Goals // 8.14

July 31, 2014

With my 8-5 job during the week I'm constantly surprised by the end of the month. It just goes by so quickly. There are reports needed at the end of the month, files being moved, meetings, plans for future meetings... all kinds of things that happen at the end of every month. Yet every single month I am confused at how we got here so quickly. Just like in my personal life, the days just slide by way too quickly. I can't believe tomorrow is August. I can't believe that the next month is September. It completely baffles me that we will celebrate our ONE YEAR so soon. How does time escape us so fast??

The month of June was a good one. I am happy with the events that filled our mid summer days and I'm looking forward to the fun times in August! Let's start with those goals from July...

July Goals
1// REST - I'm glad to say that I did a lot of resting in July. We were defintiely busy but I made a point to take a step back and a few deep breaths to clear my mind.
2// keep up with the style posts - I am happy to say that these fun posts are here to stay! I love them and it is a fun addition to this space even though this week is lacking a style post. I have been feeling a little sick this week so I did not have the energy to get dressed up and take photos. However, next week I will be sharing two days of style posts!!
3// enjoy 4th of July with a day off of work - the 4th of July was such a fun day, even if we weren't sure what we would be doing until Thursday night. Last minute plans are the best sometimes.
4// sushi date to celebrate our 6 Year Dating Anniversary - done & it was delicious as always. I also shared THIS POST about six years of dating!
5// work on our budget - we have been working on this a lot more this month and I love that we are on the same page with money and where we should spend it.
6// finish decorating my quiet time corner - not finished but the process is underway. Hoping to complete everything in August!
7// hang the living room curtains - those pretty little curtains are finished and we will be hanging them this weekend! So excited to share them with you soon!!!

and on to the next month....
August Goals
1// finish my 100 Days of Happy - I'm honestly sad to see this come to an end. It has been so much fun to share a little happy from every day on Instagram and here on the blog.
2// plan our monthly event for our Community Group - I can't wait to plan a fun night at our house for the group and their families.
3// enjoy a week away in Charleston with the Eliya Family - a full week away in a beachfront house is exactly what this lady needs. YESSSS!! I might even try to enjoy the sand!
4// restart my chronological bible study - I'm so excited to start this study with Cassie and anyone else who wants to join us today!! It is going to be wonderful, I know it!
5// host my first giveaway - pretty excited about the fun giveaway I have planned!!

Happy almost August to all of you!!
I hope the month ahead is full of sunshine and a lot of happiness :)


Cassie Lee said...

You killed your July goals!!! Charleston, so jealous! I CAN'T WAIT FOR OUR STUDY. TELL ME ABOUT THIS GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!! That is the last of my short, choppy sentences.

Chelsea said...

You did amazing in July! Fantastic!

CassieEliya said...

thanks!! :)

CassieEliya said...

bahaha, you crack me up!!

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