family vacation.

September 29, 2016

A highlight of the week, going downtown, for a tour of Charleston in a carriage ride! 

Our week away in Charleston was loud and crazy, like most times when we are all together, but there were so many sweet and fun moments! Watching all the boys play together and enjoy the beach was so fun. The last time we were at the beach for a family vacation was two years ago, and we only had two babies to watch, now we have six!! It is such a blessing how quickly we have grown. Although they might pinch, yell, throw toys and take toys right now, I have no doubt that they will be best friends one day. We were joking about how they will probably go to the beach together in fifteen years and enjoy spring break, leaving us at home. Thankfully, they are stuck with us for now! 

The house we rented had a room with bunk beds and we were the lucky ones to take it (that was sarcasm) but honestly, it ended up working out so well. We weren't lucky enough to get a king bed and since we bedshare with Solomon at night, I knew a queen would not work. He is pretty active in his sleep and the last time we slept in a queen with him was when he was two months old and that was hard enough. To get good sleep for the whole family, Peter took the top bunk and Solomon, and I took the queen bottom bunk. However, the kids constantly wanted to play on the top bunk when we weren't sleeping. It was pretty cute to watch them play up there! 

And this sneaky face.... oh my goodness! 

So much time spent reading books to babies during the week away....
Also, very thankful for my mom helping out on the trip!

my little beach bum, till next year when I have to run even faster to keep up with you ;)

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