I've Never.

January 22, 2015

.....done any extreme sports.
I've always wanted to sky dive but I know I would chicken out. I've tried snowboarding and the only thing that I did was cry extremely well. I thought about skiing but I figured that would result in the same outcome. And I've never done any kind of water sports either, like the one pictured above. That is definitely not me. Just some dude at Harvard.

.....traveled to Europe.
I really, really want to go one day with Peter so he can show me all of the beautiful places he's already seen. All of our trips since being married have been to new places for both of us, but one day, we will travel to Germany, Italy & many other places together.

.....made anything from scratch by myself.
It is one of my goals! A pie, pasta sauce, pizza dough, anything. It will happen soon!! Cupcakes are on my list for a fun Valentines Cupcake Exchange with some girlfriends in a few weeks.

.....gone a week without Mexican food.
Seriously, it's a problem. I love it. Can't stop, won't stop. Margaritas are always my choice beverage also. Yuuuuum.

.....been on a cruise.
The idea of being on a huge ship for more than a few hours just makes me feel sick. And makes me think of Titanic... so, no thanks.

.....gotten a speeding ticket.
I have however gotten into three accidents (only one being my fault) but I've never been pulled over for speeding. Which is super surprising.

.....enjoyed a bubble bath.
yuck. It's hot, boring and I always feel dirty after. And how do you not get your pages on your books wet? It's just not possible. Showers all the way, without books of course. 

k, your turn!! What have you NEVER done?
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  1. I've never been to Europe, gotten a speeding ticket (although I've been pulled over 3 times), or done any extreme sports (no thanks I enjoy living)

  2. completely with you on the baths also! ;) the worst part, imo, is how you can't ever really be all under the water, and the water cools as you get cold.. :P lol
    you can totally do the making from scratch thing! you got this girl! ;) honestly, once you get started, it's so fun and not so hard as it's made out to be :)

  3. I love Mexican food too! and I'm with you on the bubble baths. :)

  4. pulled over three times!?! Wow, good job!

  5. The only perk with a cruise is all of the excursions you can have but I hear those cost a LOT of money... so, I'll just stick to flying or driving! ;)

  6. YES!!! they get so cold so fast, ick!
    I'm so excited to use my Kitchen Aid Mixer for the first time to make something from scratch! :)

  7. Mexican food is the way to my heart. Mmmm, speaking of - going to lunch now! ha!

  8. I'm with you on the bath thing...AND the Mexican food. ;)

  9. yay for Kitchen aid mixers! they are so great! :)

  10. Oh, girl! I love my baths! The going with mexican made giggle because I can totally relate. If the hubs didn't get tired of it, we would probably eat it weekly too!

  11. Why would you want to go a week without Mexican food anyways?!?!?1

  12. I'm so glad that my hubby enjoys it as much as I do!!


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