weekly three.

September 30, 2016

The week after vacation is always rough, but coming home on a Tuesday made it a little bit easier. Poor Solomon didn't really notice the difference though, he just realized all his cousins were gone and he wasn't on the sand anymore. Post vacation blues, for that little guy.... however, I am happy to see the weekend come so quickly! We have a busy weekend ahead of us and I'm excited to be home to enjoy it. 

rainy day at the beach always means shopping is needed!

so happy to be home in our PJs with some legos.

signs of fall on a cool morning walk... I wanted to skip I was so happy!!!!

family vacation.

September 29, 2016

A highlight of the week, going downtown, for a tour of Charleston in a carriage ride! 

Our week away in Charleston was loud and crazy, like most times when we are all together, but there were so many sweet and fun moments! Watching all the boys play together and enjoy the beach was so fun. The last time we were at the beach for a family vacation was two years ago, and we only had two babies to watch, now we have six!! It is such a blessing how quickly we have grown. Although they might pinch, yell, throw toys and take toys right now, I have no doubt that they will be best friends one day. We were joking about how they will probably go to the beach together in fifteen years and enjoy spring break, leaving us at home. Thankfully, they are stuck with us for now! 

The house we rented had a room with bunk beds and we were the lucky ones to take it (that was sarcasm) but honestly, it ended up working out so well. We weren't lucky enough to get a king bed and since we bedshare with Solomon at night, I knew a queen would not work. He is pretty active in his sleep and the last time we slept in a queen with him was when he was two months old and that was hard enough. To get good sleep for the whole family, Peter took the top bunk and Solomon, and I took the queen bottom bunk. However, the kids constantly wanted to play on the top bunk when we weren't sleeping. It was pretty cute to watch them play up there! 

And this sneaky face.... oh my goodness! 

So much time spent reading books to babies during the week away....
Also, very thankful for my mom helping out on the trip!

my little beach bum, till next year when I have to run even faster to keep up with you ;)

first day, on the last day.

September 26, 2016

It's our last full day on the beach! The week has gone by so quickly, a loud crazy quick week. While putting Solomon down for his morning nap, I started to look through all the pictures on my phone. There are some great ones, and so many cute videos, but the first day pictures are the best! The excitement in their eyes and the big grins on their faces are priceless. 

More fun beach pictures to come this week once we are home and I can sort through them all!
You've been warned... ;) 

weekly three.

September 23, 2016

This week of vacation with family is always crazy but still such a fun time. It makes me so happy to watch all six of the boys play together and learn from each other! Solomon is in heaven and has loved every minute on the sand, crawling/running as fast as he can towards the waves. That boy has no fear!! It's been a good week, Peter and I got to enjoy a date night on Wednesday night in downtown Charleston (all the highlights below for a special weekly three), and we are all heading back as a family today so we can hang out. Happy weekend to everyone, I'm excited to spend a few more days in this beautiful place!!!

duck, pickled peaches and corn pudding from The Grocery, our favorite place. By far, the best place in Charleston, in my opinion!

fancy, undone, bar for cocktails!!! the best happy hour for a midweek date night!

& we ended our date night with Jeni's, the best ice cream in the whole world, and the perfect way to end any night. I tried Wildberry Lavender for the first time and was shocked at how much I loved it. 

happies, 2016 // part 3.

September 22, 2016

a few more happies from the past few weeks!
33 - 48

33 // food truck fries with pimento cheese
34 // home sweet home with my man
35 // sweet tea, an addiction I can't kick
36 // new kicks for our big boy
37 // our first fig from the yard
38 // books, always books
39 // a new teepee from Gigi
40 // Gigi's birthday lunch
41 // birthday decorations for our boy
42 // cotton candy skies
43 // morning playtime
44 // avocado toast
45 // early bedtime for baby and hot tea for momma
46 // footbal and train rides with daddy
47 // bath time is the best time
48 // first time eating korean food

.....also 2015 & 2014

family traditions.

September 19, 2016

Last year, we took our brand new babe to the Farm Fresh Fair, for his first outing! It was a really fast trip! A twenty- five minute drive each way, and a short visit to the farm while we squeezed in some food and I used my sling for the firs time (incredibly wrong by the way, HA!), before we rushed back to the car and back home. This year was very different, we had our stroller and Solomon was so excited to check out all the goodies, despite his very serious face... 

First horse ride for Solomon! ;) 

yummy pimento cheese short rib sandwich &  some parmesan truffle chips!

It was such a gorgeous day... a little warm but a nice breeze to keep you cool for the most part. Definitely a lot cooler than last year. Then again I didn't have a sweaty baby strapped to my chest.... While we were sitting and enjoying our snack and a beer, I felt something fall and drop on my head. I almost screamed thinking it might have been a bug but then I realized it was a leaf. A perfect yellow leaf. The wonderful reminder that fall is on the way. Then I almost screamed from excitement!   

Peter got some awesome beard oil that smelled amazing! Lumberjack was the name of the scent and it will be perfect for the fall and winter months ahead when Peter grows out his beard a bit. I also got some fun things! As always, I have to get a new Jocie Pot to support my fraaaand! I picked up one of her beautiful strainers to wash some fruit or veggies. I also found some milk glass treasures from one of the "yard sale-ish" vendors & then a new candle from Mercy Verity! Good finds, for sure.

It was so nice to enjoy our second trip to Farm Fresh Fair and take in all the beautiful vendors and the farm animals. I'm excited to keep up this family tradition in the years ahead. Such a fun thing to do with Solomon during the weekend after his birthday!

weekly three.

September 16, 2016

Happy Friday! It has been a long week and I'm so excited about a relaxing weekend! We have a lot of little things to do, but its not a packed full weekend like last weekend with Solomon's birthday party, so I'm happy! Hope you all enjoy your weekend....

In case you missed it, this guy turned one. I'm kidding of course, it's been all I could talk about for weeks.... Sorry, moving on now. ;)

The way he has been laying in my lap and reading books lately kills me! 

Why play with one toy when you can play with two?!? Sitting on his new train and playing with his music table, haha!

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