weekly three.

March 31, 2017

Just when I thought we were back to normal and in the clear for feeling sick, Solomon picked up a stomach bug virus. Thankfully it hasn't been awful but he did have a very high fever and a lot of dirty diapers. The joys of motherhood.... but really, anytime he's sick, I find so much joy in all the cuddles and kisses I get from my boy! Being needed and wanted is the sweetest. I'm hoping things turn around before the weekend and we can have a few days of fun!

Solomon's face anytime we turn on Netflix. It's so funny, he gets so excited and smiles so big, but then he really doesn't care what we turn on or watch. Silly boy!

After a long few days, sharing a beer with your husband while wearing your comfy pjs, is needed!! 

The tree over our deck is blooming, it always makes a HUGE mess, but it's so pretty!

dump trucks and tools.

March 28, 2017

I can't believe this sweet boy has turned two!!! I've always used his little life as a look ahead vantage point for what to expect with Solomon since he is 6 months older. He is such a true boy. Funny, mischievous, sweet and a big ball of energy. I love knowing that Solomon will always have a best friend around because of his cousin. I pray that they always have a close relationship.

Jonah, I'm so thankful that you are a part of our family!!! Solomon would be pretty bored around here without you. I'm also thankful for all the words you have taught him, even if one of them was no. ;) love you to the moon and back, sweet boy! 

A construction theme birthday cake is probably the easiest and most fun cake to make!!
I loved it, Joy did such a good job!! We also decided to let Solomon have his first taste of chocolate and he wasn't so sure about it. He enjoyed the first few bites and then he wanted an apple. Crazy kid!

Jonah, he was a BIG fan of the chocolate cake!! 

A light up star for his room! 
He is obsessed with twinkle twinkle, little star so he was pretty excited about it! 

teamwork to put together a new toy! 

kisses from my sweet boy!

watching all the boys play around with the tools was so cute!

all the babies that aren't babies anymore.... they grow up so fast! 

weekly three.

March 24, 2017

I'm so happy that it's Friday and that I feel back to myself for the most part. We have been battling a cold in our house this week and that always makes Weeks feel long and hard. Solomon still has a runny nose but he's happy and doesn't seem to feel bad most of the time. Just in time for the weekend!!!

I've been enjoying a drop of thieves in my echinacea plus tea this week, it's always the go to when I start to feel bad.

He always hides his favorite toys, food and his water bottle in his train. It has become my number one spot to look for things lately!!

Friday morning smoothies to help  this fussy boy! The dimple that shows up while he's enjoying it kills me, and that yogurt mustache is pretty cute....

introducing the new chicks.

March 22, 2017

We were so excited to have some beautiful weather over the weekend and Peter wanted to celebrate by letting the baby chicks out in the yard for the first time. They have been trying to escape their little box in the garage already, it still shocks me how quickly they grow and learn to fly around. I was sitting on the couch one day last week, holding Solomon has he slept and nursed (thanks to some new teeth coming in!), when I heard a very loud chirping from the garage. I had the tv on and everything, but I could still hear the screams for help. I knew something was going on and guessed that a baby chick had flown out and couldn't find her way back up to the box. I text Peter to see if he could run home for a quick trip and save the day, which thankfully he could. He found one of the chicks on the floor of the garage. We still have a few weeks to build the new coop, and then they will be ready for the yard, once all their feathers are in! I'm honestly a little nervous about integrating the new chicks with the two we have in the yard now. The big chicks were definitely interested and screaming pretty loud when they saw the babies. It's common for additions to not go well. I guess we will find out soon enough. 

learning how to feed the chicks like daddy, so cute!! 
He wants to do everything he sees his daddy do lately, & I love it. 

sweet boy smiling at his baby chicken! He wants to hold them so badly... 
too bad he would probably squeeze it to death. 

First worm for the babies, it was an exciting day for them. Sunshine, fresh air and new treats!!

This kid could spend ALL DAY outside. He also points outside frequently and says, "side, bike, ride" and he doesn't give in easily. I have a feeling we will spend most of the spring & summer months outside. I'm not a big fan of being outside, so it's a good thing I love this little guy a lot. The vitamin D will be good for both of us!

a lot of green things.

March 20, 2017

I've never been a big St. Patty's Day celebrator, to be honest. I put on some green so I don't get pinched, I've drank a handful of green beers since turning 21, but that's about it. When I woke up on Friday and saw all the pretty green filled pictures on Instagram, I thought why not get Solomon dressed in some cute green clothes and eat some green snacks. He does love avocado (which he calls, CA-DOOOE), Plus, green always looks so cute on him, with his greenish eyes, that are turning more brown everyday. Little bits of his daddy seem to appear every month, which I love. 

We've been testing out the play-doh waters and most of the time it is taken away since he wants to eat it... but it has been helpful while I'm cooking or cleaning and it keeps him entertained for a little while. Plus, he doesn't seem to like the taste of it, so he doesn't try and eat it too often. 

A piece of toast, not play-doh.... just for the record! ;)

The Trader Joe's Balsamic Glaze is my favorite avocado toast add on recently, thanks to my mom introducing it to me! It is SO GOOD!!! Add a little feta for some extra yummyness too, I'm just currently out.

Still prefers to eat the mashed avocado by the spoonful!!
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