Taking Stock 009

February 17, 2016

I haven't had one of these posts in a while and I love them, so I thought it was time! 

Making // cupcakes for the annual Cupcake Exchange tonight and I'll share the recipe soon because they turned out so yummy!
Cooking // a lot of soup, typical winter meals
Drinking // so much water 
Reading // Ephesians, I love it when our church does a long study in one book 
Wanting // this spring weather to stick around 
Looking // for lots of happy mail this week
Wasting // naptime when I should be cleaning instead of relaxing 
Wishing // I had time to organize this entire house because naptimes don't even begin to touch it.... if only I could hire someone to do it
Enjoying // the busy days and nights lately
Liking // that Solomon's cold seems to finally be finished 
Wondering // how I tweaked my back yesterday, I'm thinking I picked up the carseat wrong
Loving // the awesome cuddles I've been getting from Solomon this week 
Hoping // we get to travel with Peter to charleston soon 
Marveling // at Lady Gaga recently, that woman is so talented 
Needing // a day date getaway with Peter, need to plan something soon
Smelling // coffee, Mmmmmm, coffee
Wearing // my super soft new pajama pants 
Following // no schedule or routine at all, it's crazy how it works so much better for our family 
Noticing // how awesome my water is in my new Yeti Cup (thanks Mom!)
Knowing // that March is going to be one heck of a month, so incredibly busy
Thinking // about how much I want a burger every single day, thanks to breastfeeding 
Bookmarking // recipes on Pinterest so I can try to meal plan more efficiently 
Opening // my new planner that I got this week
Giggling // at the adorable way Solomon raises his eyebrows between smiles
Feeling // full of happiness 

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