A bride & her man making crepes!

June 13, 2012

The shower for Jocie was so beautiful and a ton of fun! 
I'm so glad that I got to help plan a fun shower for my best friend 
with my other best friend and my mom... yes, it was awesome! 

We decorated the house with lovely flowers (thanks to a dear friend) and old silver tea pots. 
Sipped on delightful mimosas and stuffed ourselves with delicious brunch. 
The tasty crepes were made by Jocie's future hubby and after trying his masterpiece I decided I would enjoy breakfast at the Conrad house at least once a month when they are finally husband and wife. 

I love Jocie like a sister.... after all, I never had a sister until I met her. 
Our relationship has had a few dips and turns but I never doubted the connection that we have. 
She brings out the best in me. I like to think I bring out the best in her....
She sees the best parts of me and makes sure to point them out so maybe I will notice them as well. 
We can be honest with each other and not worry about hurting feelings because deep down we know that we want the best for each other. She can tell me when I'm acting stupid. 
I can tell her when she is acting like a snot. 
We are sisters... and I'm so excited to call Adam my brother because he is a wonderful man! 
Love you both to the moon and back!! I can't wait for your BIG day! 

I'm so thankful for both of these crazy women... 
makes my heart happy! 

ps. I stole some of these pictures from Jocie. 
Thanks, friend. :) 

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Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

Okay seriously, this world just keeps getting smaller and smaller. My husband and I were good friends with Adam in college!!! I laughed when I saw your photos! My husband (Eric Ferri) and Adam were in the same fraternity. Too bad he held out on us with the crepes!!! ha!

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