at the museum.

July 13, 2016

I was so excited that family stayed in town a little bit longer than normal so we could spend the day at the Greenville Children's Museum! My nephews have never been there, Solomon had been a couple of times, but he was too little to enjoy it. I knew the boys would die over all the activities and have a wonderful time. 

One thing I love about the museum is how parts of it change constantly. They have so many events, exhibits, and the birthday parties are crazy awesome. (I almost cried when I looked back at Sadie Grace turning five and seeing how tiny Solomon was!!!) You could literally spend ALL DAY here and not run out of things to do. Thankfully Solomon is free until he turns one, which is nice since there isn't a ton for him to do right now. Once he turns one, we will have to pay for him to enjoy the museum, so I've decided that his Christmas gift this year will be a membership. It will be so fun to go anytime we want for such a great price, since the family membership is only $150 for a full year. Shh, no one tell him what he will be getting ;) 

I think the biggest thrill for the boys was the grocery store. You can go shopping and even pretend to be a cashier with a real computer and bar code scanner. It really is fun, but watching little kids use their imagination is something I will never get tired of. So precious!

Being a good sport and watching his cousins shopping for some food!

The Grandma Betty's Farm is so fun for the five and under kids, especially crawling babies. Pretend carrots in the ground, farm animals and a tractor were some of the highlights for Solomon. He crawled around and explored for so long. Of course he wanted to eat the carrots but it was cute to watch his excitement. There's also a little house in the farm area and I kept trying to take him in the house to play with the kitchen and games but he would crawl back "outside" as fast as he could. A true outdoors kind of guy like his daddy!

The toddler lily pond was too much fun for the little guys. They were both soaked after playing in the water. It was pretty cute to watch them splash and clap their wet hands over and over. I need to remember to bring a change of clothes in the diaper bag next time, that way Solomon can splash and play as much as he wants, even his face was soaked!

The best part of the museum (in my book) is the HUGE light bright board. I remember playing with one of these when I was a kid and I loved it. The first time I saw this in the museum I almost wet myself. The child in me was jumping up and down! Now that Solomon is standing, he could finally enjoy the wall of bright colors! Of course he wanted to eat all of the pegs, like I said, he wants to eat everything he puts in his hands! It was fun to see his eyes light up with excitement!

Sweet boy, you make my heart so happy! 

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