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July 12, 2016

Crawling has opened up a whole new world for this adventurous boy of ours, and even though he's been crawling for quite some time now, I wanted to make a list of some little things he's been doing. My biggest fear is that I might forget them one day. Watching him explore and learn new things is the best part of being a momma. I love to see him experience something, and then the smile he gives me when he turns to look back, that melts my heart. It's so precious! I have a feeling he will be walking soon so I thought it was opproriate to write some of these memories down.....

one // when I put him on the floor of his room he instantly crawls to the crib and pulls his blanket off the side and then reaches in to pull out his sleeping blanket 

two // he has started crawling and hiding in the corner of the living room but he makes sure we see him first, that way we will chase him. He freaks out laughing and acts like he's going to climb the wall, it's so funny 

three // if he's playing in the living room and the air comes on he crawls over to the vent and sits right beside it, then he throws his right foot over the vent so the cold air hits it. Every single time, just the right foot, then he crawls away. It is the cutest thing and I'm dying to catch him on video doing it 

four // anytime he breaks free from the living room he crawls straight to the plant in the dining room and grabs a hand full of dirt. The first time he did this, I realized he was being super quiet and when I found him he had dirt all around and was dropping fist fulls over his head! Such a boy

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