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September 1, 2016

I thought it was a good idea to take stock since its the first day of my favorite month. We have so many exciting things to celebrate in the next 30 days and I can't wait! Makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy just to think about it....

Wonderful bed sharing and bad angles for momma that create double chins. Taking one for the team because this picture is too sweet not to share!

Making // plans for Solomon's party
Cooking // chicken, potatoes & carrots all the time since it's the one thing Solomon will eat a ton of
Drinking // grapefruit La Croix like crazy
Reading // the book of Job
Wanting // time to slow down, always
Looking // forward to celebrating our three year anniversary with a fancy date night
Wasting // limes, I bought a huge bag at Costco for some reason
Wishing // the fall weather would come early 
Enjoying // my Birkenstock sandals but I'm not sure what I will do for comfy shoes in the fall/winter
Liking // time with family in GA right now

Wondering // how long before Solomon self weans, I'm hoping we still have a while with our breastfeeding journey
Loving // all the hugs and kisses Solomon gives lately 
Hoping // for some fun trips with Peter for his work, soon
Marveling // at how tall Solomon has gotten in the past few months 
Needing // a trip to Asheville soon
Smelling // that sweet baby smell, even if he isn't a baby now 
Wearing // old navy all the time, they have the best deals
Knowing // this holiday season is going to be the best yet
Thinking // about vacation with the family at the end of the month, in ready for some beach time
Bookmarking // Pinterest with tons of ideas 
Opening // boxes from Amazon all the time, prime is the best thing ever 
Giggling // at all the crazy dreams I've been having

Feeling // excited!

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