July 28, 2014

When I used to envision marriage back in the day, I imagined double dates every weekend, parties all the time, weekend trips, and Sunday strolls downtown, all that fun stuff. All of the fun stuff happens but definitely not every weekend! Life is busy and full for us as a married couple but it is also busy and full for all of our friends so finding a night to squeeze in a double date is a big deal. Something worth getting a little dressed up for, spraying some new perfume, adding a little more eyeliner, curling those hairs and taking excited car pictures on the way downtown. Yes, double dates are for all of those things. And trying new restaurants downtown, that is a must for a long overdue double. So, on Saturday night, the husband and I were excited to have a double with Katie and Cody at Universal Joint and it did not disappoint!

Tasty food and great atmosphere! I'm looking forward to more date nights on a cool Fall night in the next few months!!

We had such a wonderful night with these two, even if we only have a super grainy photo thanks to the dark phone photo to show for it!


Cassie Lee said...


CassieEliya said...

it was a lot of fun!! Making a list of fun places to take you two!

Cassie Lee said...

I want to come nowwww

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