Solomon // three months.

December 14, 2015

The past month has been the most fun for our family, I think. Solomon is growing so fast and we see his little personality showing through more every day. He is silly and so happy which we love. As always, I can't believe another month has gone by, but I'm so thankful for all of these days. Even when they are long and tiring. It's definitely the best time of the year, and we love having this little guy around for it!

Dear Solomon, 

You made me such a happy momma last night!!! You started to eat without the shield for the first time. It was so unexpected when it happened so I was shocked... I was walking around the bedroom trying to get you to sleep and you started to act like you were hungry so I sat down on the bed to feed you and I thought I'd try without the shield just to see what would happen. I have been trying a couple times a day so you can practice but I always end up needing to help you out with the shield. I didn't expect much but you latched and started drinking with no problem. I almost cried! Then the rest of the night you ate with out any problems!! It was the best feeling. 

I was nervous that your first morning feeding out of the bed would be a different story but you had no problems at all. After you were finished with your meal, you just lied there looking up at me with your big eyes and seemed so happy! I'm so thankful that we are able to have these moments together and that our breastfeeding journey is still evolving and getting better, even after two months. I can't imagine the day that we stop this nursing journey. 

You found your tongue today. It's so funny, you have always enjoyed moving it around a little bit, but today was different. You constantly licked your lips like you had a pretend lollipop. It was pretty adorable. You are also smiling and chatting with us all the time. I think you save most of your smiles for daddy but he deserves them. He says the funniest things to you. 

Today while we were on the living room floor talking to you he said the sweetest thing. You were smiling at him and he asked you if you loved momma. I asked you as well and you turned to look at me with no smile. Then daddy said that it's more than just love, I was your sustenance, I was everything, so much more than love because I'm your whole world. And then you smiled so big, as if you were agreeing with him. I could have cried & I then I told him that he should write Mother's Day cards or something. We are so lucky to have him, he's a good one, that daddy of yours! 

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a family of three!! It was so much fun to spend the weekend with family in Charlotte and meet your new cousin. I can't wait to see all the fun you two will have in the future since you are so close in age. 

A lot of fun things are happening this month for you! You are talking so much and constantly want to interact with me and your dad. You have also realized you have legs and feet which was so funny to watch. You kept looking down with your big eyes and touching them with surprise in your face, it was so cute. Your also helping me hold your legs and feet up during your diaper changes which is so helpful, but you are also wanting to roll over and twist around while changing your diapers, which is not very helpful! Good thing you are cute.... 

We went to church last night for the Saturday service and you woke up during the middle of the service and wanted to talk. I walked outside with you and realized you were getting hungry so I went to the nursing room so I could watch the service and feed you. After the service was over we rocked and listened to the worship music.... They sang my favorite, Seas of Crimson, and you lied in my arms smiling at me, it made my heart so happy. I think you definitely know that song by now. They also sang Worthy, Worthy and I sang the words as a prayer for you. The following lyrics hit me in a brand new way.....

When You return, we'll hear the trumpet sound You'll lead us home riding on the clouds Where we will stand and sing forevermore The honor and the praise, the glory is the Lord's

It made me think about that day when God returns for His children and I prayed that you would be one of them. I know that you are not mine. I'm your mother but you belong to our Heavenly Father, and I pray that you realize that one day, giving your life over to him. That is my one desire as a mother, that my heart and my life will point you to Him. 

You started talking like crazy yesterday. You've been blabbing for a while now but this was different, you were rarely quiet. Honestly, it was only when you were sleeping! It's so cute to watch you smile and squeal and be excited to talk to us. You are still loving your hands and constantly have them in your mouth. I believe your a new baby after your third Wonder Week Leap and it's so fun to watch you grow! 

You also got to meet your friend Charlie last night. It was so sweet to see him and watch you look at him. I can't imagine all the fun you two will have together. Holding him in my arms only made me more aware at how big you have gotten. You were that small less than three months ago, just a little peanut that slept in my arms all day long. I can't believe how big you are getting.... It is flying by so quickly! 

Last night after thirty minutes of nursing and rocking you in your room, you finally nuzzled into my neck around 11:30 and you started your heavy breathing, giving me your sign that you were asleep. I tiptoed into my room next door to lay you down in the pack & play next to the bed and you snoozed away. Almost three hours later, I started to hear you cry and when I leaned over to pick you up you grabbed onto my arm. Once I had you in my arms you held on and buried your face in my chest, it was the sweetest little hug. As I laid you down beside me you kept your eyes closed but opened your sweet little lips because you knew what was coming next. You knew that I was ready to feed you and cuddle next to you, and as I did this you kept your hand on my arm the entire time and softly squeezed it. All of this made me thankful for the way you need me. My heart felt so much happiness in that moment and my eyes filled with happy tears. Who knew I could feel so much happy at 2AM?

wanting to sit up constantly but not strong enough to hold himself up!

Today is the day, you are my three month old boy! I can't believe it. As I'm typing this, I'm watching you snooze away on the monitor beside me. I see your little chest moving up and down and your holding onto your hair. You have started sleeping with your arms above your head while lying on your back during the past few days and you always hold onto your hair when you start to stir. It's pretty cute! 

Last night you grabbed onto your little ball for the first time and you played with it for a little while, squealing and yelling with excitement. It was so funny to see the excitement in your eyes. You are growing so fast and I'm trying to soak it all in, as much as I can. All the little things you are doing now make me smile... you snuggle so much, you show me that you really need me and you smile at me all the time. 

Sometimes I just want to scoop you up and feed you so I can feel you close to me and hold you like my little baby, not my growing boy who never wants to be cradled. You constantly want to stand and look around but that is fine, you are watching and learning. I'm so thankful that I get t spend my days with you and experience all these little changes. You are my baby, no matter how fast you grow or how big you get! I love you, I love you, I love you!! 

Love, Momma

and a special picture taken by Gigi when she was babysitting one night. I died when she texted me this while we were out at Peter's work Christmas party. Hilarious!!!

stats // around 14lbs 6 oz & 25 inches long
eating // he is becoming a little snacker, especially in the early morning hours from
4-8AM but we spend those hours cuddling in the bed so I don't really mind. During the day he can normally go 3 hours, maybe 4, if I'm lucky. He is also showing signs of teething which makes him a little irritable while eating. Bottles are always 4-5oz and he loves taking a bottle from Gigi when she babysits.
sleeping // he still won't go to sleep before 11 no matter what I do but naps are getting longer during the day, especially the mornings, which helps with my cleaning and laundry! We are trying to start the night in the crib and then transfer him to the bed when he wakes up for his first feeding but this doesn't always work so we are still being flexible at night.
wearing // just switched to size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes thanks to his chubby belly and legs! I'm planning to start the cloth diapers this week so we won't have to buy a ton of size two diapers.
favorite things // laying on the floor & rolling around blabbing, looking at the Christmas tree, falling asleep in the sling while shopping, momma singing Frosty the Snowman and eating his hands all day long.

1st Month // 2nd Month

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