July 25, 2016

We feel so fortunate to have our community group from our church for the past few years. We are also thankful that we haven't had to break up yet. It's so amazing when God puts people in your life that can speak truth and be honest with you. When we joined our group we were engaged and almost married. Since then we have changed so many moments of growth together. Actual growth with babies being born, and heart growth during hard times. Having these people around to lean on, and enjoy fellowship, makes everything sweeter. During the summer months off without weekly meetings, we try and get together once a month. We were excited to visit the "Batson Farm" over the weekend!! 

we totally snapped the hammock after this picture when I asked Peter to sit with us... he thought it was a bad idea, ooops! 

Since our group doesn't normally meet with the kids around, it's always so fun to see how much they have grown and watch them play together when they get the chance! 

so, so thankful!!! 

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