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February 1, 2016

One of the best things about being a new mom is all the friends that are new moms as well. Meeting new people because I'm now in this phase of life. Scheduling "play dates". Going on walks with strollers and friends. Crazy things that I never thought could be so nice and appreciated during a long week and that's just what I enjoyed last Friday. There has been a little group for boy mommas created within my friends since we are all blessed with little men of our own & Friday was our first time hanging out. Just four of us but it was nice. I was also excited to check out the Swamp Rabbit Cafe and the Swamp Rabbit Trail since I haven't had the chance to yet.

A little snack and coffee from the cafe! This cheddar and kale scone was so good, and they had Counter Culture coffee which is always a favorite of mine.

While we were walking I realized that Solomon was getting hungry. I stopped to pick him up and nurse him and I guess the other guys realized they were hungry, also. So here we are, standing on the SRT nursing our babies. It was funny and I loved the double takes we got from the many bikers that passed us. I also love that Kiefer's big brown eyes are peeking up in the picture above. So sweet!!

sweet face, little booger and all! ;)

I know that we will be making our way back to the Swamp Rabbit Trail again soon, and I'm excited to check it out one weekend with Peter and Solomon. It is a perfect spot for a little family date day!

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