Solomon // eleven months.

August 14, 2016

Last night you slept for the longest hunk of time in your crib, a whopping 4 hours! Ha!! Tonight I can tell you are going to cling to me as long as possible. It makes me smile to hold you against my chest and feel your breath on my neck. Kissing you on your chubby sweet cheeks and wishing you would stay this small forever. But also wishing you would finally sleep through the night!! A mom can dream.....

Your eyes, the one thing that everyone always comments about when they see you, the second is always your lips.... It  makes me think about what I want your eyes to see and your lips to speak. I pray constantly that you will see Jesus in our home. I pray that God will give me the words to say, and that my actions will match those words. I want you to know who He is because of how we live as a family! I dream about your future and the choices you will make & I pray that God is at the center of those choices.... Your friends, what school you will go to, what job you will work for, the wife you will pursue and love, all of those big choices in life; I pray they are soaked in His goodness and you listen for His will. Sweet boy, your eyes and lips are beautiful, but they will be even more beautiful when they see & speak His truth one day! 

Sweet boy, I love you so much. You are changing and growing so quickly and I love watching you explore. You are talking so much and trying to repeat so many words!! Some of the things you have said lately are, book (your new favorite thing!), thank you, good job, and auntie. Of course they aren't clear but when you repeat it after us, it is pretty adorable. I think you'll be a big talker, which doesn't surprise anyone! You are getting so big, so fast!! I wish time would slow down some but I know it won't, so I just try and soak in every moment. Taking too many pictures and a ton of videos, so one day we can show you just how adorable you were!

Tomorrow you are 11 months old. One last month before you are one. I'm feeling so many emotions about this time with you. Trying to plan your party makes me nastalgic. Looking at all the pictures from your life so far, remembering all the stages of your growth, then thinking & praying about your future. I hope you do BIG things!!! I can't imagine you not being my little boy but I know your life is going to flash before our eyes. I can only pray for that life to be beneficial for the Kingdom, then I will know I have done my job. Being your mother is the best job God has given me, and I truly hope that your life will be alive in Him. He wants your heart, He is all you need in this life, and I hope I'm doing everything I can to teach you that! Your daddy and I love you so much, but His love is so much bigger. 
One last month before you are one!!! I can't believe it, we are so thankful for all that you have taught us so far.... patience, rest, love, selflessness, hard work, but most of all, you have taught us about God's provision. We are so thankful for you!!!

stats // 22.9 pounds & 30 inches
eating // anything we are eating is so much easier. He likes to see things come from my plate to his, if we are feeding him something different (like at restaurants) it has become a lot harder to make him eat. We try and sit outside so he will stay occupied, this makes me super excited for Fall since we will enjoy eating outside more!
Some of his favorites right now are baked potatoes cut into cubes, mushrooms, any kind of fruit and yogurt. He is also loving water and drinks it from a straw like a big boy! Loving his warm oatmeal before bed, too!!
sleeping // he has started sleeping so much better recently. He takes two really good naps, most of the time two hours. Then at night he is going to sleep around 10 and put in his crib, then he sleeps 3-4 hours before waking up, thanks to the oatmeal I think!
I know that sounds hilarious for "really good sleep" for those of you who have babes that sleep all night, but for our 1-2 hour only sleeper, we are happy! We still put him in our bed after that first chunk of sleep and he sleeps while nursing off and on during the night. We get up between 7-9 depending on the day.
wearing // all 12 months, 9 month is officially too small!
favorite things // giving kisses and blowing kisses, kills me! Looking at books. Playing with his friends or cousins. Climbing stairs! Singing Hallelujah, so cute!!!

1st Month // 2nd Month
3rd Month // 4th Month

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