Solomon // nine months.

June 14, 2016

These pictures are starting to get a little more active, instead of cute and posed! ;)

This morning when we woke up and I went to pick you up I felt like you gained 10lbs over night! Granted, you had on a soaked diaper that was heavy, but you still feel so big in my arms lately. You are doing so many things that a baby should not do. I guess you aren't really a baby anymore. Babies don't hold onto the couch and walk around. Babies don't sit in a highchair and eat with momma and daddy at a restaurant. But babies do cuddle up with momma and drink milk like its the best part of their day, and you still do that all the time. I don't ever want to give that up! You will always be my baby, the sweet little one that made me a momma! 

Today is your daddy's birthday and I really hope you love him and look up to him forever! You love him so much and it makes my heart so happy to watch you two together. You are so lucky to have him as your dad. 
Today he turned 33 and he had such a fun night with you. Playing peekaboo and feeding you your dinner at the table and watching you play. We are in constant awe of you. You make our heart so happy, and we are so proud of how you are growing up before our eyes! 

I could die over your chunky soft hands! They feel like velvet against my skin while you drink your milk at night and I never want to forget how your free hand rubs up and down my arm while you eat and sleep. It's the sweetest feeling and my heart could almost burst when you do it. It almost makes up for the fact that you still wake up every 3-4 hours and won't sleep in your crib for more than 2. 
I was talking to a friend recently that shared her bed with her babies, and nursed on demand, as well. She said the exact thing I think often, you won't be sleeping in our bed in high school . She now has a 15 year old that just got a drivers license. It goes by so fast, even if the nights seem long right now. You will be big and driving a car before I know it, and this season is such a sweet one, I want to soak it up as much as I can! It makes me happy that you feel safe and comfortable in our bed and waking up together as a family is so sweet. Hearing you giggle and talk to me and daddy first thing every morning, crawling between the two of us, excited to start your day makes my heart so happy.

Tonight has been a rough night. You are acting all kinds of crazy, even having weird dreams where you do this creepy breathy chuckle that can only make me think of a scary baby doll. I've had to count to five in my head and give you kisses on your cheeks a few times tonight, my own little way to try and calm down. You are finally passed out on my chest and my eyes are so heavy that I can barely keep them awake to type this on my phone. Your face is all warm and sweaty on my neck and I can feel your wet hair on my shoulder. Last night at the baseball game, a sweet old man walked by me when I was holding you in my arms, he looked at you and said "man, they don't stay that little long". I almost started crying right then and there. I constantly say how big you are and how I can't believe you will be even bigger soon. This season is a whirlwind of changes and growth and sometimes it hurts so badly that I feel I may break in two. You are changing and growing constantly, you never slow down, and that man was right. You won't be this little long because you are already bigger than you were yesterday. Your sweet little face won't lay on my chest forever so I will sit here and soak it in, your sweaty face and all. 

Time has seemed to slow down a bit recently, somehow? I keep thinking I might have missed your ninth "monthday" but I haven't? It's weird but it is comforting to see that things can slow down a bit. I'm trying to get you sound asleep so I can put you down in your crib. This seems to be the main time that I write you these little letters but I can't help it. Having this quiet time in your room and feeling your heavy body breath against my chest always makes my mind think about how big you have gotten, which makes my heart start writing to you. That is exactly what these letters are, my heart in pen form. I hope that you can read these one day and see your past in them. See how much I love you and how much I need you. Understand how important you are to our family, since you were the first to grow our family from two to three. I pray that you see Jesus in these letters too, and that you seek him and find him in your life. All these memories that mean so much to me are a gift from our Lord, and I never want you to forget that. He is such a good Father and he loves you so much. More than I ever could! 

stats // 20 pounds 14 ounces & 29 inches
eating // breakfast is still a no go since he only wants to nurse before his morning nap. We normally get the three meals in during the day thanks to a big lunch, dinner and then a snack before bed since he goes to sleep later than most babies. He loves his organic yogurt with everything. Apple sauce with some added cinnamon and nutmeg is his favorite right now. We have also made him some fresh squash and zucchini from the garden which he loves, and he really enjoys getting fresh blueberries or blackberries with daddy when they are ripe enough. 
sleeping // naps are twice a day, 2 hours after he wakes up and then 3-4 hours after the second nap, both for two hours most of the time. Bedtime is still at 9:30 at the earliest, sometimes even as late as 10:30 but it works well for our family since we like to stay busy at night and enjoy family time together. I did try moving it up to 8 and it did not work at all. 
We are still starting the night in the crib 90% of the time but the rest of the night we cuddle together in bed. I love it and don't care to push it anytime soon. 
wearing // moved into 12 month clothes for the most part and some of his shorts are even 12-18 months! It is weird how some 6 month tops still fit though.
He is still rocking the cloth diapers at home and still wearing size 4 Seventh Generation diapers at night and while traveling.
favorite things // going outside, he squeals and throws his arms around anytime we go near a door. Giggling while he plays, it's so funny to hear him laugh at himself. Looking at the chickens outside with daddy. Playing in his pack and play, he has even crawled up to it a couple of times wanting to get in. Watching himself with the fun filters on snapchat!

1st Month // 2nd Month
3rd Month // 4th Month

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