A Trip to Missouri. (and a LOT of photos and words)

June 23, 2014

The past few days in Missouri were so much fun!! The food, drinks, wedding celebrations for two sweet friends, meeting new friends and enjoying the beautiful city - all of it was just so wonderful. Over the past two weekends of visiting family and friends I've realized I have a torn heart when it comes to traveling. I love nothing more than jumping on a plane and landing in a city with the sole purpose of seeing people that you love dearly, but at the same time I love the flight home and that moment that I lay my head on my pillow in our big king size bed at night just as much. It seems that my heart can be in two places at once sometimes. After the weekend of celebrations for Cassie and Matt, I know I left a little piece of my heart in Missouri but I don't mind one bit. I love those two people a lot and I'm so thankful for the friendship that we have created in such a short time. I'm so looking forward to the future adventures that we will have together.

When the plane landed in Kansas City (after taking an excited photo and texting it to Cassie, of course) we started searching for a fun area to visit for the night before driving to our hotel. We visited the beautiful Country Club Plaza near downtown Kansas City which was full of shops and street corner music. We went to dinner at the delicious Gram & Dun and enjoyed some outside seating. It's safe to say that Kansas City welcomed us very well!!

Strawberry and Balsamic Ice Cream. MAN.

On Saturday morning I was itching for some history and we found the adorable Missouri Town 1855 which was a Living-History Museum. Despite the hot, HOT weather and the many buzzing bees I absolutely loved it. It was the perfect way to enjoy the morning and also walk off the food and drinks from the night before ;) it also didn't hurt that we passed a field full of buffalo along the way. 

it was definitely a day full of animals... buffalo, sheep, chickens and a horse!

Then it was finally time for the wedding. I had so many butterflies in my stomach as I waited to see Cassie walk down the isle. I think it is so wonderful that we have only seen each other, face to face, on our wedding days. She looked stunning and elegant and I was so excited to finally meet the man that made her a bride. After hearing so many wonderful things about Matt I didn't think it was possible to be surprised by his thoughtfulness but he simply amazed me with the way he welcomed us. It was such a perfect evening and I couldn't be happier for them. 

that dress.... right?!? I mean. 

And the dancing photos below are the BEST! A little snapping, clapping and hands in the air. Wave them around like you just don't care.

The whole weekend was just a big ball of happy. It also made me happy when several people said those crazy words that make me so giddy inside..... "I love your blog!". I swear, I really love to meet people for the first time and connect instantly with them because they already, kind of feel like they know me because of this space. It is so bizar and wonderful at the same time. It makes every word I type here even more special. A lot of happy guys... so, so much happy!

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CassieEliya said...

YAY FOR FRIENDS!!!!!! It was such a wonderful weekend and we love you guys back! Come to Greenville soon, I can't wait to plan a lot of fun things to do together and show you all our favorite places!

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