Summer Days.

July 2, 2014

Is it Fall yet....? Seriously. I like Summer weather for maybe 2-3 days and then I'm over it. Hot, sticky, humid weather is just not my thing. Or my hairs thing. But the month of June was a good one! It was a whirlwind of busy but the best kind of busy that only summer can bring. During the past thirty-something days I have felt so much joy and happiness from so many different areas of my life. 

We finally got to meet the the newest nephew in the family when we flew to NJ! My heart still aches to see him and all of the NJ family, again. If only we had time for google chats, right?? 

We also squeezed in three weddings in the month if June! Every single one was so different but they all left me with this overwhelming feeling of gratitude for my marriage. Listening to all the vows, seeing all the kisses and celebrating each couple always makes me want to celebrate the man that God has given me. It was an honor to attend each wedding as his wife! 

It was an exciting surprise to find several eggs in the coop this month since we were told it would be July or August before any arrive. We enjoyed a few of them over the weekend and since we have already collected six this week I know we will enjoy more this weekend. It is truly exciting to see the hard work payoff after raising those baby chicks, even if they love Peter way more than me. I'm trying my best to not be bitter about that. 

Throw in a little girl time, a pool party, double dates, a game night with friends and many other wonderful things, and I'm left with a very happy June. I'm looking forward to the fun times in July but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that my heart is wanting to pull out my boots, scarves and pretty coats right this second.

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