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September 23, 2016

This week of vacation with family is always crazy but still such a fun time. It makes me so happy to watch all six of the boys play together and learn from each other! Solomon is in heaven and has loved every minute on the sand, crawling/running as fast as he can towards the waves. That boy has no fear!! It's been a good week, Peter and I got to enjoy a date night on Wednesday night in downtown Charleston (all the highlights below for a special weekly three), and we are all heading back as a family today so we can hang out. Happy weekend to everyone, I'm excited to spend a few more days in this beautiful place!!!

duck, pickled peaches and corn pudding from The Grocery, our favorite place. By far, the best place in Charleston, in my opinion!

fancy, undone, bar for cocktails!!! the best happy hour for a midweek date night!

& we ended our date night with Jeni's, the best ice cream in the whole world, and the perfect way to end any night. I tried Wildberry Lavender for the first time and was shocked at how much I loved it. 

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