Sipping in Kansas City.

July 21, 2014

Several weeks ago when we were in Kansas City for Cassie to become a wife we ventured out to Bridgers Bottle Shop and I completely loved it. I had one of those, love at first sight, kind of moments when I walked in. It had that laid back feeling, the food smelled amazing, and there were fridges lining the corner of the restaurant right when you walk in. It was like a grocery store that only sells beer which instantly made my heart happy. Then my heart skipped a beat when I realized there was one specific fridge that solely held sour beers. When we went to the register to ask how the restaurant worked and how to purchase the beers, I learned that I apparently I ran towards the fridge with a huge smile on my face. The guy at the register said something like, "I could tell you both had never been here and I was going to come help but I didn't want to interrupt when I saw your excitement for the sour section.". Talk about awkward moment. What can I say... I love my sours. We searched through the options after he explained that you can purchase the bottles at two different costs, a price to drink it there, and then a price to take it home. Such a neat concept! In the end I went with a sour that they had on draft since it was almost perfection with the first taste. 

my sour and my sweet ;)

Beer // St. Louis Gueuze
Notes // golden amber color.
light bodied, refreshing.
tart sour, with a hint of funkiness
and a pinch of salt.
no head retention.
apple cider vinegar notes.
much more tart than sweet.

Ratings, out of 10 
Sour // 8
Drinkability // 8
Peter's overall // 7
Cassie's overall // 9
{obviously, I loved it a lot more than Peter!}

Mmm, mmm, mmmm! Good to the last drop!!

& if you missed it, see our full trip to Missouri HERE.


Cassie Lee said...

I didn't even know about this place! Too cool

CassieEliya said...

You guys have to try it out next time you visit KC! It was such a neat place!!

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