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July 8, 2016

Starting a week with a holiday is always nice. You get a cheat day for a Monday and the rest of the week kind of flies by. Thankfully, since we had our little 4th of July cookout, the house was tidy and clean for the company... so that meant I could get caught up on some other things! We have a busy weekend ahead of us with some family in town & I'm looking forward to catching up with some girl friends tomorrow night at dinner! The girl time is definitely needed!! 

My new obsession! The grapefruit is the only flavor I like and my afternoon treat, lately!

Learning the story of Moses was so wonderful earlier this week. God's sweetness has made my heart so thankful and happy this week and I know it's from digging into His word everyday!!!

The way this cute boy is sleeping lately makes me so happy! I'm sure things will change drastically since I just verbalized it for the whole world to see, but his litte butt up in the air for two really good, two hour naps a day is awesome! Now if only he can get this sleeping all night thing down ;)

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