Solomon // five months.

February 14, 2016

I can't believe our little Valentine is five months old today!! It seems that things only continue to go by faster which is exciting but heart breaking at the same time. We are loving every minute with Solomon and we also feel so thankful for how many people love him with us. He is such a lucky boy!!

Today was such a good day! Your daddy is home and we had a normal Saturday but it was wonderful. Waffles for breakfast (while you napped the entire time!!!), I did some cleaning while daddy worked in the yard, toasted sandwiches for lunch, Saturday night church service with your first visit to the nursery (and you did so good), then home for dinner and football! All the little things that make weekends great, but now they are even better with you. We are so thankful for your easy going personality and how happy you always are. It makes our days and nights so much sweeter!! 

Speaking of sweet, you gave me your first open mouth wet kiss. The first of many I hope. I guess you kind of understand my love of kisses now since I kiss you ALL THE TIME, I'm just happy you want to give them back! 

Your love of kisses has only grown since last time I wrote and it makes my momma heart so happy! Not always, but pretty regularly, when I ask for a kiss you put your hands on my cheek and then press your lips to mine. It's the sweetest!!!! 

Right now I am rocking you to sleep in your room for a nap and you're wearing your little bee pjs and I never want to forget little moments like these. You are in that sweet spot right before sleep when you take little breaks between your sips and your hand is gently resting on my chest, not searching for my hand or your ear anymore. This is my favorite time. The moments when you are curled up so warm next to me. Your long legs hanging off the side of the arm rest and your feet randomly rolling little circles. You are at peace and safe here with me. I pray that you know just how much I love being your momma. You make me more selfless and loving. You make me think of the words I say and the things I do. I want you to know that you make me a better person, just by being my son. Your my little love and I'm so happy you are mine. 

You have been fighting your first bad cold while in Chicago with daddy but you are finally better and acting more like yourself. I'm so happy, I felt so bad for you when you would look at me with those tired eyes, it was like you were asking me what was wrong. Right now I'm watching you sleep on the big hotel bed. You actually put yourself to sleep for the first time. I'm hoping this is a fun new thing you will want to do for your afternoon nap, but we'll see.

I have to say that I love your little personality that is shining through lately. You are the sweetest and happiest little thing, but you also have a strong will that is coming out, and it makes me laugh. You really are the perfect combination of me and your dad in every way... your skin color, your facial expressions and your personality. We love it!

Sometimes I get completely overwhelmed with this life that I get to live with you and your daddy. I'm sitting on the couch while you sleep in my arms and your hand resting on my chest after your lunch. I smell the lentil soup cooking in the stove and your dad is out in the yard working in our future spring garden. These are little moments of our wonderful life. Our house is not spotless, we haven't unpacked from Chicago and there is a ton of laundry to be done, but I am so in love with our life as a family. I can't describe how happy it makes me to be a wife and a momma, it just makes my heart want to burst most days. Today is one of those days & I'm so, so thankful!!!! You make our family so happy and complete, sweet boy!

I cried tonight while rocking you to sleep because it has been a few weeks since the last time we have used the rocking chair at night. Since we have been cosleeping from night to morning, we haven't used the rocking chair, and I honestly hadn't missed it much. It is so wonderful to curl up in the bed with you and nurse you to sleep but tonight you weren't interested in going to sleep so I had to get up and go to your room. This used to be a common thing but you have started to love your sleep in the past month and our routine has been great. Tonight was different. Tonight you needed to rock. You needed to put your head on my chest and let me kiss your forehead softly and shush you while patting your little bottom before you would give into sleep. I cried because I forget how quickly things are changing sometimes and tonight reminded me of those long nights of rocking and feeling you breathe against my chest. Feeling your weight getting heavier as you fall asleep. I never want to forget these moments and I wish you would stop growing so fast. You are changing and growing so much everyday and I can barely take it all in and I'm so afraid I will wake up and it will be your first birthday, or your first day of school or even your wedding day. But right now you are in my lap and your are my little man. Please slow down, please don't grow up so fast! 

The spelling has started... it is so funny how quickly this has happened since I didn't realize you would know what words mean so quickly. We have to spell out milk and bath now. Your dad will ask does he need some M-I-L-K if you are being fussy... and then he will say is it B-A-T-H time? Both of these things make you extremely happy and we don't want to throw those words around when you are full or clean because they can result in a melt down if you hear them and you don't really need them. So funny!

You also love to have a melt down in your bouncing toy because of the alligator piece that is on it. Thankfully, it is removable, and I took it off after you would become so mad and cry so hard because of it. Your dad and I would laugh at you because you looked like a mad little man at work typing away on your keyboard when you played with it. The alligator would come apart and it had strings on the pieces to  keep it together but you didn't like it at all. I think you might have a bit of an engineer brain like your daddy since you would become so frustrated when it wasn't together correctly. Once again, my temper is showing through. Sorry about that!

There are also times when you aren't happy and you are crying a little bit, more like whining, and I will try and play with you. This is so funny because you do this silly double personality thing where you laugh and smile but also cry and scream. You are a mess, that's for sure, but you make our life so full and not boring at all!!

stats // 17.09 on Thursday at the Breast Feeding Support Group meeting & 
eating // still snacking on milk throughout the day and not every day is the same. Some days I feel he hardly eats at all, then other days he is attached to me most of the day. Either way is fine, he is happy and only cries when he is hungry for the most part. I'm starting to realize when he is fussy or screaming, and we aren't sure why, he will nurse and then be happy again. Hello Momma, I'm hungry!!! First time mom problems... ha!
sleeping // co-sleeping is still going great most nights. He just sleeps so much better by me in the bed which allows Peter and I to sleep better as well. I'm really in love with co-sleeping and I don't see it ending anytime soon. Once we introduce solids next month I'm hoping he will sleep a little bit longer at night and we can try the crib then. But, for now we love all the cuddles in bed. For a long time I tried to make the crib work because that's what the books and other moms say to do but that doesn't mean it is right for us. On the nights that we try the crib he ends up fighting sleep and seems so unhappy/afraid, and there is no need for that if co-sleeping isn't a real problem. I'm glad it is working for us.
wearing // still in size three diapers at night or if we are going to be out of the house for most of the day, otherwise he is in cloth. Clothing is still 3-6 month also but there are several things that have been put away since he is too long for them already. I'm thinking the 6-9 month will be happening before the end of this month.
favorite things // growling almost non-stop... everyone says "he is so verbal!" We always reply back with YES HE IS! haha, we love it. He loves laying on his belly and playing with musical toys. He seems to be giving kisses very often now, pretty much to anyone which kind of made me sad, but I'm so happy he is a loving baby and isn't over attached to just me. He loves going places and really enjoys the church nursery which also makes me very thankful! They call him angel baby in his room, and they even asked what number child he was and were shocked when we said first, they thought he had to be a 3rd or 4th because of his temperament.

1st Month // 2nd Month
3rd Month // 4th Month

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