November 8, 2011

Per Pinterest

I've always loved this quote and I've always tried to make it true in my life but it's not until recently that I really feel like I understand the meaning of it. Sometimes we need to relax. Honestly, a lot of the time we need to relax and for the past several months I feel like I've been relaxing in God's arms. Completely at ease with who He is and who He wants me to become. 

This quote is my happiness today and I am going to try and make it my true happiness every day. Striving to become a woman of God that finds a man that will pursue her by seeking God's intentions, not his own. 

Over the weekend my Mom and I went to Charleston, SC to surprise my Grandmother for her Birthday... it was a great weekend but the unthinkable happened. I left something in the room. I'm not going to lie... its definitely not a first for me. I've left hair ties before... even a pillow once but I've never left something so important. 

Since March I have been writing in a notebook. It started out as just a notebook for church services... then over time I started writing in it at home while I did my nightly reading. Without even noticing it became my nightly routine and a safe place for me to talk to God and document my growth and my relationship with Him.  I even started taking it to work for those times of clarity and I wanted to document God speaking into my life. The notebook really became more than just a notebook of paper... it was my prayer journal, my love letter to God. When I was packing for the quick weekend trip I wasn't sure if I should bring it but I thought, "why not? I might want to do some writing before bed." 

I was exhausted when we got back to the room so I didn't... I honestly don't even remember taking it out of my overnight bag but apparently I did because it's gone. I've called the hotel multiple times but no sign of it. 

I went to church this morning with a couple of sheets of paper, my bible and a pencil. No notebook. And tonight I will go to bed without my nightly writing on one of the last pages in my journal because I was almost finished... almost ready to buy a new one. Guess I will need to buy one a little sooner than I thought. 

What does all of this have to do with the lovely quote above....? 
That book of written pages that I lost was my story. My growth. My walk with God. It shows how I have placed myself hidden in Him. I hope that I get it back, I really do and I'm trying to stay positive... hopefully someone will find it. Maybe whoever finds it needs it far more than I do. Maybe that's what writing down my thoughts and prayers were intended for, to show someone what that undying love can do. How it can give you strength, power, healing... and how you can make new plans and new dreams because His love is all you need. 

Maya Angelou is a smart lady and I'm thankful for this quote but most of all, I am thankful that I am starting to understand it.

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LittleMissJohnson said...

This got me all teary eyed. I love it.

I'm sorry about your notebook though <3

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