first weekend of fall.

September 24, 2012

Last week was one of those weeks…..
one of those weeks that draaaag
where you don’t have much planned
and you can spend almost every night enjoying hot yoga
(yes, I only skipped Thursday night – high fives for me)
but the week mainly dragged because I knew who I was going to see all weekend…

after two weeks of not seeing my sweet man and the depressing amount of FaceTime allowed with his lack of wi-fi I was thrilled to see that smile and sink into the warmth of his hug on Friday night.
I may have held on a little longer than normal. I have a smile on my face right now just writing about it.
The weather was PERFECT all weekend so we enjoyed many long walks downtown. 
Trust me, if my calves could talk they would tell you about it! 
Sunshine, crunching leaves, holding hands and the Jets winning their game.... 
all the wonderful things a weekend should include.

some exciting things.

September 19, 2012

1. I got my computer back! BAM!! 
2. I've lost 4 pounds this week! BAM-BAM!!!
3. I had the best weekend with the gals... and of course I gotta share! 

The weekend was memorable for all kinds of reasons... 
but all of those memories make me even more thankful for the women God has put in my life! 
He really has taken care of me by giving me ladies that I can enjoy and grow with. 
I'm so thankful. Love you women with all my heart!! 

The shopping, laughing, eating and dancing like crazy lunatics will never get old. 
Bring on the next girls weekend... I'm ready!!  

yes, I am alive.

September 15, 2012

Just extremely busy… busy with life and friends and work. It also doesn’t help that the computer has decided to truly hate me and crash. Thank goodness for Mom and her connections the computer will be returned and repaired on Monday. I’ve missed blogging all week but it’s impossible to post anything other than words on this iPhone. Maybe I just need an iPad. That’d be nice…

This weekend is going to be spent celebrating with my best friend (and a few other very special ladies) before she becomes a wife. She’s growing up! I can’t believe it.
I have so many memories with Jocie… its just crazy sometimes when I realize we are adults.
Not silly high school girls that liked to write letters and draw crazy signs for each other to pass in the hallway.
and spending time enjoying Dr. Pepper Floats while pretending to study.
and eating a whole container of Cajun Crab Dip with a box of Wheat Thins while watching The O.C.
and sharing stories over cheap cigars that taste like honey on my porch.
and weekends in Brevard with late night trips to Arby's when we were given a whole bag of every kind of sauce imaginable thanks to our awesome Robot Dancing skills.
and all the other many things that make me so thankful for our friendship!

She's my person. By sister from another mister. Goodness, I am lucky!

Can't wait to spend the next couple of days showering this bride with some gifts and a bunch of love!

that annoying little Reply All button!

September 5, 2012

Today I experienced one of the most ANNOYING parts of working for a large company. This has happened a hand full of times and I’m always amazed at how dumb some people can be. It all started a little something like this….

A co-worker in NY sent an email asking a simple question and chose what she thought was the correct email but instead it was a large email chain for almost every department within the whole company.
Luckily, mine was included…

Instead of ignoring the email and moving on with their life… like I did, a long line of responses started. For your entertainment I have listed SOME of them below:

· I believe this was sent to the wrong person.

· I will delete these emails as I am not the right person for this email.

· Same here

· Same here. (no, I’m not kidding… that happened two times in a row)

· I am not sure why I am on this email chain. Please remove my name

· There are multiple people on this email responding right now. Looks suspicious to me

· Everyone: Please stop replying to the mailbox! You are just clogging everyone’s e-mail!

· Stop the “Reply All” and respond only to the person that sent the email….it is killing my inbox!!!!


· Yes Everyone Don’t click reply all my mailbox is going wild

· Vegas just called and they have the over/under for “reply alls” at 35.

· Please make it stop

Just so you know… it did not stop. 
Honestly, it might still be going on when I return to work tomorrow morning.
I’m baffled.

Happy Humpday…
and hopefully your day was full of fun and happiness, not dim-witted people.

Finding a few lines of silver.

September 4, 2012

I guess looking forward to the cool, fall air was an epic fail.
Looking out the window you’d think it was a crisp fall day.
Dark with a chance of rain. The perfect weather for a coat, boots and a scarf.
Well…… that window is a liar.
It’s hot. It’s humid. I mean, you feel like you are wearing a freakin sweater when you walk outside. A sticky, moist sweater.
I'm so over it!
However, I try to keep my blog happy… uplifting… enjoyable… all the things that Cloud Nine should be so I’m going to try and twist this bad mood.

Despite this horrid weather Fall TV is just around the corner….
Which also means REVENGE is so close!
Which also makes me do a happy dance!

Pumpkin Flips. Little Miss. Debbie Cake, you complete me.

On Thursday my new locks are going to be a few shades darker to welcome the Fall weather once it decides to arrive. Pretty darn excited about that as well.

I survived the massive “holy cow I need to clean out my closet” fiasco from over the weekend and I gladly have some space to fill. Hello, fall shopping trips!!!

Pretty, new dark nail polishes!!! Makes me oh, so thankful!!

And sometimes you take a simple picture to remind you of the beginning of Fall.
The beginning of a new season. And when you look back at this picture you won’t remember the annoying humid days because all you will remember is a carefree night with the man you love when you were lucky enough to find a cool breeze and a hand to hold.

On to my favorite month of the year!!

September 1, 2012

Yes, September is my most favorite!
It's full of change and I'm always okay with changes. 
Some changes I'm pretty excited about are....

- this horrible hot weather (hopefully) cooling down
- switching flip flops in for boots
- Sunday's consisting of church, brunch and football
- leaves covering all the sidewalks
- my best friend preparing to become a wife

Exciting changes and I can't believe you are already here but I'm gonna welcome you with hops, skips and a cartwheel because I love you, Septemer!!

What are some exciting changes in the next month for all of you?!?
 Please share!
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