last leap littles.

February 28, 2017

^^^ this sweet smile that looks so much like his daddy!! I love it when I see pieces of my favorite man in my favorite boy....

I've been a huge fan of the Wonder Weeks information for babies development since it has always been spot on for Solomon. I was always so relieved to understand why he was acting all kinds of crazy and found comfort in knowing that it was happening for a reason. We have battled through the last leap during the past few weeks and I lost count of all of the times that I felt a hard tug on my heart about it. The last leap. My baby is officially a non leaping toddler. Cue the tears. I wanted to keep a few of the special little moments that I know I would forget if I didn't write them down..... 

one // all the sweet cuddles better stick around. Constant kisses, wanting to snuggle and the napping cuddles have made me so happy. We are also trying to figure out our sleeping routine in our house and I'm still not sure what we are going to do, to be honest. I was waiting for this leap to end so we could figure out our plan.... so now it's time and I'm still making excuses and putting off the nightweaning process! Not sure if it's because I'm not ready to quit, or that I'm not ready to lose weeks of sleep! Ha, a little bit of both to be honest!

two // the amount of times I said, no whining or be nice, are way too many to count. As much as I want the cuddles to stick around, I want the moodiness to leave. Ironic how those two things go hand in hand, lately. Tantrums are a real thing in our house now!

three // 
the talking is unreal! I can tell he truly understands what I'm saying and will even repeat it back to me sometimes. Like when I give him some food or a toy and I say "here you go" he says it back to me. So funny! He is also saying please and thank you without being told over and over. Of course we have to remind him but he is getting so much better about doing it on his own.

four // 
timeout is officially a thing in our house. He is now sitting in timeout (for just one minute) without moving from his spot and he understands he's in trouble for doing something. After the minute is up I tell him to come to me and I explain why he was in timeout and he says sorry and gives me a hug (or his friend/cousin for doing something to them, he is a big fan at throwing things right now). So far it is working out well. There have been times when he has made me angry and I have popped his hand in response. I've learned in those moments that I really don't like doing that and I don't want that to be my first response to bad behavior. He also doesn't really care, even laughs sometimes when I have done it. Timeout seems to click in his brain more.

five // 
loving books so much. I remember trying to read him books when he was much younger and he didn't care at all. I was so worried he wouldn't be a book lover and I wanted him to enjoy reading so badly. I'm so happy that he is enjoying them now. He could read books all day long and he loves to go pick one out at the bookshelf, then take it back and get another to read. He gets that big grin on his face and does a little happy dance when it is time to read one.

the itsy bitsy spider, with those sweet little hands I love so much!!!
little boy, you wreck my heart in the best way possibly. I thank God for you every single day!

a lot of pink and flowers.

February 27, 2017

Katie and I were so excited to love on our friend Jill and spoil her a little bit on Saturday. We are also very excited to meet her baby girl, very soon! I can't believe Jill's due date is almost here. We have been taking about March for a long time, and here it is... I'm so excited to see my sweet friend become a mother of two. I know she is going to rock it and continue to look like a superstar momma!!

the momma asked for quiche, so I made quiche!!
So many asked for my recipe, so I think I'm going to share it here soon!

thanks to my mom for making these cute little ritz peanutbutter bites & for driving all over Greenville for last minute things!!

I found this sweet little book at TJ Maxx and I thought it would be nice to have all the guests write a little note to baby girl. I pray that she knows the Lord one day and learns how love others with his undying love.

So many sweet girly things!!! Bows, tiny little hats and hand made goodies!

Solomon was excited that big brother showed up to play with him for a bit!
Also a big thanks to my SIL who watched Solomon during the shower since Daddy was out of town... it was so helpful!!

We love you, Jill!! And we love your baby girl (& sweet John Fredrick) so much already!
Come on baby girl, we are ready to meet you!!!

weekly three.

February 24, 2017

I can't believe it is Friday already! This week has been wildly productive and I feel so good about it. The week didn't start off that great but I thankfully shook the negativity thanks to some prayers and quiet time with the Lord. So sweet how He always does that for me! I also had some whining/complaining with Peter, and he's also so sweet to make me feel better and talk it out with me. This weekend is going to be fun, I'm excited to host a baby shower with a friend tomorrow for another sweet friend of ours! Baby girls, everything is so sweet and pink! I can't wait :)

Most of my morning breakfast consist of fruit and yogurt with Solomon, so I love to splurge on yummy carb filled awesomeness on Wednesday morning at my Mom2Mom bible study!!! Yum!

Something about making lists and checking them off makes things so much easier. I'm excited to share my little routine I started this week, soon!

Beautiful weekend starting with a morning spent downtown with cousins and friends! Playing outside and eating tacos....

AVL love + a lot of pictures.

February 20, 2017

Asheville is one of my favorite places to visit near by. We are so thankful it is a short drive away so we can make day trips on a weekend. We are also thankful that it is such a fun beer loving town. Peter and I are definitely fun beer loving people, so it makes us happy to go and try out some tasty brews when the weather is nice. The weather was absolute perfection on Friday, and since Diana had never been, we wanted to take the chance to show her around before she left to drive back home to Houston. We are trying to give her every reason possible to move close by. She loved Asheville, so I feel like we did a good enough job selling it. I have SO MANY photos below, just a warning. With the beautiful day and adorable city, it was hard to keep my camera put away....

We found this cute little shop almost instantly & we had a fun time testing out some of the honey. It was all delicious and I'm always a fan of local honey!

Solomon testing out the vanilla honey, it was pretty sweet so he was a fan.
He kept saying Mmmmmm, and more!

This sweet man started to sing a song and dance for Solomon, he wasn't sure what to think. It was so cute!

Our first stop for some beer and food was Wicked Weed Funkatorium! Peter and I have tried this place before & I always get excited to see what is on the menu. The beer is so good and the food is incredible. I am still dreaming about the flatbread that we had below. We will be heading back to Asheville in April for a little vacation with my mom and I can't wait to take her to try it out.

Solomon might be in love with boiled peanuts now....

Peter got Solomon dressed for the day and I didn't notice how short his jeans were until we were already on the road to Asheville. I picked out his clothes the night before so we could get ready and go quickly, but I had no idea that his jeans were highwaters already. He wore these last month with no problem. I guess it's hard to notice how quickly a toddler can grow when you see them everyday? We decided to roll them up to make jean capris so he could fit in with the hipster style of Asheville. He looked so cute walking around like this. He also wore himself out climbing and jumping outside Wicked Weed and finally crashed for a nap around 3pm.

The next stop was the Green Man Brewery. I have seen this place a lot but we have never been to visit. The wall below blew us away when we saw it. The picture really doesn't do it justice. It's gorgeous!

Diana loved walking around and checking out all the art. She mentioned several times how much she loved the murals and bright colors everywhere. We were walking back toward our car so we could get a bite to eat before the drive home when we noticed the beautiful bright colors in a huge open air glass blowing studio. We all agreed we had to go check it out. Lexington Glassworks should definitely be on your list of things to see in Asheville if you haven't been before. The detail in every piece was incredible!

And one last shot for Diana! She mentioned how the blue sky and this chapel reminded her of being in Europe... I wouldn't know since I've never been there, but I hope to go one day!!
I also hope that Asheville tugs on Diana's heart strings enough to make her come back, even if it's just for a visit! We loved spending so much time with our sweet cousin.
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