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August 29, 2012

I know I've mentioned my adopted Aunties a few times before and last Wednesday I got to celebrate my Auntie Laura’s Birthday! We all enjoyed a low key dinner at Trio’s in downtown Anderson with family and friends. I haven’t seen the downtown area of Anderson in several years so I was quite surprised with all the adorable shops and fun restaurants. Last week went by so dreadfully slow even with the extremely busy days at work… I guess I jinxed myself when I mentioned the 15 minute tasks. Ooops. So a night with friends in a new place while enjoying some AWESOME coconut cake that could most definitely make my mom famous was a perfect midweek pick me up!

Happy Birthday to one of my most favorite people in the world!!

Love you so much Auntie Laura!

Free burgers and fries are kinda awesome.

August 28, 2012

A few weeks ago a coworker of mine sent out an email explaining how we could win a “Fudd Friday” by entering a contest with B93.7We all took a few seconds to vote and crossed our fingers that we would win. Last week we got a phone call with the exciting news so on Friday we got to enjoy the Fudd Bus! We stuffed our faces with some yummy burgers and fries from Fuddruckers and then spent some time bowling for prizes!
It was the best way to spend a fun hour on a busy Friday!
I’m so glad I love the people I work with…
it definitely makes every day feel a little less like work.

The rest of the weekend was spent in Atlanta with Peter’s family.
His brother turned 31 and with their first baby on the way we spent a lot of time discussing names,
feeling all kinds of kicks (that kid is getting strong!)
and painting his future room! 
I failed miserably at taking any pictures this weekend except for this one special shot.

Not sure how I feel about it…. But he sure is cute. ;)

because I'm a thief.

August 22, 2012

..........and because I want to go back to St. Martin right now I decided to share some pictures that boyfriend’s brother took with his fancy camera. (I want one so badly)

It was such a wonderful week.
I take it back, I want to fly again… take my back to St. Martin!!!

Foodie Fest 2012!

August 21, 2012

If the title above makes you think I stuffed myself with awesome food all weekend long for an amazing price then you would be correct. That is exactly what we did. Here in Greenville, SC we were lucky enough to have the Foodie Fest this weekend and next weekend as well. Like every year, I was so excited! Sixteen different restaurants put together a special menu for an extra special price so all of us Greenvillians could fill our tummy's without feeling as guilty. 

Friday night we enjoyed American Grocery Restaurant which is one of my top favorites in downtown Greenville. Peter and I both chose from the 3 for $30 menu and absolutely loved it. Such great flavors with food from local and regional farms. The drinks and meals were delicious, even if we ended ups switching our dessert bowls at the end. ;) 

Saturday night we ended up at The Green Room to enjoy the Jets play again and as usual the food was so good!! 
We shared another 3 for $30 special and since this was my favorite of the "Foodie Fest Menus" I was pretty pumped about it... I did my research to see which place we should try during the weekend and TGR was on the top of my list. Jets football plus delicious meals and you can't go wrong! The below picture was my favorite part... don't let the strange looking cheese fool you. Best Fried Green Tomatoes ever. 

the weekend was wonderful even with some "not so great" football action.
I'm still stuffed from all the great food but it was worth it! 

Hope you all had a great weekend filled with yummy food and some sweet cuddles!
Your dog or someone special... or both. 

Cuddle time is my favorite time so this made me super happy! 
Happy Tuesday, friends! xo

She Reads Truth.... or She is Lazy?

August 15, 2012

I really love the book of Proverbs… it’s probably the one book that I have read completely a few times and it never becomes old so I was pretty excited when #SheReadsTruth chose a study through Proverbs. Of course the first couple of days I was on fire… enjoyed and looked forward to my nightly reading, highlighting, taking notes and praying through each chapter and blog post with so many ladies.

Then the weekend came. I fell behind… I became a slacker… I was busy. Too busy to sit and read my bible at night which only makes me feel horrible. Monday night I decided to catch up and started to read the post on Proverbs 7 which fell on Sunday.

The daily devotional started with “Happy Sunday!”
Yea yea…. I know…. It’s Monday night. I suck. I’m sorry Lord.

Then I went on to read…. 
“Today is our seventh day together reading through Proverbs. I know that I have a tendency to stay really consistent for about… seven days.”
Or how about five days… I couldn’t even make it seven! Ugh, sorry Lord!

Then a little ways down I read…. 
“So before we begin chapter 7, I want to pause. I want to remind you that we serve a God of grace and forgiveness. You don’t have to forgive yourself before you bring your junk to him: 
that’s a lie that we often believe.
His mercies are new each morning. [Lamentations 3:23]
So you missed the last three days? Join in today. If you want to go back and catch up: do that! And comment on the day you’re reading, because guess what? You’re not alone.”
hahaha! Sweet, Jesus… your sense of humor never gets old and I’m so beyond thankful for your constant forgiveness.

So, why am I sharing this? Well, because I’m sure we all feel this way at times.
We become lazy. Wrapped up in life’s moments. Pushing the Word aside. Rambling quick prayers so you can check it off your list of “Things I need to do” instead of working on the relationship that should be your MOST IMPORTANT relationship you have. I’m guilty. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

But we are loved. We are cherished. He is jealous for our attention.
He craves to be the center of every moment in our life but when we don’t place Him in the number one spot He still forgives.
He is full of grace. Full of beautiful forgiveness.

Maybe you are also trying to read along with the #SheReadsTruth study. Or maybe you are doing your own study alone. Even if you aren’t doing anything… stuck in rut… all of that is okay.
He’s still there. Waiting patiently for your attention.
I am praying for my heart to keep a passionate focus for the Lord. I’m also praying for this world to find that same focus. Not a focus on the worldly gossip about what is right or wrong with faith but a REAL focus on a Holy God.

oh, Holy One, brighter than the sun
we lift our hands and sing
You are glorious; shine Your light on us
till Your light in us is seen
Lift up the light // Shane & Shane

It's beginning to look a lot like....

August 14, 2012

Football Season! Which is almost as great as Christmas.

Yup, that’s right! I finally got to watch some Jets Football!!! 
My Friday night involved 3 sexy men…
Sanchez, Tebow and of course my lover boy.
(all caps excited.)

A few things that I know…
I’d never care for the Jets if it weren’t for that lover boy of mine.
He is a very lucky man to have a woman that sincerely loves football almost as much as she loves him.
The Green Room is still my favorite place to watch a Jets Game.
My Jets Jersey is still my favorite thing to wear, even when they lose. 
Sexy Rexy is looking healthy as ever… good job man! (& no… Rex is not included in the “sexy men” category because this is a nickname and not a true statement.)

Only thing missing from this fantabbulous night was a chilled Oktoberfest beer in my hand… 
once again, the man is lucky.

Side note: if you remember the bartender that called me a "Pretty Redneck" from the Midweek Randoms post back in April.... well, I finally had my chance to confront him about it. The conversation went a little bit like this....

Larry the Bartender: Hey, how you guys doin...? (holds out hand for a shake and looking at both of us) We have met before, right? 

Cassie: Yes, apparently you have referred to me as the "pretty redneck". 

Peter: ha. haha. ha. I'm Peter. 

Larry the Bartender: uhhhh.... I don't know about that...? 

Cassie: Well, that's what I heard... 

Larry the Bartender: Pretty Redneck... with a Jets Jersey? It must have been the "pretty redhead", yea... that's exactly what I said. pretty REDHEAD. 

Cassie: ohhhh, okay. 

Larry the Bartender: So, what do you want to drink, Red? 

and for the rest of the night he called me Red. Much better than Redneck so I have forgiven him.

and I'm back.... again.

August 7, 2012

I have to be honest, all these little breaks from blogging have been kinda sad. I’ve missed it a lot but I guess these vacations give me more exciting things to write about.

Speaking of more exciting things….
The weekend was full of hugs, two cheek kisses (i love the Arabic hellos and goodbyes) dancing, eating, laughing and smiling continuously, meeting new people & seeing people I’ve missed very much!
It was a total blast!!! My body is a bit sore (from all the mentioned dancing) and I might need a few nights of peaceful sleeping in my own bed before I feel back to normal but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Mimi had a beautiful wedding weekend & I’m so excited for her and her new husband!
Congratulations to you both!!!

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