A little list of some things that are making me happy....

June 19, 2012

1. I'm so ready to be here. Yes... I'm lucky enough to enjoy a much needed vacation with my sweet boyfriend and some of his family!! Eeeeek, Royal Palm Beach Resort here I come... in 26 days!

2. I'm also addicted to Breaking Bad. It's stressful but I'm so glad that I made myself {okay, Peter made me} watch the first couple episodes of season 1 because I'm now on season 3 and I'm obsessed!!! Even if my heart feels like it might burst out of my chest with scared anticipation I'm still crazy about it!

3. I'm going to enjoy a fun Mom/Daughter date night all thanks to the wonderful LivingSocial on Friday night. I bought her a deal for a Mother's Day gift and we are finally going to use it so we are going to Grapes and Grains for a wine making glass! If there's one thing my mom loves almost as much as she loves me it would be wine so this gift was an obvious choice! Then after our fun class we will go to The Stomping Grounds for an incredible deal!! I've never been before but I couldn't turn down this price and I wanted to surprise Mom with it! For the price of  $20 we get to have a bottle ofI wine, an appetizer to share and 2 entrĂ©es! Heck yea!!! 

So... bring on the happiness and bring on the weekend! 
Happy Tuesday, everyone! xo

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