June 20, 2012

Earlier this week I was catching up on my 5 Year Question a Day Journal because sometimes I’m a little slack…

The question from July 12th was::
 is something in your way? 
can you move it?

I sat in my bed thinking… hmmm, what’s in my way?
At first I thought, nothing. You would think that’s a GOOD feeling 
but honestly it was one of the most frightening feelings I've felt. 
Nothing is in my way… I am untouchable. I am fearless.
I knew all of that was a lie and then I realized what is constantly in my way. satan.
he is the one that feeds those lies. Making you feel all sufficient on your own.
Making you believe that you alone are enough.

I know this is not true… I know that my spirit needs His love and light to be untouchable. 
To move forward without fear and rely on His strength and not my own.
I know that satan will always be around, he is as real as the Lord. He is after the children of a true King and I can feel it at times. When I had that realization in my bed a few nights ago I had a few seconds of fear in my heart 
but then I realized who already has my heart.
I am safe. I am loved, and I sat there saying his name over and over with a smile across my face because there’s nothing that makes me feel more safe than His beautiful name.

Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.
He makes me more than enough. He quenches those fears and lies. He is all sufficient. 

1 comment:

amber kanady said...

wow. just wow. thank you for sharing this!

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