Stripes and Spots.

July 24, 2014

I've always wanted to be bold enough to rock the mixed patterns and prints trend but I usually chicken out, but for some reason I had a brave moment this week and actually wore this entire outfit to work. A rainy Monday morning needed some sass, so I went with it. I've worn all of these pieecs before but never have I thrown them all together into one outfit. Okay, let's be honest... I've worn this exact outfit many times, just not with these shoes. But life is short, wear the shoes. That is going to be my new moto. Also wear green nail polish because it is pretty. And like I said, life is short!  

shirt: Old Navy, pants: Express, shoes: Bakers
earrings: Old Navy, necklace: Hamrick's,
bracelets: Banana Republic & mom's hand-me-down

for the weekly trend, prints and patterns.
Thanks ladies!!


Cassie Lee said...

Love it! Pass some of your cuteness this way!

JL@ A Pocketful of Polka Dots said...

Sooo Cute! I love your stripes and leopard mix - they look terrific together! Great pop of green, too. I see you are in Greenville - my husband and I relocated from Georgia to Gaffney a few years ago, so I'm not that far away. :)

Amber Thomas said...

I LOVE the double print mix-up. I struggle doing it in a way that's cohesive (still) but I feel like it screams chic and risky in just the right doses. :) Also I have the fattest crush on leopard print in all the land.

clara mcmillan said...

Love the black & white with the pop of leopard! ;)

God bless,

XO, Claire

CassieEliya said...

Thanks sweets! but you have more than enough cuteness!!

CassieEliya said...

What a small world!! You should visit Greenville sometime if you haven't yet, it is such a wonderful city!

CassieEliya said...

chic and risky, yes... it is fun! :) do it, I believe in you!!

CassieEliya said...

Thanks Clara! :)

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