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April 29, 2015

This has definitely been the hardest thing to keep quiet about but we had several sets of family and friends that we wanted to tell in person before sharing the news here! I also thought it would be fun to share a couple of things that have happened in the past few days that I never want to forget.....

Peter peeked at the ultrasound // yup, the ultrasound tech told us to look away when she got to the bottom area so we wouldn't see anything important because we wanted the answer to be placed in an envelope for us to open together, just the two of us. She was talking through what she was looking at and measuring without mentioning "the goods" and Peter looked up and saw our little man in all his glory. He even thought to himself, that's not what I thought it was, was it??? Once we opened the envelope together and saw the photos printed to prove we in fact did have a boy, he realized it was EXACTLY what he thought it was.

Telling our Moms together was wonderful // the day we found out we invited both of our moms over for dinner so we could tell them together. This was a big deal for me, I couldn't imagine telling one before the other. So we bought a little outfit that said "off to grandmas" with a car and let them open the gift together. It was so fun, especially since almost everyone, including our moms, thought we were having a girl. Peter's mom even brought us a pink rose because she was feeling lucky with her decision. It was so fun to surprise them!

The conversation between my girlfriends on the group text announcement // once we told our moms I had the go ahead to send a photo to all the girls but I didn't realize it would be so confusing. I sent a picture of me holding a shirt with an orange car on it. Apparently the phone made it look pink....this is the conversation that followed:

MW - YAY! YAY! YAY! I'm so happy for you!!!!
LC - No way!!!!!!!!! Wait.... I need clarification!! Your'e wearing blue.... But it's a pink car!!!
KA - Is that a pink car? Me too. I'm confused with Laura lol
MB - Yippee!! You called it! So exciting to meet HER!
Me - BOY!!!!!!
LC - Haha is this a sick joke???
Me - Hahaha!!!
MW - Wait, what?
LC - Gah!!!!!!!!! CRAZY!!!!!!!
MW - I thought it was a girl too!
MB - Oh lord! I thought it was a girl too from the pink car! LOL
KA - Is it really a BOY?!?!?
LC - Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!
My mom - YES!!!!
KA - Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Wyatt is going to have a best friend!!!!! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!!!!!!!!!!
LC - I'm so excited!!!!!!!!
Me - YES!!!! Boy! Sorry, it's not a pink car, orange!

It was pretty hilarious!!

My Dad's confidence // We used the same box and another little boy outfit to surprise my Dad's side of the family and when we walked in the door I gave the box to my dad and said he could do the opening. He said he didn't need to because he already knew what it was, a boy. HA! I thought it was so funny.

Telling our Small Group last night // There were only a few votes for boy with our group so it was really exciting to share the news with them. I gladly used the left over cupcakes from my friend's shower since they were blue for baby Wyatt. Just seeing their faces and excitement was priceless!!!

And now we get to enjoy the excitement and prepare
for our baby boy! I can't wait to meet him and love on him!


socalledhomemaker said...

I love this! So excited for you!

Cassie Lee said...

But the car was orange HAHAHAHA ;) how funny of your dad

rebecca vandemark said...

How lovely!! Congrats on a boy!! Yea!!
:) Rebecca

CassieEliya said...

THANK YOU!!!! We are so excited!

CassieEliya said...

HAHAHA!!!! So funny! such a confusing moment! ;)

CassieEliya said...

Thanks!!! :) We can't wait!

Jen Bradbury said...

Popping in from the Week's Ends Link Up.

Congrats on your baby boy! We're expecting our first -a girl - in just 3 weeks.


Mandy said...

Loving the pre-baby photo shoot!!! Absolutely adorable!!! I love how you broke everything down from telling the fam to the ultrasound. Just want to drop in and say hi from the weeks end linkup! Love your blog!!

Olya said...

This is so cute! Congratulations on your baby boy! :)

CassieEliya said...

Thanks!!! and congrats on your baby girl so soon!!

CassieEliya said...

Thank you! :) I wanted to remember all the little details because I know in 10 years all the little things would blur together! haha, glad you enjoyed it!

CassieEliya said...

Thank you! :) We are so thrilled!

Elizabeth Mayberry said...


Mandy said...

Great idea!!! It's all about the details!!!!

Susannah said...

Yay!!! Congratulations!!! I'm partial to firstborns being a boy myself. ;-)

CassieEliya said...

YES!!!! :D

CassieEliya said...

It is going to be so much fun!!! :)

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