A man named Mr. Lewis

January 17, 2012

Over the past several weeks I’ve been slightly obsessed with Brooke Fraser’s song C.S. Lewis Song especially the first verse….
"If I find in myself desires nothing in this world can satisfy, I can only conclude that I was not made for here."
The song is beautiful and speaks of a life better than we can even imagine on this earth. It's about our Forever Home and the hope we have for that. This has been on my mind so much lately and I have been praying for a want and need for Heaven and not this Earth.

I’m not going to lie… I haven’t always felt this way. I even said once “I want to go to heaven but I’d really like to live my life first…. Get married and have a family and then I will go.” Honestly, I think that’s normal for most Christians. We want the end goal to be Heaven but we are absolutely content with our worldly life as well.

To my excitement on Sunday the 8th I learned that we are starting a new series at my church called “Forever”. Matt stared the service with talking about what Forever should look like and then he used this quote by C.S. Lewis:
"If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.” 

I seriously almost started balling… I’ve never felt God’s hand on my heart more than in that moment. To have something that you’ve been praying and singing to Him about so straight forward and in your face… yes. I was shocked. I'm so excited for every weekend because this series is so great! 

I’m going to leave you with the beautiful song that has touched my life so much recently… hope you all enjoy! 

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amber kanady said...

your heart is so beautiful. so thankful for a sister in Christ like you! <3

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