends in real life DO IT! We have cultivated such a lovely friendship, especially since meeting!

Anyways, you might be wondering who I am. My name is also Cassie, yes it is confusing. My little space of the internet is known as Sage. I am a newlywed living in the Midwest with my husband and two cats. I have a passion for my faith, the outdoors, and blogging (shocking, I know)!

When I first started blogging I honestly had no idea what I was doing. Sure, I could navigate the Blogger interface just fine, but for those of you that use Blogger, you know it isn't always the most user friendly. Luckily, I had learned some basic HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) back in the day which became a LIFE SAVER when Blogger felt like throwing a fit. The more that I have talked the bloggers, the more that I have learned many of them do not have HTML basics in their toolkit. I know, HTML can be terrifying, but today I am here to show you that not only is it easy, but also really fun once you get the hang of it!

In my opinion, there are a few MUST knows before we get started. First, you should learn how to locate your "HTML" viewer on the Blogger post page. This is where you will need to go in order to use HTML in your blog posts.

Once you have located this, you are ready to start writing HTML! Many of the commands I will teach you today relate directly to many of the functions Blogger already has (like adding a link or photo), but when Blogger is on the fritz, knowing how to code it yourself can really help!

These are the most basic of commands for changing your font.  

Bold: <strong>TEXT HERE</strong>

Italics:<em>TEXT HERE</em>
Underline: <u>TEXT HERE</u>

See, it's simple enough right?

To play with font size change the statement in bold. You can specify in pixels (e.g., 15px) or words (e.g., "normal" or "large"): <span style="font-size: large;"> TEXT HERE</span>

You know those times when Blogger doesn't want to add a space between paragraphs? I do, all too well. 

To add a space between paragraphs: <br> (this is one command where you don't need to close the command with a subsequent </br>

To add a simple space between text: &nbsp; 

Want to center an image, text, or block of text? Use this code: <center>TEXT OR IMAGE CODE HERE</center>
To insert a text link: <a href="URL FOR WHERE YOU WOULD LIKE THE TEXT TO LINK TO">TEXT</a>

This is where coding gets a little more challenging, but you can do it!

To insert an image (the simplest way): <img src="DIRECT URL FOR WHERE IMAGE IS LOCATED"/> 

*note that when inserting an image, it must be uploaded to the internet (I suggest Photobucket) so that you can generate a direct link to it

To insert an image (the more advanced way). Note the text in red are my comments and not part of the code: <img border (if you want a border around your image) ="0" src="DIRECT URL FOR WHERE IMAGE IS LOCATED" height="326" width="640" /> 

If you do not want to specify a height or width for your image, simply leave that off. I usually leave it off if my image is already scaled to the size that I want it to appear. 

To add an image that has a link: <a href="URL FOR WHERE YOU WOULD LIKE IMAGE TO LINK TO"><img src="DIRECT URL FOR WHERE IMAGE IS LOCATED"/></a>

Once you become more familiar with HTML and SEO, you might want to add titles to your image code, but this is another lesson in itself. 

I hope this was helpful to you! If you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I totally geek out on this stuff!

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this necklace.

September 25, 2014

 I remember gasping when I saw this necklace for the first time! We were on vacation in Charleston and shopping in Target for some things that we needed for the house. While we were waiting in line to pay, this little gem caught my eye. Peter doesn't normally support my jewelry purchases since he says "I have enough..." and even though he may be right, I plead my case. Thanks to the help from my sis-in-law (thanks, Joy!) I won and I brought this pretty little baby home! 

I really love the simple elegance that a statement necklace can bring to a casual outfit. Especially chambray! This outfit will definitely be on my rotation during the fall weeks ahead. 

shirt: Old Navy, jeans: Old Navy, boots: Forever 21 (similar)
earrings: old studs, necklace: Target

Liking up with Living in Color Style & Stylin in St. Louis 
for the weekly trend, Statement Necklace.

Also linking up with Perfectly Coutured & White Coat Wardrobe
for their Three-fer Thursday.
aaaaand also linking up with Sincerely Jenna Marie!
Thanks Ladies :)

Fall Favorites.

September 24, 2014

It's time for this month's link up with Kiki's post, The Circle!
I'm so happy that I stumbled upon this fun series and this month's theme is such a good one. 
All things fall make me happy so I am pretty excited to share some of my favorite parts!!! we go :)

Boooooots!!! I love boots. High heel boots, rain boots, flat boots, all boots. 
I can't wait to wear them all!!

{spice dragon red chai tea, splash of vanilla almond milk & a tinsy bit of winter honey}
I honestly drink this almost every night so it isn't really a "fall drink" but I can't wait to enjoy it during the Fall nights....

go apple picking and make a homemade apple pie!

chicken tortilla soup! I think I might try and switch up my recipe a little this year and share a new recipe with all of you once we have some chilly nights for soup.

This candle from Bath & Body Works is perfection during the Fall months!

{Gorgeous photo by Red Apple Tree}
Of course Thanksgiving is always my favorite and I love it dearly, but now my most favorite fall holiday will always be our anniversary! Just four more days and we will be celebrating one full year as husband and wife! That is so exciting!!!  I'm also pretty excited to be leaving TOMORROW MORNING for our anniversary trip in Boston!

{& another photo by Red Apple Tree}
The weather is perfect here in Greenville, SC. It can stay hot for a while, but once that first true fall day hits and the leaves start falling... man, it is magical. Especially in downtown Greenville, so gorgeous!

So, what are your favorite parts of fall?!?
Share them with us and link up with Kiki and her fun circle!

In Its Time

Fall Fun.

September 23, 2014

My sweet mom is always up for entertaining, which I absolutely love. She's also always up for some DIY fun. She invited Whitney and myself over to make our pinterest fall wreath dreams come true. We snacked on some apps (homemade pimento cheese and meatball subs!!) and then we got to work. I may have ended up crying a few tears after a painful encounter with a hot glue gun but it was still a great night. Even if my middle finger on my left hand is pretty much ruined right now. This paragraph has taken way too long to type. So, now I'll hush.... and give my finger a rest. 

Whitney's, mine & Mom's finished products below!
I'm going to add some white polkadots on my E and Mom still has to finish her bow, but I'm so happy with how they all turned out. They fit our style and personality so well :)
& of course we had the cutest helper around to make sure our wreaths were perfect, sweet Bella!

Money Well Spent.

September 22, 2014

I am so excited to share this fun little purchase with all of you! The lovely lady behind Our Yellow Door mentioned a few weeks back that she was making and selling the beautiful braided hex nut wrap bracelets above to help raise money for her trip to The Influence Conference. Since I dream of attending that wonderful conference one day, I felt a huge desire to help Rachel with her journey. The bracelet is only $8 WITH Shipping, what a steal, right? If you are interested in purchasing a bracelet of your own be sure to check out all the information HERE and place your order! 

shirt: Forever 21, jeans: Loft, shoes: Journeys,
sunglasses: kate spade (similar), necklace: stella & dot, bracelet: Our Yellow Door

Thanks for the beautiful piece of jewelry, Rachel!
I can't wait to hear about your amazing trip, 
I'm praying for God to protect your travels and open your heart during your time there!! 
Hope you have a blast!

Savannah Weekend // pt.2

September 19, 2014

Here we go with the last blog post about Savannah, or at least for now.... I'm hoping to sneak away to Savannah again with my handsome man sometime soon. Anyways, back to this trip!!

The nights in Savannah were beautiful and the food was even better. On Friday night we did some sightseeing and stumbled upon a corner restaurant for a drink but after seeing the menu we knew we had to have dinner. I had the BEST Shrimp and Grits I've ever had in my life and after a cup of coffee we enjoyed a show at the Old Savannah Theater. It really was such a fun night! 

Saturday night was an entire different world in downtown Savannah! It was loud and busy, and after searching for a VERY long time, we finally found a parking spot. It was conveniently across the street from an amazing pizza spot and we were craving pizza. NY style, as big as your face, and cheeeeaaap. Perfection! Add a beer and some live music down the street and we had another fun night!

^^ this pesto...... Oh. My.
the waitress told us that their homemade pesto was incredible, so we clearly asked for a sample.
& I might have had some dreams about it since we've been home.

^^ this sweet little horse named, Guinness, turned and posed for me!

Sunday was the perfect shady day for last minute sightseeing and some souvenir shopping. 
We walked down the beautiful streets lined with the gorgeous live oak trees before our ride home. 

Such a wonderful trip and I loved every second of making memories with my Mom.
We are thinking that next year's trip will be in Charlotte....?
Any fun places you all would like to recommend?? We are all ears!
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