Solomon // ten months.

July 14, 2016

Sweet boy, I can't believe we are going on double digits. TEN?!? Goodness. 
I've come to a realization lately that makes me smile... You are 100% mommas boy at night but when that sun comes up, you are a daddy's boy. You cry when he leaves for work for at least 5 minutes, sometimes even 15. You get so excited when he comes home and you love your adventures in the back yard with him. But you do love your snuggles with me at night. I think we both get the best parts of you. Exploring with daddy, and cuddles with momma! We are soooo lucky to have you baby boy!!

^^^that face!!! hahaha, love it!

Wow, it has been a little while since I've been able to write. We just got home from our first family vacation and it was so fun! You are definitely a water baby and you loved the ocean. You crawled right into the crashing waves, you weren't even afraid! So fearless. It was so fun to watch you. Now that we are home you are so happy to be back in our nightly routine. It's funny how I thought it would be hard but you just squealed with happiness when I turned on the sound machine and turned off the light as I sat down in your rocking chair. Then you giggled as I was getting ready to give you some milk!! It's so sweet how you love this time with me. I love it too!!

needing some milk so I thought I'd catch some of the sweetness with the self timer!

You are going through the toughest leap ever right now and it is so neat to see your personality shine. You are growing and changing more everyday. You love playing, being tickled, cuddling on the couch and climbing all over mommy and daddy, so many things that you have always done but you are just doing them more now. 
You also love your routine now, you won't go to sleep for a nap or at night unless we are in your room rocking. This has just happened this week. At night you love to have some free play time in your room while I rock and watch you, randomly looking up at me and smiling, then back to playing. I love watching you learn and explore so much! Except when you explore and learn how to throw dirt all over the floor from the plant in the dining room, that's not so fun, and one of your favorite things to do right now. 
I also love how you constantly smell like strawberries! Your favorite fruit and you love to eat them with your chubby little hands. Sweet summer baby!!

While we were at church on Sunday, I had to go get you from the nursery since you weren't very happy. We ware battling separation problems right now, thanks to this tricky leap you are experiencing. I took you to the lobby of the church so we could listen to the rest of the worship and wait for Daddy and Gigi to come out. While we were waiting a young man came up to us and said hi to you. You were your normal happy and smiley self. He then asked if he could pray for you, I said yes and he put his hand on your back and started praying the sweetest prayer. He prayed about how we are all babies in God's eyes and prayed for you to know His love at a young age and have a passion for Him. It was such a sweet prayer and a blessing for us. 

During the past month, I have felt so much protection over your life. Mainly with the car accident that could have been awful, but it was just a slight bump, and you even slept through the entire thing. I know that the Lord loves you more than I ever could, and even though that is hard to imagine, I find so much comfort in that truth. You are loved, and wanted and cared for, but not from just everyone here that loves you but by the Creator that made you! I pray that you know Him one day and love him with your whole heart!! 

stats // 21.6 pounds and 29.5 inches 
eating // everything! So glad that we have a good eater but he still doesn't prefer to eat a lot at one time. We have 2 good meals a day most of the time with some snacks of fruit and lots of milk throughout the day. Especially since he is teething right now. He has 3, maybe 4 (it's hard to see with his tongue always sticking out and hiding his teeth!), teeth cutting at one time, so he wants to nurse a lot more than usual
sleeping // surprisingly his sleeping is becoming better... still ends up in our bed after his first wake up in the crib at night but I don't mind, he has been so cuddly lately, and it's sweet to get those cuddles. 
wearing // mostly 12 months except for the pants in these pictures that are 6 months. I have no idea how they still fit, but they are my favorite, so I'm happy about it!
We decided to throw in the towel with the cloth diapers since it was a lot of work and this season of life right now is so busy. I was stressing about the extra job and it really isn't needed since we found a good deal on the Seventh Generation diapers with Amazon!
favorite things // any kind of berry; strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, all of them! Anytime we sing the Hosanna song, he bobs up and down to the tune, which is adorable. Sleeping on his tummy with his butt in the air, he instantly flips over into that position when I lay him down. 

1st Month // 2nd Month
3rd Month // 4th Month

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